The Cub and The {Not-Quite} Hub

When my daughter was first born my mum wrote her name in a text message and her phone changed it to ‘cub’ and a cute nickname was born.

Anyway, to the cub and my not-quite hub. I love watching these two together. They are so, so cute and funny to watch. They play together so beautifully and it makes my heart very happy watching them. She loves him so much and they love to gang up with each other and tease me as much as they possibly can. Ava delights in her and her daddy telling me I’m the stinkiest (even though she most definitely is).

Daddy and Ava

Daddy and DaughterDaughter and Daddy

She is always so excited to have him home at night or for the weekend and says things like “Maybe daddy will play the hippo game (Hungry Hippo’s) with me when he comes home”.

He is the one who has those fail-safe techniques that stop her from being so grumpy; picking her up, putting her on his shoulders, and she is instantly happy and smiley.

Daddy and Ava on shouldersDaddy and Ava in Stratford

They are a little team and they love each other so much, and I love them so much. Seeing them together is the best thing in the world.

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The Whole Pantry Controversy, Doc McStuffins and Healthy Chocolate #LittleLoves

Little Loves

A lot of stuff about the Healing Belle/The Whole Pantry controversy, and I am so freaked out and saddened by the whole thing. If you don’t know anything about it; Belle Gibson is the creator of The Whole Pantry app and the author of the soon to be released (or it was) The Whole Pantry book. Belle’s story was that she was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago and was given months to live and with a whole foods diet and lifestyle has managed that cancer and later secondary cancers. However, over the last week or so it has come out that a lot of money made from her business that Belle had promised was going directly to charity was never received, and since then there have been many claims that Belle Gibson actually doesn’t have cancer at all.

Since then she has deleted all of her instagram photos and still has not said whether she really does have cancer or not, and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that she doesn’t. So I, along with everyone else am presuming that she actually doesn’t. I followed Belle and had pre-ordered her book and last year when she announced she had been diagnosed with many more cancers I felt incredibly sad for her especially as she has a young son. All I can think now is how messed up someone has to be to say they have cancer when they don’t and I just can’t believe how far she has taken it all (Apple were putting her app as standard on all of their watches and she had the book deal with Penguin). I just really hope she gets the help she needs and I really really hope her son is safe and well.


Lots of Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First! Ava and I have been quite poorly this last week and so there has been a lot more watching telly than usual, snuggled up on the sofa together. We just can’t seem to shift it and have just had so little energy between us.

I have been watching more Homeland with the boy and we are now on season three; which I still don’t think is anywhere near as good as the first season, although a slight improvement on season two. The whole repetitive thing with Carrie and her medication is driving me bloody potty! I just don’t think it makes sense.


Mostly slippers, leggings, a t-shirt and a comfy cardy. Full on glamour. Because we’ve been poorly (did I mention we’ve been poorly?) we just haven’t been out much. I did manage to get out in the end for the boy’s birthday evening which I didn’t think I would earlier in the day and I actually wore heels for the first time in months. It was really nice to put some make-up on and dress up a bit after a crappy few days and I actually felt quite nice. There are no photos though as we were in too much of a rush once I decided I would go.


I’m sorry to be so boring but all I have had going around and around (and around) in my head is “ Sofia the fiiiiiiiiirst”! and “Time for your check up, time for your check up…!” (a la Doc Mcstuffins). Why do children’s programme theme tunes get in your head more than anything else and never leave? I don’t actually mind the theme tunes for these two that much but they’re still starting to send me slightly crazy.


This week I have made some raw healthy chocolate which was nice but not quite perfect yet. I made the one from the ‘I Quit Sugar For Life’ book but I think I changed it slightly, and I also made chocolate ice cream (with all natural ingredients, mainly coconut milk) which is nice and I think tastes like Mcdonalds chocolate milkshake which is no bad thing in my opinion. I might make it again but just freeze it for an hour or so and then put it back in the smoothie maker in the hope that it might resemble a milkshake – yummo! (Side note: I say ‘yummo’ with an Australian accent because ‘Lynny’ from Neighbours used to say yummo and oh we did laugh! So I still say it now, because, well, I’m rather sad).

Raw Chocolate Hearts

And lastly….

My Mum is coming back to Nottingham for a MONTH next Wednesday! I am so so happy and excited. I haven’t seen her since Christmas which is crazy, and way longer than we normally go without seeing each other. My mum and step-dad have been travelling round the UK in a motorhome and working a bit in the odd place for the last few years and so we only see them every so often which I sometimes find really hard. So I am ridiculously looking forward to seeing them and spending lots of time with them and lets be honest getting a few parenting breaks when they take Ava for a few hours or possibly even overnight? (hi mum!).

So things are looking up! And without being a misery guts/drama queen/mardy bugger; it’s about time.


My Little Ballerina

For the past few months my little girl has been going to ballet classes. She goes once a week and she loves it! She looks so cute in her little pink outfit and she always runs in to the class all excited.

My Little Ballerina

We are not allowed to watch the classes as we are too much of a distraction for the children which often feels like a shame but I completely understand. I stayed and watched Ava the first week to see if she liked it and she was like “look mummy a lion!”, pointing at things on the walls and I can imagine it would be quite chaotic if all of us parents were there watching.

At the very last class of each term we are allowed to go and watch, which is lovely and it’s nice to see how excited and proud the kids are having us there. Last term her Daddy, Grandma and I went to watch and it was so sweet and funny and a nice opportunity to take some photos of our beautiful little ballerinas.

BallerinaTiny Dancer

A few weeks ago she also started doing tap dancing right before the ballet class. It’s only for fifteen minutes at the moment as it takes quite a lot of effort for their little legs I think and so she does fifty minutes in total.

She loves the other girls at the class; one of whom we knew from the Toddler Signing group we go to, so she’s always excited to see them and spend time with them, which is really nice.

Little Ballerinas

I am so glad she is enjoying it as I have always loved dancing and I went to tots ballet and tap when I was really little and wish I had carried it on. It makes me a bit emotional if I think about it too much as I adore dancing so much that I wish I done it properly when I was younger so that I could have carried it on and maybe something could have come of it. However, I would never push Ava to do it if she didn’t want to and if she wasn’t enjoying it anymore then I certainly wouldn’t make her go.

It is not long until the end of term and I can’t wait to watch my little ballerina dancing again.

Do your little ones do any dancing or go to any other types of classes?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mummy and Ava on Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all you mums are having a lovely day and being spoiled by your babies. Every year on this day I am reminded how I used to feel every time Mother’s Day rolled around again and I still wasn’t pregnant or a mother, and I remember how tough it was. Now that Mother’s Day has become something different for me I think about how lucky I am and how grateful I am to have my amazing daughter and to have the privilege of being her mother and watching her grow up.

It also makes me think about all of those women who are so desperate to become a mum and how hard this day will be for them. I hope that they all get their wish one day and that their journey getting there is just a little more difficult than for most. I remember how it feels, and I am thinking of you today.

I am also very lucky to have an amazing mother who is always, always there for me and I just want to say thank you to her for loving me so much (she reads all my posts :) and for setting a wonderful example to me as a mother. I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

Who, What, Where #3

What I’m reading… I have recently finished the Divergent series and am about to start ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’. There’s nothing to make you feel a bit old and a bit stupid like finding out the book series you have just finished and really enjoyed is described as ‘young adult’.

What I’m wearing… Mostly black skinny jeans, a t-shirt, thin-knit jumper and my white converse and leather jacket. I have so many lovely clothes, but for every day I am lazy and like to throw casual, comfy (but still nice) clothes on.

What I’m loving… Chocolate, wine, more chocolate, more wine. ALL FOOD. I am so hungry all the time at the moment and I’m not sure why. But I just want to eat ALL OF THE FOOD.

What I’m eating… See above. Plus lots of stir-fried veg, brie, lots of eggs, lots of everything.

Where I’m going... Spain and Portugal for our honeymoon! But not for months *sad face*.

Spain and Portugal

What I’m grateful for… My amazing family. I have come across so many sad stories recently that remind me how lucky we are.

Who I’m missing… My mummy! I haven’t seen her for months and I really miss her. I’ll see her next month though!

What I’m excited about... Going to a brilliant World Tapas restaurant on Friday and then out with friends for Paul’s birthday.

What I’m spending too much time doing… Housework, dreaming, eating chocolate, drinking wine, feeling tired, thinking about eating.

What I’m not doing enough of… Sleeping, going to bed early, playing with Ava.

What I’m watching… Homeland Season three. We’ve finally got around to watching it again after we kinda lost interest a little bit. It’s one of the first things we’ve watched together in a while.

Share with me some of your who, what, where below!

Super Busy Mum