They say money can’t buy you happiness, and whilst I suppose that’s kind of true, I reckon having money can make life a whole lot better, and certainly easier. No, money can’t buy you love (whatever those websites say), or stop you from getting ill, but it can get you an amazing house in a lovely area, a sexy car, and all the cheese and prosciutto you can eat (heaven). I think the biggest thing for me would be that… View Post

This week I turn good old (definitely old) 32! I’m ok with getting older at the moment. It’s a weird thing isn’t – I tend to have a scary age, but then as I get older and closer to that age it no longer becomes so scary and it moves up again, and I’m then quite happy with where I am. Of course I’d always like to be a few years younger, but I don’t want to be 18 anymore,… View Post

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have been working with Heritage Bathrooms on their Bathroom Chemistry campaign, to find the perfect ingredients for a luxury bathing experience – those products that are essential for ultimate relaxation and comfort. I’m representing the Lifestyle and Parenting category, and over the last few months I have been thoroughly testing 19 luxury bath and skincare products. I have tested bubble baths and oils, hair masks, face masks, hand and body lotions and… View Post

Sense Organics are a lovely independent business who design and manufacture organic and fairtrade children’s clothing. They have been an established brand in Germany for over 18 years and have just launched in the UK. The founder – Kirsten Weihe-Keidel – dreamed of a range of organic baby clothes, that would be afforadable and accessible to all parents – long before eco fashion became popular. So, in 1996 Kirsten founded Sense Organics to bring durable, sustainable baby clothes to all. The clothes… View Post

With today’s kids having so much access to and such a love for technology, we have to work really hard to counteract that by making sure that they have plenty of time outdoors, and learn about the world not only from YouTube unwrapping videos and Shimmer and Shine, but also from exploring it themselves. It concerns me more and more as Ava gets older how little time she spends just playing outside compared to how much we used to, and… View Post

It’s Friiiiiiday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Mine has been BUSY! I was in London twice last week for press and blogging events, once overnight, and then I was there again on Tuesday for a lovely event with Disney and Epson! I also saw lots of my amazing friends at two of them which was rather lovely. A had her last settling in session at her new school yesterday – I’m still not quite accepting she’s going there… View Post