So, I haven’t written a health and fitness update for absolutely ages now, probably partly because I’ve been pretty crap with it all in the last six months to be honest. A couple of years ago I was so happy to have got it into exercise for the first time in my life and to have kept up with exercising almost every day. I’ve always eaten pretty well, but I was eating better and incorporating smoothies and other health foods… View Post

My child is rather obsessed with her tablet, as I know a lot of children are in this day and age. I seriously think she would watch it all day every day if I would let her, which makes me pretty sad. I don’t mind her watching it at all, particularly when she’s absolutely exhausted after school and just needs to chill for a bit before dinner. But it feels like at the moment she would choose to watch her… View Post

Recently, whilst I was at my friend’s house, I got my first taste of Tinder and what it’s like to judge someone purely based on their looks in one photo. No, I’m not after a new husband – but my friend is on the dating site and let me do a bit of left and right swiping for her. It was strangely exhilarating and fun particularly after a couple of bottles of wine, to browse a load of men and… View Post

When it comes to nightwear, I like all different sorts depending on what kind of mood I’m in and what time of year it is, although I do tend to get boiling hot at night regardless, so I can’t wear too much. If I had the drawer space and the money, I would have drawers full of different pyjamas – I love buying different sets – some fun and flirty, some a little bit sexier (no dinosaurs), and some just… View Post

*This is a collaborative post with Nectar. Advertorial It’s Mother’s Day in England in a couple of weeks, and so the lovely people at Nectar asked me if I would like to join in with their ‘Mum in a Million’ campaign with Photobox, and share why my mum is one in a million and so special to me. I could rave all day about how brilliant my mum is, so of course I said yes. She’s so special to me and… View Post

Spring is finally on the way… we hope! We can all agree that we’re thoroughly fed up of winter now and need some sunshine back in our lives on a daily basis. To prepare for the summer sun, spring is the ideal time to revamp your garden and make sure it’s looking great for the long evenings drinking wine and watching the children play in the paddling pool. The winter months can have a brutal effect on your garden but… View Post