Last week was half term here, and we were both in desperate need of it. Usually during the holidays most people around us have to work so it is just me and Ava. Whilst that is nice sometimes, we can both get a bit sick of each other – me being a typical nagging mummy, and her having lots of mardies and constantly asking for things! This time though, half term coincided with our relatives coming over from New Zealand,… View Post

From having a child at school for the first time last year, I have learnt that schools also like to make us parents work pretty hard too. From newsletters to read, clubs to book onto, pe kits to remember, homework to encourage completion of and help with, and forms to fill out – there is always something we have to be doing for school. None of those things quite put the fear in me like mention of ‘World Book Day’.… View Post

Over the last year or so I have ended up going to London way more than I had ever even been in my entire life – mostly because of blogging, but also having a Merlin Annual Pass has meant that we can do lots of fun things in London but for free! Quite often that has also meant that I have needed somewhere to stay for the night too. In London though, it can be pretty hard to find a… View Post

*Sponsored post in association with American Express®. As you may have seen, I wrote about us taking a trip to Whitby for a few days over Ava’s birthday and that Ava would be documenting it in her own unique way via photography and video, as part of my collaboration with American Express. Filled with inspiration for both parents and children on how to get the most out of your family holidays, American Express has created a Family Travel Hub. Included… View Post

At the beginning of January my little munchkin turned 5 years old, which is just completely insane. Sometimes I really can’t believe I am the mother of a five year old, and yet when I see her in her little school uniform or listen to her speak, she seems so grown up. I’m so incredibly proud of her, and she amazes me every day with how wonderful she is. At the moment she is a right pain in the arse… View Post

Having a child at school has been quite a big change for us, and it’s one that we’re still getting used to. My lovely, happy little girl who mostly adored nursery and seeing her friends and lovely teachers has become a little girl who I have recently had to physically drag into the school gates half an hour after school has started. A little girl who can’t get to sleep at night because she has too much on her mind,… View Post