Blonde Hair Inspiration

I posted a few weeks ago about dyeing my hair blonde after our wedding, and so today I wanted to share some of my blonde hair inspiration. For a while it was celebrities’ eyebrows capturing my attention on Instagram, but now I’m lusting after all of the lovely blonde locks I spot in my feed.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I love Rosie’s look so much more since she has chopped off her blonde hair. I think she looks so much cooler and more striking. I seem to love that kind of just-passed-shoulder length of hair at the moment – as you can see from most of these pictures. I have always got jealous of people with gorgeous long hair and I often still do, but I just love that effortless, cool look of shorter hair and find myself wanting mine that length more and more. Although it does mean that the very regular messy bun will probably have to go, but that’s probably a good thing.

I love the colour of Rosie’s hair too. Lovely and blonde but still quite natural. The other day I saw a big modelling picture in Marks and Spencer of Rosie and her hair there is absolutely how I would like mine. That is, if it would actually suit me and I didn’t have to go outside in wind or rain ever, and probably if I had a stylist to do it for me every day. My mum did mention to me when I said how much I liked it that she is a model (and I’m not) – thanks mum! It’s ok though she made up for it by saying that I am as close to a model as you can get – she’s an imaginative liar my mum.


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie (once in Neighbours and now quickly on her way to superstardom in films alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith) is so flipping gorgeous it hurts me a little bit. She was always extremely pretty in Neighbours but now she has that polished star quality and perfect hair. I love the all over blonde she has and again the shorter length suits her so much more than longer. I think with such a blonde shade longer hair can quite easily become a bit too Barbie, but shorter it is very cool.

I would love my hair this all over blonde, but I have no idea if it would suit me (I’m guessing not), and so I wouldn’t dare go for it unless I could try a very similar wig on first. Even then I don’t think I would be able to maintain it for long, cost and time-wise. I love it though. Beautiful, a great actress, and she got to snog Leonardo DiCaprio – unfair.

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Jessica Alba

I think Jessica is just so gorgeous. She is so naturally and effortlessly beautiful and always looks great. But again I think she looks so much cooler, edgier and striking with her shorter hair. I don’t think this is the best picture of her new hair, but it kind of showed it the clearest. I think this is probably the kind of blonde I should go for – still with plenty of dark roots but definitely blonde. Although I do fancy being a bit more daring than that.

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

 Sincerely Jules

Julie Sariñana is a style blogger and I love browsing her photos on Instagram. She is super stylish and beautiful, and she also has great hair. She was someone I actually thought suited long hair better after she had cut it shorter, but now I’m used to it I actually prefer it shorter – sorry to say it again but it’s just cooler. Everyone who seems to cut their hair to around shoulder length seems to then grow it out again quite quickly and I always think it’s a shame when it really suits them. Jules is another one who has done this. This is another colour that I think could potentially be right for me, with the dark roots and not too blonde, blonde.

Myleene Klass

I think Myleene is beautiful, and I think she looks sooo much better with shorter hair. I love her hair this length and I even think she looks better with some blonde in her hair; it really suits her. I also really love the way she tends to style it – wavy and messy. It’s how I would love to have mine but I know I wouldn’t end up curling it every day.

I know from having my hair this length before that I would want to have it a bit longer, as I found that at this length it just grows so quickly and then seems to linger at that annoying in-betweeny stage, and I have to get it cut more often that I would like. Also I think it suits me better a bit longer.

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I love all of these hairstyles and colours and I am really not sure at the moment which mine will end up most like (if any). I am going to chat to my hairdresser and show him pictures of these ladies and see what he thinks. I will be going on my month long trip around Spain and Portugal shortly after I get my hair done, and so it needs to be relatively low-maintenance, and I still need to be able to put it up in a ponytail. I think some blonde in my hair could be lovely for a month in the sunshine – as long as it suits me! I really don’t fancy hating all of our family photos from our trip.

Who’s hair are you inspired by? Do you like any of these that I have shared as my blonde hair inspiration?

New Shoes For My Mum From Simply Feet {A Review}

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of shoes from Simply Feet. There are tons of pairs of shoes on the Simply Feet website to choose from, but as I had so much wedding prep going on I thought it would be nice to let my mum have a lovely new pair of shoes and so I asked her if she would like to choose some and write a review. My mum is amazing and as I’m sure is the case for many mums (not me), she doesn’t spend money on herself very often so it was great for her to choose whichever shoes she liked from Simply Feet. Here is her review of her new shoes…

Every woman loves a new pair of shoes. I’m not sure why, but the idea of new shoes seems to press the ‘feel good’ button in our brains!

Simply Feet Review

My latest new shoes are in the form of a pair of Hush Puppies; lovely soft leather, flatties (my personal fave) a natural colour to go with everything, and good grippy soles.

I have a bit of a thing about needing shoes with a good sole nowadays – I guess it’s an age thing. Most modern soles have almost no grip and are often shiny to boot; trips and falls just waiting to happen if you ask me!

Hush Puppies Review

Another pet hate of mine is shoes with no or very little ‘cushioning’ in them. Again maybe my age plays a part, but why oh why should women be expected to walk around in uncomfortable shoes in this day and age?

My new Hush Puppies have a lovely thick cushion layer, so I can walk for miles in them, which is ideal for me as I always seem to be on the go, especially when the grandchildren are around!

A Review of Simply FeetHush Puppies from Simply Feet

I like shoes that I can pop on easily, that go with everything, are comfy and have plenty of good grip – so not fussy at all then!

All my shoes take a lot of hammer, so these are ideal. I love that they are leather, even though you do still have to ‘break them in’ a little. But I just start wearing them for an hour or two, then build up from there, and mine have already moulded to the shape of my feet.

My Hush Puppies come from Simply Feet which is a new site to me, but one which I found very easy to use. It’s well laid out with lots of different ways to filter what you are looking for; by price, shoe type, colour or brand.

I’m very impressed that they also offer insoles and cushioning of every conceivable part of the foot, along with nail care, foot care and feet pampering products. Expert foot health advice is also offered, covering any foot problem you may have.

And they don’t stop there, offering advice and products about all of your joints, as well as back, neck and shoulder joints. All in all a very impressive, interesting and comprehensive site I will definitely be using again!

I’m very happy with my latest pair of new shoes. What are your favourite shoes, and what do you look for in an everyday, easy to wear pair of shoes?

 Disclosure: My mum was sent these shoes from Simply Feet to review, but all thoughts and opinions are her own.

I’m getting married today!

30th Birthday and Stratford-Upon-Avon 052

Today I’m getting married. After all of the planning for the last year or so, and all of the recent stress, today it all finally stops and we can relax and enjoy the day. 

I can’t really believe I’m actually getting married. It’s such a weird thing. It makes me feel like I must actually be a grown up, even though young people can get married too, and despite the fact I’m a mother so I must already be a grown up.

It’s been all about planning the day for so long, it’s strange to actually think about what the day will actually bring and how amazing it could be. In front of all of my family and friends I will finally marry the love of my life; the man that I have been with for such a long time, and the man that is my daughters father. It’s exciting and crazy and scary and emotional and I can’t wait!

Fitness Update: Working Out Consistently For Six Months

For the first time ever in my life I have been working out consistently for the last six months.

A couple of years ago I started working out properly for the first time, which I talked about here in ‘How I’m Getting Back to My Happy Weight in 4 Minutes of Exercise a Day‘ and I lost a lot of weight quite quickly just doing that. I felt so much better about myself, my confidence increased and I felt so much better in my clothes. At my sister’s wedding in Portugal in September that year I felt pretty happy with my body for the first time in a long time.

Working Out Consistently for Six Months

However, even though it was only four minutes a day I didn’t keep it up once winter hit, and even though I wasn’t loads bigger I felt it. I feel like at the age I am now it’s very easy to increase a few pounds if I don’t exercise for a few days and I change so much throughout the month. But I feel like it’s really noticeable to me when I am slightly bigger and clothes don’t fit me as nicely and I just feel horrible.

Last year from what I can remember there wasn’t a lot of consistent exercising. This year however I am getting married (on Sunday!) and so on the 19th January; the day I ordered my wedding dress and exactly six months until my wedding, I started exercising and am still going strong six months later.

I mainly use FitnessBlender YouTube videos (I have mentioned them before here) which I love and have only missed a few days in those six months (other than rest days). Until I got so tired with all the wedding stress I had actually got to the point where I wanted to exercise most days. I wouldn’t say I was enjoying it whilst I was doing it, but I found it reasonably easy to make myself get up and do it.

It is so so nice to feel better about my body and therefore about myself. I am the fittest I have ever been and my body is toned which I love. I don’t want to be skinny and can’t imagine I ever will be, but I want my body to be slim and toned. It’s obviously not perfect and I wouldn’t expect it to be unless I dedicated my life to fitness; I can get a flat belly quite easily but I can lose it again just as quickly.

Annoyingly I never got around to taking progress pictures – I would have liked to have them for myself to see how far I have come – but it is very clear to me how much my body has changed and I really wouldn’t want to give that up now. I can’t say that I feel much better health-wise; I am still struggling to sleep and don’t feel great most of the time, but I feel fit and that’s really nice.

The FitnessBlender video’s that I use are a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Cardio and Strength training, and the majority of them are thirty minutes long or less. I had never ever done strength training before but it is a great thing for women to do – it really makes a difference quickly and helps you look more toned. I know a lot of women are scared of lifting weights in case they bulk up, but unless you lift really heavily that won’t happen. The days after I have done some strength training are the one’s when I see the biggest difference, especially in my waist. I also love strength workouts as a break from the intense HIIT workouts, as they are a bit calmer and you don’t jump around but they still make you sweat.

So for the first time in my adult life I am working out regularly and consistently and I am very happy about it. The big tests are my month long honeymoon to Spain and Portugal, and then winter. But I do feel for the first time that I actually really want to keep it up. I like the way exercise makes me feel and I definitely want to keep feeling good about my body and my self.

What do you think? Do you exercise consistently or would you like to?

Wedding Planning: The One Week Countdown

Today marks the one week countdown to our actual wedding day! I can’t believe it! A year ago everyone told me how fast the time would go, and whilst I knew it would, I didn’t realise quite how fast it would go. It has positively flown by and now there is only a week to go.

The One Week Wedding Countdown

I have been a great big stresshead as there has just been so much still to do, and bridesmaid dress issues have made everything so much more stressful. It’s been weighing on me big time. And even though I have actually wanted to go to bed early for once, I just haven’t been able to, nor have I been able to relax and just watch television in the evenings.

Because of all that stress I haven’t really been getting excited about the day yet. I’m too nervous and panicky. But there have been fleeting moments of excitement – seeing our photos from our pre-wedding photoshoot with Rachael Connerton made me really emotional and reminded me of what it is all about. We had Ava join us for some of the photos and so we have got some really lovely, happy family photos and it really makes you remember what it is all about. All this hard work, stress, tiredness all for that one day that will be over so quickly – but then we’ll be married; we’ll all have the same name for the first time, and we’ll be husband and wife. In one week I will be marrying the man that I love; after all of these years together and everything we’ve been through, we are finally going to be married!

So there was the photoshoot, and then the other day I was talking to my postman about the fact that I was getting married in just over a week and he was asking where and so he said he will try and get that postal delivery that day so that he could see us outside the church (although I’ve since remembered it’s a Sunday, so he can’t – sorry posty). I came inside and suddenly felt all excited – I’m getting married really soon! The rest doesn’t matter; all the bits that go into it aren’t a big deal. People are happy for us and it’s all so exciting! Two of my other delivery men have also said that they are going to crash our wedding actually so maybe I should make a table just for them all!

Anyway, most thing are done I think; we have to put sweets into jars and make some pom-poms and I have to be plucked, waxed, tanned, painted and have my stresses massaged away this week; but the major things are sorted and the countdown is on!

Did anyone else remain stressed until the big day? Did all your worries melt away as soon as you stepped into your dress? I’d love to hear.