We have a small but I suppose perfectly formed garden. Over the years we (or my mother) have done it up and made it look really nice; making nice borders and getting rid of weeds. But over time, with neither of us being keen gardeners, it has been neglected a bit (a lot). Recently one side of the fencing fell down, and so the grass can’t be mowed properly until it is fixed. It is a big mess and it… View Post

You know when horrible things happen in the world (a lot at the moment) and we feel really sad about it; sad for humanity, sad for the people of all ages whose lives have been cut short, sad for their families, and disgusted that humans in this world could do such a thing. But often we will count ourselves lucky too – that our families and friends are ok, that we are ok – we see it as a reminder… View Post

Heritage Bathrooms – the luxury bathroom brand – wants to find the perfect ingredients for a luxury bathing experience. They asked me to be involved as an expert judge, representing the voice of the Lifestyle and Parenting industry. As someone who loves trying out luxury products, and finding those amazing products that really make a difference to my daily life, I of course said yes. They sent me nineteen products across four categories to find those that are essential for… View Post

My relationship with running over the past few years has been a bit up and down (ha!). I take part in Race for Life every year and so once I’ve signed up I start *thinking* about going for a run so I get used to it, and because I’d really like to start running regularly. Last year I think that happened once before the race, and this year it didn’t happen at all, but somehow it was’t tooo bad, and… View Post

Last week we spent a couple of days in a really lovely lodge at the campsite that my mum and step-dad are working at right now. The lodges are beautiful, and they are even better because they have a hot tub and a sauna in the garden! We all got into the hot tub the morning after we arrived and spent a good hour in there. Ava had to keep getting in and out because it was pretty hot, but… View Post