A #Hibernot Winter Barbeque Event With Stratstone

On Sunday we took a little trip to Leicestershire for the afternoon for an event with Stratstone, to embrace everything the great British winter has to offer, with a winter barbeque, and some outdoor fun. We were told to just bring our hats, scarves and boots, so we wrapped up warm and made our way to Bawdon Lodge Farm, located in a National Forest in the heart of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire. We were greeted by some lovely Alpacas… View Post

Have a Flipping Good Pancake Day!

Today is Pancake Day! Every year it always seems to crêpe up on me (mwahaha), and I’ve forgotten to get anything that I need to make them. I used to always buy a bag of the mix, but I realised last year that you really don’t need a ready made mix at all, and they are so easy to make (but not necessarily get right) and we’ve usually got the main ingredients in already. Apparently though, one in five Brits don’t… View Post

Vogue’s 73 Questions

I have loved watching some of Vogue’s 73 Question video’s, where celebs answer 73 quickfire questions (usually whilst showing off their incredible homes), and so when Donna from What the Redhead Said tagged me to answer the questions myself, I thought it would be fun to join in. One of my favourites from Vogue is Blake Lively’s 73 questions as she just seems a bit more natural than some of the others and her answers seem more off the cuff (even… View Post

The Book of Everyone // A Review

Today is my Dad’s 60th birthday! Tonight we’re taking him out for a meal to his favourite restaurant, and there’ll be cake, candles, singing, champagne and a big balloon. He doesn’t normally make a big deal out of his birthdays, but this is a really big one isn’t it? So we’ve tried to make it as special as possible for him and I’m sure he’ll shed a tear (or a hundred – he’s a big crier!). There’s never a lot… View Post

Beauty Favourites: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

A couple of years ago I discovered cleansing balms. My skin, whilst not horrendous, was playing up and I really wasn’t very happy with it. It was ok with makeup on but without it made me pretty unhappy. I discovered cleansing balms from Caroline Hirons and in particular the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which she and many others raved about, and it has made a big difference to my skin. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is a beautiful… View Post

A Really Cheery Post About Being Poorly and Feeling Sorry For Myself

I have literally been sat in front of my computer for the past few hours, mostly staring at the screen, thinking about what I should be doing, as well as playing with my phone. I haven’t been very well for the last week or so, but yesterday it actually felt like this horrible cold was actually progessing, however today I feel so much worse! I went to a few shops this morning after I dropped A off and I had to… View Post