Wedding Dresses, Blues and Birthday’s #LittleLoves

It has been a rather uneventful here this week. It was my thirty-first birthday on Tuesday and we spent time with my mum and then went for a meal in the evening which was nice. But other than that we haven’t really done anything. It has been raining and chilly every day and it doesn’t at all feel like it could possibly be summer, let alone the end of July. I remember my birthday’s when I was little always being really hot and sunny (I used to have brilliant bouncy castle parties!), and now they are usually wet and soggy.

Some weeks just plod along slowly and not much happens, and this is one of those, so it isn’t easy to think about the little things that I have enjoyed this week, but here they are…


This really helpful post from Aby at You Baby Me Mummy – How To Write 17 Fabulous Blog Posts A Week. Aby is really generous with her blogging tips and this post is full of ideas to help you get more organised with your blogging and get posting consistently. I have been a lot better at posting a couple of times a week over the last six months or so but I still need to get better, and have lots of posts written in advance, especially as I am going away for four weeks soon, so I really need to take these tips on board.


The brilliantly crap Knight and Day, with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. It was pretty poor as I expected but it was just what I felt like; easy to watch and pretty mindless. Sometimes I just feel like watching a rom-com which doesn’t require a lot of thinking.


This is cheating a bit I’m afraid, as I didn’t actually wear this in the last week – but I haven’t had time to join in with #LittleLoves over the last couple of weeks I had to include it didn’t I?!

I wore this rather simple and boring dress….

What I Wore Wedding

And Ava wore this pretty little dress…

What Ava Wore Wedding

She also wore a little flower crown but I don’t have any pictures of that yet. (Please excuse the quality of these photos – I don’t have any better quality full-length one’s yet).

I’ve also been wearing my new ring of course!!

wedding ring


The rustle of wrapping paper as I opened my birthday presents! This was probably my quietest birthday ever, but after all the wedding chaos it was just what I wanted.


I made a packing list for our trip to Spain and Portugal at the end of August and that is about it! Rubbish I know! Honestly, this is never going to be my strong category. I’m useless at making anything but lists and cups of tea!

And lastly…

The wedding comedown is real people! I have never heard anyone talk about it before, but much like the post-holiday blues, it is hard not to feel rubbish after your wedding is over. All the commotion and excitement and then feeling like a princess for a day and then just going back to normal life after it’s all over has made me feel a bit pants. It’s just such a massive comedown after such a special day isn’t it? I’m soo looking forward to our honeymoon in a few weeks and getting lots of sunshiiine.

Hope you have had a very lovely week xx



Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – July 2015

Well what a month July has been! It’s has been a total whirlwind and I’m exhausted but happy. Twelve days ago I got married! So the first few weeks of July were a big blur of last minute wedding preperations, wedding dress fittings and generally feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do.

Our wedding was absolutely brilliant; the day flew by far too fast though. Two days after we got married we went to London for a couple of days on our own for a kind of mini moon before our big family honeymoon next month. I hadn’t been to London for years and it was brilliant. We got the train there and decided to go first class (which we had never done before) and had champagne and toasted ourselves. We had quite a chilled couple of days, mainly just wandering around and eating and drinking, but London is never completely relaxing with getting the tube and all of the hustle and bustle, and waiting for tables in restaurants. I love it, but I do think I could have done with a really relaxing few days in a lovely hotel in beautiful grounds somewhere, with lots of reading, sleeping and just spending time together. I just felt so incredibly drained after all the wedding shenanigans.

Now everything is a bit weird; I still have loads to do with blogging and getting our house in some kind of order but there’s this huge weight off my mind. I no longer have a huge list of things to do for the wedding, and I no longer have to be so strict with my exercising if I don’t want to be, nor do I have to be careful about getting tan lines (my wedding dress was strapless). Everything just feels quite nice and simple again, which is nice. And Ava has broken up for the school holidays now which has good and bad points.

On Tuesday I turned 31, which was quite uneventful after such a busy time. I’d kind of forgotten about my birthday this year and my hubby (ha!) hadn’t been able to take it off work because of all of the time he is taking off for our holiday. My mum and step-dad are staying at a lovely campsite at the moment in the rolling countryside, so Ava and I just went there and had a nice relaxing day with them. In the evening Paul, Ava and I went for a meal at a place called Escabeche which is a spanish restaurant not far from us where we all enjoyed loads of tapas. It was nice to just go with the flow after having so much on recently and not plan a big day or night with other people.

We obviously don’t have our official wedding photos back yet so this month I have a few random wedding shots taken by other people of the three of us. There will be more to come soon but I don’t have them yet unfortunately.

We had our first dance to Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’. We danced just on our own at first, and then Ava joined us which was lovely. She’s definitely got the moves.

Wedding First Dance

The photo below is one from our photobooth. It was late in the night (yes, Ava stayed up until the end!) so we all look a bit tired and haggered (particularly me!), but we just didn’t get a chance to all get in there together earlier on and get a better picture unfortunately.

Me and Mine July Family

It has been an amazing, memorable month that I will always remember. I now can’t wait for August as towards the end of the month we are going to Spain and Portugal for a whole month! I can’t wait for the sunshine, food, family time and relaxation.

I hope you have had a really lovely July too xx

dear beautiful

One Of Those Days

Today was one of those days. You know the kind. When everything goes wrong and you can’t seem to shake off the funk.

One of those days

I hadn’t realised how much of a difference Ava going to nursery had made to me. I had been busy with wedding planning and everything else for so long that I was overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to relax. And so it went from no break from mothering to being stupidly busy but with Ava at nursery, and so I didn’t see a difference. But this week, after the wedding, after the mini-moon to London when things have returned to some kind of normality I have a little one with me constantly. And I’d actually forgotten what that was like.

Since April Ava has gone to nursery for two and a half days a week. Those days have been my time to get things done, and it’s been great. She needed the time with kids her age, and the discipline from those other than her parents, and I needed the time on my own, the time to get things done and to be someone other than mum regularly.

But this week, the first week of the summer holidays has reminded me how I regularly used to feel. Those days where I have loads of things to do at home, and a difficult little girl wanting my attention constantly at the same time as not listening to a word I say. I have got very little sleep the last two nights, and that little girl of mine is hard work right now. She doesn’t listen, she hates every dinner we make, she wants to wrap string around the cats necks and take them for walks and is just generally very difficult. I think we’re probably both missing that time away from each other and this is just the first week of the school holidays!

I have no patience and I’ve been too shouty. So has she. At 3pm I was still trying to get my lunch when I knocked a pan into a glass and it went flying across the kitchen. That nearly made me cry. I just wanted to eat.

It’s always a shame when we quickly forget how hard something was as soon as it changes and we’re used to the new way, so we stop appreciating it. I love my girl so much of course, but we both need that time away from each other, and I’d forgotten what a difference it makes. Today was a bad day mainly due to a lack of sleep, but it was a good reminder to appreciate it when things have got better.

Luckily for me we are going away in a few weeks so we will have sunshine on our skin and plenty to do for an entire month. Of course before that we have a couple of weeks in which we need to get out together even if it rains and break our days up.

What does everyone else do with young children during the school holidays, especially when the weather is rubbish? How do you get anything done? Actually I know that already so could you please share your fail-proof ways to get a good nights sleep even when your three year old keeps waking up screaming, or how to stop yourself from going crazy when you have a three year old at home every day and sh*t loads to do. Help, please.

Blonde Hair Inspiration

I posted a few weeks ago about dyeing my hair blonde after our wedding, and so today I wanted to share some of my blonde hair inspiration. For a while it was celebrities’ eyebrows capturing my attention on Instagram, but now I’m lusting after all of the lovely blonde locks I spot in my feed.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I love Rosie’s look so much more since she has chopped off her blonde hair. I think she looks so much cooler and more striking. I seem to love that kind of just-passed-shoulder length of hair at the moment – as you can see from most of these pictures. I have always got jealous of people with gorgeous long hair and I often still do, but I just love that effortless, cool look of shorter hair and find myself wanting mine that length more and more. Although it does mean that the very regular messy bun will probably have to go, but that’s probably a good thing.

I love the colour of Rosie’s hair too. Lovely and blonde but still quite natural. The other day I saw a big modelling picture in Marks and Spencer of Rosie and her hair there is absolutely how I would like mine. That is, if it would actually suit me and I didn’t have to go outside in wind or rain ever, and probably if I had a stylist to do it for me every day. My mum did mention to me when I said how much I liked it that she is a model (and I’m not) – thanks mum! It’s ok though she made up for it by saying that I am as close to a model as you can get – she’s an imaginative liar my mum.


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie (once in Neighbours and now quickly on her way to superstardom in films alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith) is so flipping gorgeous it hurts me a little bit. She was always extremely pretty in Neighbours but now she has that polished star quality and perfect hair. I love the all over blonde she has and again the shorter length suits her so much more than longer. I think with such a blonde shade longer hair can quite easily become a bit too Barbie, but shorter it is very cool.

I would love my hair this all over blonde, but I have no idea if it would suit me (I’m guessing not), and so I wouldn’t dare go for it unless I could try a very similar wig on first. Even then I don’t think I would be able to maintain it for long, cost and time-wise. I love it though. Beautiful, a great actress, and she got to snog Leonardo DiCaprio – unfair.

A photo posted by @margotrobbie on

Jessica Alba

I think Jessica is just so gorgeous. She is so naturally and effortlessly beautiful and always looks great. But again I think she looks so much cooler, edgier and striking with her shorter hair. I don’t think this is the best picture of her new hair, but it kind of showed it the clearest. I think this is probably the kind of blonde I should go for – still with plenty of dark roots but definitely blonde. Although I do fancy being a bit more daring than that.

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on

 Sincerely Jules

Julie Sariñana is a style blogger and I love browsing her photos on Instagram. She is super stylish and beautiful, and she also has great hair. She was someone I actually thought suited long hair better after she had cut it shorter, but now I’m used to it I actually prefer it shorter – sorry to say it again but it’s just cooler. Everyone who seems to cut their hair to around shoulder length seems to then grow it out again quite quickly and I always think it’s a shame when it really suits them. Jules is another one who has done this. This is another colour that I think could potentially be right for me, with the dark roots and not too blonde, blonde.

Myleene Klass

I think Myleene is beautiful, and I think she looks sooo much better with shorter hair. I love her hair this length and I even think she looks better with some blonde in her hair; it really suits her. I also really love the way she tends to style it – wavy and messy. It’s how I would love to have mine but I know I wouldn’t end up curling it every day.

I know from having my hair this length before that I would want to have it a bit longer, as I found that at this length it just grows so quickly and then seems to linger at that annoying in-betweeny stage, and I have to get it cut more often that I would like. Also I think it suits me better a bit longer.

A photo posted by myleeneklass (@myleeneklass) on

I love all of these hairstyles and colours and I am really not sure at the moment which mine will end up most like (if any). I am going to chat to my hairdresser and show him pictures of these ladies and see what he thinks. I will be going on my month long trip around Spain and Portugal shortly after I get my hair done, and so it needs to be relatively low-maintenance, and I still need to be able to put it up in a ponytail. I think some blonde in my hair could be lovely for a month in the sunshine – as long as it suits me! I really don’t fancy hating all of our family photos from our trip.

Who’s hair are you inspired by? Do you like any of these that I have shared as my blonde hair inspiration?

New Shoes For My Mum From Simply Feet {A Review}

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of shoes from Simply Feet. There are tons of pairs of shoes on the Simply Feet website to choose from, but as I had so much wedding prep going on I thought it would be nice to let my mum have a lovely new pair of shoes and so I asked her if she would like to choose some and write a review. My mum is amazing and as I’m sure is the case for many mums (not me), she doesn’t spend money on herself very often so it was great for her to choose whichever shoes she liked from Simply Feet. Here is her review of her new shoes…

Every woman loves a new pair of shoes. I’m not sure why, but the idea of new shoes seems to press the ‘feel good’ button in our brains!

Simply Feet Review

My latest new shoes are in the form of a pair of Hush Puppies; lovely soft leather, flatties (my personal fave) a natural colour to go with everything, and good grippy soles.

I have a bit of a thing about needing shoes with a good sole nowadays – I guess it’s an age thing. Most modern soles have almost no grip and are often shiny to boot; trips and falls just waiting to happen if you ask me!

Hush Puppies Review

Another pet hate of mine is shoes with no or very little ‘cushioning’ in them. Again maybe my age plays a part, but why oh why should women be expected to walk around in uncomfortable shoes in this day and age?

My new Hush Puppies have a lovely thick cushion layer, so I can walk for miles in them, which is ideal for me as I always seem to be on the go, especially when the grandchildren are around!

A Review of Simply FeetHush Puppies from Simply Feet

I like shoes that I can pop on easily, that go with everything, are comfy and have plenty of good grip – so not fussy at all then!

All my shoes take a lot of hammer, so these are ideal. I love that they are leather, even though you do still have to ‘break them in’ a little. But I just start wearing them for an hour or two, then build up from there, and mine have already moulded to the shape of my feet.

My Hush Puppies come from Simply Feet which is a new site to me, but one which I found very easy to use. It’s well laid out with lots of different ways to filter what you are looking for; by price, shoe type, colour or brand.

I’m very impressed that they also offer insoles and cushioning of every conceivable part of the foot, along with nail care, foot care and feet pampering products. Expert foot health advice is also offered, covering any foot problem you may have.

And they don’t stop there, offering advice and products about all of your joints, as well as back, neck and shoulder joints. All in all a very impressive, interesting and comprehensive site I will definitely be using again!

I’m very happy with my latest pair of new shoes. What are your favourite shoes, and what do you look for in an everyday, easy to wear pair of shoes?

 Disclosure: My mum was sent these shoes from Simply Feet to review, but all thoughts and opinions are her own.