New Blog Design, Silly Hats and Messy Buns #LittleLoves


I loved this post from Alice who writes the ‘More Than Toast’ blog. Alice wrote about choosing her daughter, Elfie as her #ArWoman. I love the way she writes and this is a lovely, inspiring post about a very special little girl.

I really want to start another book on my Kindle; I have so many waiting for me. But the trouble is, I love books and reading so much that when I get into a book, I can’t stop reading and it’s all I want to do, and I don’t want to talk to my family or go to sleep, or blog or have a shower. And I just don’t have time for that right now.


Gossip Girl! Even though I loved Gossip Girl when it was on I somehow never finished watching it and missed the entire last season, even though I thought I had watched it all. Sometimes I think my brain doesn’t work properly. Oh and I still watch Neighbours (am I the only one?) and have been enjoying that recently. As you can tell from my TV choices: I am a sixteen year old girl.

Ava got a little cash register for Christmas and we discovered this week that the microphone actually works; cue a lot of noise from her and her Daddy as they call all relief cashiers to the checkouts (we both worked at Tesco as teenagers!) and say ‘hilarious’ things about Mummy. Ava was talking down it the other day as she was sat next to me (my ears!), and she said “My Mummy is dead”. That feels really nice I can tell you; especially when broadcast down a microphone. FYI, I’m not.


I’m not very good at making things. Be that something with a needle and thread or something for dinner; I fail. Ooh I did make my blog look different this week! I have a new design and layout, but I’m still working on a few bits, the header in particular so please don’t judge it quite yet!


Slightly less layers on some days, which has been nice. Wavy hair and hats! I am most certainly not a hat person; my style is generally quite simple and I feel like a hat adds too much to an outfit in general (on me), buuut I happened to try on this one below in Topshop (Ava joined me in trying them on and then proceeded to pick up all of the one’s that had fallen on the floor!) and really liked it. I have a big head so a lot of hats don’t fit me, but this one did and I quite liked the idea of it. I’m just not sure if I’ll wear it so I think I might have to take it back. But I don’t want to! What do you think? It got a bit bent out of shape in the carrier bag so I don’t think you can properly tell here. Actually, don’t tell me; it looks like some kind of weird floppy hat here and not at all like how it actually looks. My hair doesn’t look wavy either. I fail at outfit pictures.

Me in a hat

Ballerina buns and new tap shoes… (please excuse the poor pictures)

Ballerina Bun
Ava at tap

And lastly…

I have got the afternoon to myself today! This is a very rare occurrence I tell you. But Ava’s Grandma has kindly taken her for the afternoon to make masks at the library and go to the park. I get SO much done when she is not here; it’s bloody brilliant! I actually can’t wait for her to start nursery in April so I will hopefully be able to catch up on life and housework and things.

Thanks for reading my first #LittleLoves post. I have loved reading other bloggers Little Loves posts for a while and so I thought I would start to join in myself. Hope you like it! And hopefully it will encourage me to start taking more outfit photos so that I can do some outfit posts, as I’ve been meaning to for a while. You all want to see me wearing leggings and a t-shirt regularly, yes? Or pyjamas? Greasy hair in a bun? Sorted.

Messy Hair Don't Care



Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – February 2015

Last month my very first ‘me and mine’ photo had been taken on the very first day of the month. This month it was the very last one. The end of February has suddenly sprung up on me and I had thought I had the weekend to take our photos. I think that always happens with February as it’s so short. You think you’ve got a few days left before you start thinking about March and then suddenly it’s here, and it’s like ‘woah where did the rest of the month go’.

February hasn’t been much better than January really. The beginning was better but I’ve been struggling towards the end, with tiredness and feeling a bit down. I hate feeling this way and it’s made me even more desperate for the sunshine and warmer months. As I have mentioned before I am hoping this March is like the weird one we had last year and we have some lovely weather. And either way I have some nice things to look forward to. It is the boy’s birthday soon and we are going for a lovely meal and then a night out with friends so I am looking forward to that. I am certainly ready for a night out.

For the last few months I have been working a lot harder on my blog; trying to get more involved in the community and posting a lot more frequently, and it was nice in February for that to be recognised by being listed in the top 500 of parent blogs on Tots 100 for the first time. It was a nice feeling knowing that my hard work was making a difference to the success of my blog and hopefully that will keep on rising and I can keep improving.

It’s also been a good month fitness-wise for me. I have kept up with exercising almost every day and working harder in my workouts and I am starting to see more of a difference in my body. I haven’t lost much weight but I think that might be because I have got more muscle than I had before. I am definitely seeing more of them pop out, particularly on my stomach which is great. I had started to get a little bit demotivated after not seeing results as quickly as I did a couple of years ago when I started exercising more, but that has begun to change now and I can see quite a bit difference in some areas of my body. It has been a natural progression I think, but I love that I now want to have a fit body rather than just a skinny one. I want to feel and look strong and see some shape in my muscles and I’m happy that that has started to happen this month.

So, this photo was literally taken today; a bit rushed, a bit grumpily (as you can see from A’s face!), we certainly don’t look our best; completely the opposite from last month. But in a way I like that. This photo is more representative of our daily life, when we are busy, tired and have been lounging around the house for a bit and we look more like how we usually look when we are home (except I don’t usually have make-up on and I would most likely be wearing a big baggy jumper); hair in a bun, looking a bit tired and rumpled and not always with a big smile on our face. I hope to not always leave taking our family photos each month to the very last day, and I hope that I like our monthly photos more than I do this one, but at least it is representative of life. Imperfect but real.

Me and Mine February

You can find out more about Me and Mine: a family portrait project over on Lucy’s blog, Dear Beautiful.

dear beautiful

Ava: Three Years and One Month Old

Ava 37 Month Update
Loves: The usual; chocolate, chocolate buttons, chocolate fingers, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake. Ignoring me, picking on me along with her daddy and telling me I’m the stinkiest (I’m not), ‘the unwrapping things’ on YouTube, ballet, sausages, pizza, fake crying, saying “Can you wipe my tears and nose please” whilst fake crying.

Dislikes: Going for a wee, attempting to use the ‘big toilet’, being told off (especially by daddy – she mostly ignores me. #threenager), being told no.

Favourite foods: Pizza and sausages as always. If you ask her what she would like for dinner she will always say one of these two things, and then the other after that. She also likes chilli and rice (especially if there is creme fraiche involved), spaghetti bolognaise, pate sandwiches. Pretty much the same as usual but she has got very fussy recently mainly, I think, because she has been poorly but she’s milking it for as long as she can.

Favourite toy: She’s a bit fickle at the moment and changes her mind every day, but I think Bullseye from Toy Story stands out at the moment as one of the popular ones, whom she got for Christmas from her Aunty Emma.

Favourite book: Hairy Maclary’s Rumpus At The Vet – she loves asking me all of the animals names and counting how many of each animal there are on each page. She loves anything to do with animals.

Challenges this month: Trying to get her to do a wee! I don’t know what it is at the moment but she suddenly doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and it doesn’t seem like she’s holding it either so I’m not sure what she’s got against it. She generally drinks quite a lot of water but is just not going very often. I think I am going to take her to the doctors to get it checked out just in case. Also, asking her to do anything at the moment is a challenge no matter how small a thing it is. I usually get a “sorry” if I ask her to do something. It’s so frustrating. It takes quite a few firm requests to persuade her to do anything and it’s driving me rather crazy.

Best bits: Having little chats with her and just playing at home together. It’s not been a great few weeks due to poorliness and bad weather so we haven’t done loads, so it’s been the little moments in between the hard bits that have been nice.

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I’m at the Gym!

Running{The extent of my running ability}

I’m at the gym!

I’m at the gym while I’m writing this! I had a mini panic a minute ago that they didn’t have free wifi and I was like what I am going to do to distract myself from the horror of the gym if there’s no wifi. It’s not that bad really, although I have only been going 8 minutes and 16 seconds and this is my first time. I can’t help choosing the sitting down machines, even though I really want to go on the running machine. I’m trying to make myself get off this one (I don’t know it’s name) and move my whole body.

Anyway this is part of my new ‘I’m going to be a bride in five months, let’s get fitter than I’ve ever been, I will fit in that damn dress’ mission.

Update: 15 minutes in and I’ve apparently burnt 67 calories – wahoo, Cheryl Cole’s body double here I come!

So, the above was written whilst I was at the gym (clearly), and I was hoping to write this entire post whilst I was there, but then I got on the running machine and discovered I couldn’t blog and run at the same time (I apparently couldn’t breathe and run at the same time either, but that’s another story).

I was on the running machine for 22 minutes, burnt 87 calories and ran 1.19 miles; which apparently is funny to the boy, but I was quite pleased with that (apart from the calories burnt, which I’ll agree is a laughing matter). Last summer I attempted to go for a run and couldn’t even make it round the block, so 22 minutes on the running machine is an achievement to me. So is the fact that I didn’t fall off. I had visions the whole way through of me going flying off backwards like people do in those comedy sketches which I think made it more likely to happen and I struggled to concentrate on keeping my legs moving, and just kept picturing myself shooting off backwards and landing on my face and the entire gym bursting out laughing at me. I think it’s safe to say I’m not a natural gym bunny.

This first gym visit was a few weeks ago and I haven’t been since but I do want to go again; I just prefer doing classes or exercise DVD’s (I wrote video’s first = I’m old) at home. I have been exercising lots and am starting to feel fitter and see more definition in my body but I think starting running will step it up a notch and burn lots of calories hopefully. At the moment though as it is dark in the evenings I am not going to go out for a run on my own (the area I live in isn’t the best) so I will have to venture back to the gym and the running machine soon to improve my running skillzzzz.

Do you go to gym or do you exercise in other ways? Anyone ever fallen off a running machine?!
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The Happy List #2

The Happy List No.2
We’ve had another crappy week of illness here. There has been very little sleep, a lot of coughing, one seriously stroppy toddler and a pretty stroppy mummy too. I haven’t had a cold this bad in a long time. I have felt awful for days and only started to feel slightly human again yesterday. Today I feel horrid again though. I think Ava is finally coming out the other side after many many days of wiping noses and trying to persuade her to have some yummy medicine. She has finally slept for a couple of nights after having a bit of Calpol before bed. I don’t like to give her medicine much but I think she really needed it this time.

I just can’t wait to get things back to normal again. I am behind with everything and it is so frustrating. I hate winter. I keep wondering why on earth I still live in this country when we get so little nice weather and I really need more of it to stay happy. If only it was a simple as ‘just’ moving abroad somewhere nice.

So! With all that whining it’s time for another happy list!

1. We have been discussing our ‘honeymoon with child’ lots and it is very exciting. I love the thought of going away for a few weeks with my little family and making those memories with Ava.

2. On Thursday our wedding will be only five months away! Scary? Yes, but very exciting. It just keeps seeming more and more real now. If I see a wedding on TV (Gavin and Stacey anyone?!) then I imagine that actually being me, which I never did before.

3. It is March soon(ish). Last year we had a really nice March; so nice we were in t-shirts outside so I am hoping the same will happen this year and we will be blessed with some lovely weather early on in the year. And if not at least we are one step closer to Spring.

4. I have been doing a (little) bit more cooking recently. I really want to get a few quick, healthy and tasty dishes down so that when we don’t have anything particular in I can rustle up something that we will all eat, for which we generally have all of the ingredients in the house already. So far I have made Deliciously Ella’s bean chilli which only takes about twenty minutes in toto but it needs a bit of tweaking to be as tasty as I’d like (I didn’t have the jalapeno pepper that is in the recipe) and Ava wouldn’t eat it at all but it is hard to know whether that is because she is being a fussy little bugger whilst she is poorly.

5. My little baby girl is looking and acting so grown up lately. We have some really funny conversations and I love chatting with her. She is still loving ballet and is starting tap dancing as well next week! It is only for fifteen minutes before her ballet class so it shouldn’t be too much for her.

Ava Ballerina

6. Friends and Family: I’m just feeling very grateful for my lovely friends and family right now. Even though I haven’t seen many of them much recently I know I am lucky to have them, and I can’t wait to spend more time with them during the summer and celebrating with them at our wedding.

What’s making you happy this week?

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