A Wonderfully Cheesy Delivery Service from Les Nouveaux Fromagers {A Review}

I love cheese. Like seriously love it. So it was rather wonderful for me to be asked by Les Nouveax Fromagers if I would like to try their new to the UK cheese delivery service. They didn’t have to ask me twice.

Les Nouveau Fromagers UK

Les Nouveaux Fromagers have recently brought their successful monthly subscription box of cheese to the UK from France. Each box includes four unpasteurized cheeses from the French terrior – a mix of renowned products and their discoveries from local producers in France, and the theme of the box changes every month.

The freshness of the cheese is guaranteed as the cheeses come in a special refrigerated box containing eutectic gels, allowing the temperature to be maintained between 4°c and 8°c.

Cheese Delivery ServiceCheese from the french terroirRaw Milk Cheese

The business was created by 30 year old cheese lovers Arthur and Olivier whose mission is to help their subscribers discover quality cheeses whilst defending raw milk cheese. They are fighting against industrialisation, pasteurisation, standardisation, and homogenisation and hope to recreate the link between consumers and small producers.

I received the UK’s first months box which contained: Le Moelleux Du Revard, Cantal Entre Deux, Bleu De Chèvre and Pierre Robert. The tasting notes you receive in the pack have a picture of the cheese so you know which is which, and a description so you know what to expect. It also gives you the milk type, origin and either a tip about how to enjoy it best or a bit about the production, as well as a ‘good to know’ section, who made the cheese, and suggested wines to have with it. As I love cheese so much (did I mention that?!) I find it really interesting learning a bit about the cheeses and where they have come from. I would love to one day go to a cheesery (that’s what they’re called right?!) and see some cheese being made. And then eat it all. Actually I would like to live in the cheesery.

Cheese delivered to your doorLes Nouveaux Fromagers Cheese Review

I really liked all of the cheese; my favourite being Le Moelleux Du Revard which is a soft cheese with a very creamy texture and washed-rind with a strong flavour and a slight saltiness. I love creamy, fattening cheese like this. It reminded me of Tallegio which I also love – it’s probably a total cheese faux-pas to compare one cheese to a more well-known cheese but unfortunately I’m not a cheese master and so I’m allowed to say these things.

Just to commit more faux-pas; the Pierre Robert was also another of my favourites and reminded me of Brie but creamier and with more flavour. I did actually start making notes as I was tasting the cheese but they soon fell by the wayside as I piled more and more cheese onto my plate (Plate? Who am I kidding – it went straight in my mouth).

Honestly, cheese delivered to my door is like a dream come true for me. I get lots of delicious cheese to eat and I don’t have to go out? Sign me up!

Speaking of which, you can choose to have a one off delivery (why?!), or a three, six or twelve month subscription. Prices start at £29.90 per month including delivery, which is obviously not a small amount of money to pay, but I think if you have plenty of money and you love cheese then why not?! I particularly think that a one-off box would be brilliant as a gift for a cheese lover and I have already thought of a couple of people I would like to get one for. I know I would love to receive it, so I am sure my fellow cheese-lovers would too.

I think it’s a lovely concept and it seems like a great company with really nice people involved, and I hope the business succeeds in the UK.

 I was sent May’s cheese box to review but all thoughts, opinions and cheese obsessions are my own.

5 Things I Love About America

I have been lucky enough to visit America quite a few times in my life. The boy and I went travelling many years ago and we went to San Francisco, LA and New York, and before that I went on holidays to Florida with my family and the boy’s family.

5 Things I Love About America

I absolutely love America and really would like to live there one day. I love so much about it and I just feel comfortable there for some reason. I’d love to live in New York for six months or a year just for the experience, and then I’d love to settle somewhere near the beach and sunshine in California.

Here are five things I love about America:

1. The size of the country and how much the geography varies. I would love to explore so much of America, and I love that all in one country I could see desert, mountains, beautiful beaches, sprawling urban areas, and forests, as well as tiny old traditional towns. I would love to see these places and meet all of the different people living such different lives there.

AmericaReasons I love America

2. It’s so friendly. Everyone you speak to, anywhere you go people are so lovely and friendly to you ‘Have a nice day y’all’ is a common thing to hear. I know some people think it isn’t genuine but it really doesn’t feel that way to me. And even if it isn’t, I don’t care – I’d rather that than people being miserable and barely grunting at you all the time.

3. The gigantic fridge freezers (yes, really). Every time we have been to Florida we have stayed in a villa which have always been rather grand, spacious and very lovely (and air-conditioning – oh how I long to have air conditioning right now in this crazy heat). These villas have all of course had the typical supersize American fridge, with double doors and plenty of room to fit everything in, and an ice dispenser on the front ready for when you need to cool down after being out in the sun for too long.

I have always been envious of their fridges – you could fit so much food in, and wine, and beer and not have to fight to find something. I have always wanted one, and dream of the day I have a big enough house and kitchen to fit one in (I have big dreams too don’t worry). I would love something like one of these Panasonic American Fridge Freezers. I could probably even get in one of those myself if I took the shelves out, and right now that sounds very appealing (#sweatybetty).

New YorkYellowstone ParkSnowy America

4. The supermarkets. The huge Targets and Walmarts get me very excited. I could (and have done) spend hours in there. The way-cheaper-than-ours makeup and skincare, the endless choices of food – I love it. If I lived in America then maybe I wouldn’t like it quite so much, but on holidays there, I bloody love them. Of courrrrse I need four different mascara’s; they’re $3 each.

5. The weather. Obviously the weather massively varies over there as it’s so huge, and they still have seasons (I always feel like New York is quite similar to us), but California’s beautiful all year round sunshine and living that suntanned beach life hugely appeals to me (as I’m sure it does to most people!). In this country I do usually feel ready for winter by the time it rolls around; wearing snuggly jumpers and sitting in front of the fire; but that usually last all of two days and one shivery dash to the car from my front door, and I’m ready for summer again. The good thing about America is that if I wanted to ‘enjoy’ some freezing temperatures I could go and visit another part for a weeks holiday, and I’m sure I’d be ready for sun again by the end of it.

I could write a much longer list of things I love about the USA; the size of the pizzas in New York, the weather, the food, the fact that Harvey Specter lives there, Disney World; but we could be here all day. I really have a huge passion for this huge country and I absolutely cannot wait for the next time I get to go there. Does anybody else love America like I do?

This is a collaborative post.

Photo credits: Death to the stock photo.


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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – June 2015

I’m not even going to say that I can’t believe how fast this month has gone (failed), because the days, weeks, and months until my wedding have been going faster than normal for ages now. These sneaky shorter months always get me, and I’ve well and truly forgotten about Me and Mine this month. That’s what you get when you’re getting married in two and a half weeks. No time to think. I only remembered when I looked at my emails this morning and saw Katie’s post for this month and then had a mini panic (I may have sworn in public) and then quickly looked through my iPhone photos knowing full well that there wouldn’t be any family photos there because we haven’t taken any.

There were at least a couple of times when I could have jumped into photos of the boy and Ava but I am stupid, and so I didn’t. I am going to try my best to grab one or two of us tonight, but as they will include a very grumpy, tired three year old who has been at nursery all day, and probably a grumpy, tired Daddy too then I don’t have much hope for them (I will be smiling and happy and lovely as always).

I’m determined to get the photo; I refuse to fail and miss a month. I think I feel even more determination (pressure?) because we started joining in with Me and Mine in January and so I have to get a full year, don’t I?

The good news for me is (although probably you too as you get to look at better photos and read something more interesting than this ramble) is that next month will almost definitely be easy as we will have our wedding pictures together to choose from! So exciting. Annoyingly we will also have the photos from our pre-wedding shoot to choose from – I don’t know why I arranged them for the same month. Actually we won’t have our wedding photos back by the end of the month will we? I’m sure other people will take photos of the three of us though and I can steal them.

And so there we have it; the tumble of thoughts spilling out of my brain for you this morning. Just a big ramble; no photos.

…..Well we now have our photos and I warned you didn’t I? Except they’re worse than I imagined they would be. Ava came home from nursery absolutely exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open. She fell asleep on the way home and then twice before I’d managed to make dinner, the poor thing. I think she had probably had too much sun whilst running about and it has totally worn her out. So yes, she’s crying in these photos. Prepare yourselves for possibly (definitely) the worst Me and Mine photos taken, ever…..

Me and Mine Juneme and mine a family portrait projectme and mine

…et voila! I’ll do better next month!

Hope you have all had a lovely June xxx

dear beautiful

My Perfect Garden Party and Win a Bundle of Garden Goodies with Argos

When the sun comes out I start to dream of having a lovely garden, filled with mature plants and blooming flowers, a raised herb garden, a wide expanse of lawn for us to play together on and a garden path for our cats to wander down.

In reality our garden is small, certainly not perfectly formed, a bit of a mess, with mismatched fence panels and grass that is a bit (or a lot!) too long. It needs a lot of work doing to it to make it nice and we just don’t have the time to do it at the moment. It makes me a bit sad because walking out your back door and having a private place to sit in the sunshine and where your children can play safely is such a big part of a home and a lifestyle especially in the summer time.

Barbeque at Argos

I would love an amazing garden where we could have water fights, lounge in the sunshine, and invite our families over for barbeques. I would love to have a place where I could invite all of our friends and family over and we could have a garden party in my beautiful, well-maintained garden. The wonderful chargrilled smells would waft across the lawn as the boy skillfully mastered the barbecue (I couldn’t do it – we’ve been there before, and it had to be rescued), the children would frolic on the lawn (ah! what a dream!) and I would be sitting prettily on the grass in a flowing summery dress chatting animatedly to some of my closest friends (I’m really getting in to this!).

Outdoor seating at Argos

There would be cocktails, and lots of wine, and Prosecco of course and the sun would be blazing hot beating down on us. For those who wanted a bit of shade there would be a lovely gazebo to one side of my huge lawn with a couple of comfy sun loungers underneath. After the barbecue we would gorge on the cakes I had lovingly made, whilst the children played happily together.

Trampoline at Argos

After laying around on blankets on the grass and letting our food go down for a while, we would crack out some lawn games – Boules, quoits and maybe even limbo if we were feeling really energetic. As the evening cooled we would light some candles and lanterns all around the garden and take it in turns to doze in the hammock hanging from the huge tree. We would drink more beer and Prosecco and bask in the glow of a perfect afternoon together….

Now it’s your turn….

Argos and I would like you to imagine your perfect garden party. Take inspiration from Argos’ garden articles and create your very own garden party inspired Pinterest board.

How to enter:

1. Title the board ‘My Garden Party Inspiration‘.

2. Include the hashtag #ArgosGardenParty in your pin descriptions.

3. Share your board on Twitter using the hashtag #ArgosGardenParty.

4. In an email send a link of your entry Pin board to: argos.competitions@gmail.com


You could win a brilliant bundle of garden goodies, including:

  • Heart of house tea party cake dome
  • Good Housekeeping tea cosy
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Gardening tools


I will be following the hashtag on Twitter and checking out your Pinterest boards to see what you come up with. I can’t wait to see them!

Good luck!


Competition(s) Terms and Conditions.

By participating in this prize draw you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

1. No purchase necessary.

2. Only one entry per person.

3. The competition is open to all UK residents, except employees of Home Retail Group.

4. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. The promoter [Argos]

reserves the right to offer alternative items/activities of a greater or equivalent value

should unforeseen circumstances require it.

5. The competition runs from 9:00 AM 26th June 2015 to 11:59 24th July 2015 [the entry


6. Entries submitted before or after the entry period will not be eligible.

7. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.

8. [NetBooster Ltd] will notify the winner by email within 7 [seven] days after the

competition closing date.

9. If the prize is not claimed within 28 days, we reserve the right to redraw.

10. The promoter reserves the right to (a) add to or waive any rules on reasonable notice

(b) reserve the right to alter, amend or foreclose the competition without prior notice.

11. At the end of the entry period, the promoter will consider all eligible entries and select

a winner based on criteria including creativity and quality. The Promoter’s decision is

final. No correspondence will be entered into.

12. Use of a false name or address will disqualify any applicant from receiving the prize.

13. Any entries attempted through the use of agencies or robotic, repetitive,

programmed, or similar methods will be void.

14. The winner may be required to participate in post-event publicity arranged by or on

behalf of the promoter.

15. Promoted by Argos Distributors Limited, 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Saxon Gate

West, Milton Keynes, MK9 2NW.

Photo credits: Argos.

This is a collaborative post with Argos.

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5 Blogs I Love and Why I Love Them

I love reading blogs. At the moment I don’t read my favourites with much regularity but when I can I still pick these out of my inbox to enjoy and take inspiration from. I have many more favourites, but for now; here are 5 blogs I love and why I love them so….

5 Blogs You Should Be Reading and Why

Life at the Little Wood

I love Emma’s blog; it’s always such a lovely read. She has a beautiful family and shares such lovely pictures of their life at their amazing home. Emma also has wonderful style and I love seeing her outfits on her blog and her Instagram.

Until a few months ago I thought Emma had been blogging for a long time but she hasn’t at all. I know she has thought a couple of times about stopping blogging, and I panic when she talks about it – that’s how much I would miss her blog if she did.

Mummy Daddy Me

Katie writes a really lovely family blog, with totally gorgeous pictures and words. It’s a very popular blog and with good reason. I look at her photos and feel both admiration and jealousy!

Katie has two beautiful girls and I love seeing what she has dressed them in, as well as her own style; which I love. My style is quite similar to Katie’s I think but she just does it better! I have really enjoyed Katie’s fitness posts over the last year or so as she took up running and totally transformed her body – they’re very inspirational. After getting into health and fitness myself in the last couple of years I love reading other people’s posts about it, and seeing what other people are doing.

The Daybook

Sydney’s blog is one of the mummy (or mommy!) blogs that I have read for the longest, and in fact, I started reading The Daybook before Sydney even became a mother. I used to really love her style posts (and still love the snippets of her style that she shares), and when I first found her I gorged for hours and hours on her old posts. Sydney now has two children Everett and Isla (love that name!) and writes about them and their life in such a natural, beautiful way. They seem like such a lovely, down-to-earth family. Great photos too.

A Model Recommends

She’s a model, she’s beautiful and she’s also down to earth and very lovely and I’d like to be friends with her (actually the same goes for all of these bloggers). Ruth writes a beauty and skincare blog and has a lot of knowledge and experience from her many years as a model. She’s over thirty but she looks ten years younger. I love her posts and the way she writes. She is due her first baby any day now after a long struggle and I’m so happy for her!

(I have just checked and she gave birth to a baby girl !!! Such lovely news. I am so flaming broody.)

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna writes a very popular beauty blog with good doses of lifestyle in the mix, which I love. I love her health and fitness posts as well as her style. Despite the fact that she posts every single day, she is really good at coming up with interesting and original idea’s for posts – she really knows what she’s doing this girl, and she does it so well.

I probably watch her YouTube videos more than I read her blog because I have to put less effort in, and just sit there – I love both though and when I dip in to her blog there’s always lots I want to read. She’s very real and down-to-earth and her blog is really well-written and I enjoy it a lot.


Do you have any ‘must-read’ blogs that I should check out? I love coming across a blog and straight away thinking ‘this is my sort of thing!’ and just wanting to sit and read it for hours! Share your favourites with me!


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