It’s finally Friday. This week has dragged on a bit and I’ve been desperate to get to the end of it. But now Friday is finally here and A breaks up from school today! Until the past six weeks I always thought that the school holidays came around so blummin’ quickly, and it always felt like we had only just gone back to nursery when she was home al the time again – not that I don’t want to spend time… View Post

Ava really loves her Disney princesses, can name most of them, and loves anything with them on. She is also really into dolls right now and takes hers everywhere she possibly can, AND she’s really into Mermaids at the moment and would quite like to be one (wouldn’t we all). So when I was asked if we would like to review the Colours of the Sea Ariel Doll I of course said yes as I knew A would love it. Colours… View Post

At the moment I’ve been horribly insecure and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not like I’m the most confident person usually – far from it, but I’m just doubting myself a lot at the moment, as well as people’s feelings for me. You know sometimes when you feel like something has changed in a relationship and people don’t like or love you as much as they did? Or is that just me? I think usually it’s actually me that has changed… View Post

I recently wrote about a new duvet set that Ava received and now she has been lucky enough to be sent a beautiful quilt from Ollie and Leila too. Ollie and Leila is a beautiful children’s interiors brand who design high quality bedroom furniture including beds and storage as well as bedding, toys and accessories. They aim to bring quality, style and practicality to your child’s room, whilst remaining playful and fun, with thoughtful detailing. They have so many beautiful things on their website… View Post

When you’re buying a new car seat for your child, it’s vital that you know the curent legislation so that you can keep your child as safe as possible. There are lots of different things to consider, and guidelines to follow based on your child’s age and size, so it can be pretty confusing. You might have heard a lot of talk recently about there being a booster seat ban – in particular backless booster seats. However, they haven’t been… View Post

I haven’t written about fitness for quite a while now, and that’s because over the summer I’ve barely been doing any exercise, which is wonderful. It is usually over the winter that I end up hardly doing any – I have less energy in the winter and it’s cold and dark, so I find it harder to make myself just get on with it. So I don’t know what happened this summer, but I haven’t been able to make myself… View Post