Dungarees and Divergent #LittleLoves

We started off this week with the little one being poorly again with a sickness bug, which was horrible as always. By the second day of not keeping anything down she was so lethargic and upset at how crappy she felt; it was not nice.

But she is all better now and today she has gone out for the entire day with her Granny. They are apparently going to the park and then having a picnic before her tap and ballet class. I’d love to be out in the sunshine with them, but this means I get to catch up on everything that I fell behind on over the weekend whilst my girl was poorly, which is great. I really REALLY can’t wait until Ava starts nursery in a couple of weeks so I can start to catch up on life!



I came across ‘The Health Minded‘ blog this week via a linky and it is really my sort of thing. I love posts like ‘5 Healthy Spoonfuls I Eat Every Day‘ and ‘How To Tell If It Is a Migraine Headache & New Remedies To Treat Them‘. That kind of thing is so interesting to me.


We have actually watched two films this week which is unusual for us. The first was Divergent. I loved the book so I was looking forward to watching the movie, and it was alright but I was a little disappointed. I felt like the relationship between the characters and the build up of it was a central part of the story in the book and I loved that whole part of it. But it just wasn’t emphasised enough in the film which I thought was a shame. Also, so much of the book was missed out so it just didn’t work as well. I know for a book to be made into a film some bits have to change, but they took out such big chunks and bits so important to the actual story, that it was nowhere near as powerful and I think the ending was rushed.

The second film we watched was ‘Chef’, which was really easy to watch, fun and lighthearted but with a nice story. I really liked it. And, oh my gosh don’t watch it if you are hungry (although I wasn’t hungry and I still wanted all the food #fatpig), there is so much gorgeous food to lust over (the meat!). It also has great music in it and we may have participated (both of us!) in a singalong or too! Sexxxxxual heeeeealing……

Here is the trailer if you’d like to see….


I recently got some dungarees and I couldn’t wait to wear them. I felt a bit weird in them all day just because they felt so different (to my normal uniform of boring skinny jeans and t-shirt!), so I had to keep reminding myself that I liked them when I looked in the mirror! I really want to wear some clothes that are a little bit different for me. I have recently become really bored with my clothes for everyday, but I think it’s just because I am always in a rush and I have to throw on something quick. I think in summer it is a lot easier to vary your wardrobe, so I can’t wait to dig out my summer clothes.

I love it when the weather starts to warm up and you get thinking about your summer clothes and keep remembering bits that you love that you had forgotten about!

Ava has worn this cute hat from Morgana’s lovely kids accessories shop Little and Fierce….

Ava in Little and Fierce HatAva in hat

We also got this gorgeous clip from Little and Fierce.

Clip from Little and Fierce

It is so pretty and when I saw that the liberty print design is called ‘Ava’ I had to buy them!


I really enjoyed the music from ‘Chef’ and was singing the songs for ages after I watched it. I even thought about buying the soundtrack and I still might. It is just such feelgood music that you just want to dance to.


Raw Chocolate Hearts

I have made quite a few foody bits this week. Ava and I made our raw chocolate hearts again (they didn’t last long), and I have also made a healthy chocolate mousse that was so good! It was a bit like a Gü Pot – which I bloody adore. They are made with avocado, but they don’t taste like it at all, and are really quick and simple to make with a blender. The boy and I loved them but Ava wasn’t too keen. You could tell she really wanted to like it, but I think it was a bit too strong or bitter for her; she kept licking it!

I have also made a healthy chocolate milkshake a couple of times to try to get rid of my chocolate cravings in the evenings. I love it that they are quick and easy to make and really nice too, as well as being healthy. I just make it with almond milk, bananas, and raw cacao powder. I also throw in some chia seeds sometimes and you could also put some vanilla powder in there, or some honey or other sweetener if you aren’t already sweet enough ;)

I also got a Zoodle Chef Spiralizer this week after reading Esther’s ‘Little Loves’ post from last week. It’s brilliant as it’s so small and easy to use. I have so far made carrot and parsnip crisps with it which were really lovely. So good in fact that I made them twice one lunchtime! I had planned on saving the second lot for another time and so the boy could try them but I devoured them instead.

I seriously bloody love snacks and chocolate-oriented food that are easy to make and actually pretty good for you rather than the opposite. Guilt-free chocolate is the best!

I blogger-failed though and didn’t take pictures of any of this stuff! It’s ok, I’ll just have to make them again!

And lastly….

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Thanks for reading!



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A Fairtrade Adventure With The Co-op

We have probably all seen some Fairtrade products on the supermarket shelves, but do you actually know what Fairtrade involves and whether it is worth choosing an item that is Fairtrade over something that isn’t?


Fairtrade wine bottles


Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries. Producers of Fairtrade products also receive a Fairtrade premium – a sum of money paid on top of the Fairtrade price which is invested in projects in their communities. Projects funded typically support education and healthcare, farm improvements to increase yield and quality, or processing facilities to increase income.

The Co-operative was the first major retailer to champion Fairtrade and have since led the way on bringing Fairtrade products to market. They have also converted many of the Co-operative’s own-brand products to 100% Fairtrade; like chocolate, tea and coffee.

Fairtrade bananas at Matlock Food store

In March the Co-op sent blogger Amanda Barnes to the Bosman family Vineyard in South Africa to experience the difference Fairtrade makes, firsthand. This vineyard has been a supplier of The Co-operative’s Fairtrade wine since 2011, and the premiums they have received have funded a number of things, including:


  • A fully operational pre-school
  • A new school bus enabling students to get to school
  • A new library and community centre
  • Computer training, literacy and scholarship programmes including three classrooms and a computer training centre
  • A Counselling room and Drug Rehabilitation programme
  • A Health clinic


Watching the videos of Amanda’s trip show what a difference Fairtrade has made and is continuing to make to these people’s lives. It is not just about the workers; it is about their children, their family and also about building up the entire community.

A Fairtrade Adventure

Amanda spoke to some workers at the health centre and they talked about how before they had the clinic, patients who came in for a test such as a urine test or even an HIV test would have to go behind a tree for a bit of privacy as there was nowhere completely private for them to have the test done. Can you even imagine that? The things that we take for granted are something so wonderful for them that is making a huge difference to their lives and it makes you want to help by buying Fairtrade doesn’t it?

Fairtrade money in this area has also allowed children to do Karate after school which helps to keep them away from activities like drugs as well as sex abuse; which are problems there. A school bus allows children to get to school safely and on time. There is now a pre-school which means the children can start to learn key skills which they wouldn’t otherwise have until they are six or seven (the age children start school here). All of these things that have been funded by Fairtrade premiums are helping to improve and shape the community here and give these people better lives.


For the workers Fairtrade means that they are more involved in the business and can choose how to spend their Fairtrade premium. The Adama Workers Trust allows the employees to own a part of the business. It gives them a sense of pride and higher self-esteem and they have more aspiration to work because they are involved in all aspects of it and they are treated more fairly than they would be working elsewhere. They are given regular breaks, have plenty of water available and can use toilets brought to them in the vineyards. It makes a big difference to them and to their families.

When you choose to buy a product with the Fairtrade Mark you are supporting the farmers and workers to improve their lives and their communities. The Fairtrade mark means that the ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet the Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards. These standards include protection of the workers’ rights and the environment, payment of Fairtrade minimum price and the additional premium to invest in business or community projects.

Personally I didn’t really know an awful lot about Fairtrade and what it actually meant before researching for this post. I recognised the Fairtrade Mark but I had no idea of exactly what it involved or how much of a difference it could make. Now that I know what it involves and the huge difference it can make to people’s lives and the communities involved, I will make an effort to lookout for the mark and to buy Fairtrade where possible.

Fairtrade products are sold in every Co-operative Food store across the British Isles and are usually only a few pence more than other similar products (sometimes they no more expensive), so it’s an easy switch to make to help change people’s futures and to know that the workers involved in creating the product have been paid fairly.

You can watch the videos from Amanda’s trip to South Africa here: A Fairtrade Adventure

This is a collaborative post.

Country Walks, Judgement, and Rachel Bilson #LittleLoves

Oh this last week has been a rather lovely one. I am very much enjoying the sunshine and lighter evenings; it is as though a switch is flipped on inside me as soon as the sun comes out and I am just so much happier.

We had a really nice and pretty busy Easter weekend, well, except for Ava waking up after both of us having a terrible nights sleep, coming downstairs and throwing up all over two big blankets and herself and I was four washing loads behind all of a sudden. We thought “well that’s our Easter plans ruined” (we always make sure we stay positive) and took it in turns to prop up our poorly toddler. Luckily and fantastically she was all better a few hours later and plans were resumed. (It’s weird being sick for a few hours though don’t you think? The same thing happened to her when we were in Bluestone, but you would think that with either a bug or food poisoning that she would be ill for twenty-four hours at least.)

We had a lovely family walk in a new country park in our area, destroyed our first ice-creams of the year and enjoyed the odd bursts of sunshine. The only thing that ruined it was that Ava had spotted the ice-cream van at the beginning of our walk and even though we had already said we would have one at the end she grumbled all the way around and didn’t massively enjoy the walk (I could have sworn she is three, not fourteen).

On Easter Monday we had lunch at our local pub with the boys family and indulged in a bit more Prosecco, and then we walked it all off (or the carrots at least) with a long stroll by the river in the rather chilly sunshine.

The boy has now actually been away for a couple of days but Ava and I have spent lots of time with my mum and step-dad, including going with my mum to try my wedding dress on again (my mum seeing it for the first time!) along with some shoes and jewellery I have bought. It was lovely seeing it all put a bit more together and it was especially lovely seeing that I have actually lost some weight and all the exercise I have been doing is paying off. I knew I was starting to get more toned but I couldn’t really tell if I was any slimmer, but the sample dress was looser this time.


I have read a couple of magazines this week (the highbrow one’s like Heat and Closer) for the first time in ages. I love magazines but I usually buy them and end up not having chance to read them so I hardly ever get them anymore. I don’t know what changed (maybe I put my phone down for once) but these last few days I have enjoyed browsing them and getting updated on all the important celeb gossip.


I have got back into Hart of Dixie again and have been binge watching it and never going to bed. This is why I try to stop myself from going to Netflix in the evenings. Once I start I can’t stop. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it; it’s a bit silly, easy to watch and Rachel Bilson is in it, and I have loved her since The O.C days. I also love all the deep south American accents and I love the character Lemon.

Hart of DixieSource

I also really want to take Ava to the cinema for the first time and see Cinderella, but we haven’t had time yet.


Slightly less layers – yay! And also my thin-ish leather jacket instead of a big coat. I feel like a snake shedding my layers, as I shed my winter layers.

Ava has been wearing all the patterns, and furry ears….

Ava in all the patterns

I have heard myself yelling at Ava quite a bit over the last few days, which is not nice. I have been really tired, but she has been a little monster this week! She is particularly bad when her Granny is here because she thinks she can just do what she wants and not listen to me. But she just keeps completely ignoring me and making a mess on purpose; like throwing a pack of snap cards across the room because she knows I have told her not to. Little bugger.


…..a decision about whether I am going to wear a veil at my wedding or not!

And lastly….

I have read a few blog posts this week that were quite judgey about other bloggers and how they blog; suggesting mummy bloggers are all sweet and saccharine for example and only sharing the good bits of parenthood therefore duping their readers and other such nonsense and judgements, and it all made me quite cross, so……

a little more kindnessSource


Infertility, IVF and Frozen Embryos

I always thought that by the time my first child was two years old I would be having another baby. I always wanted my children to be quite close in age as I thought it would be lovely for them and they would be more likely to be close.

The Little Cub

However, once I finally had that first baby along with all of those (very) sleepless nights, and all the challenges that came along with it, as well as a bit of a tough pregnancy, there was no way we were going to have another baby that quickly.

I always think that people who have two children very close together must have had a sleeper the first time, or maybe parenting just comes a lot easier to them than to me. But I don’t think I could have coped with a new baby during the stages of utter exhaustion.

Now that Ava is three, I have started to think more and more about having another child, and although it still scares the hell out of me as does the thought of going through pregnancy again, I feel like I am almost ready to have another baby. And I’m broody as hell too, but then I always am.

We’re getting married in July so it won’t be anytime soon, but I have been thinking about it more. If you have read ‘My Infertility Story’ then you will know that it took us four years, two rounds of IVF, numerous operations, as well as an early miscarriage to get our daughter. Chances are we won’t get pregnant by ourselves again, but of course we will try first of all; we just wouldn’t give it too long to get pregnant naturally as it will probably just be wasted time.

The thing is though, we could get pregnant naturally this time. People are always telling me about people who struggled with their first child but then got pregnant easily with the second. And of course that would be great. IVF is a very difficult thing to go through, both physically and emotionally and I wouldn’t choose to go through it if I didn’t have to. I don’t think….

After our second round of IVF we had two embryos that we didn’t use and so they were frozen. So that isn’t just a frozen egg or sperm from us, it is an egg and a sperm from us that have come together, and fertilised, to make an embryo; a potential baby.

I have slightly struggled over the years with the idea that these embryos of ours may never get used. Obviously even if we did use them for IVF they may not work and I may not get pregnant with either of them. But then I feel that that would be my body controlling that and more natural (ha! like there is so much that is natural about all of this!), like natural selection I suppose rather than having these potential future babies in a freezer somewhere. It’s all very weird when I think about it; a future child of mine that I could be one day holding in my arms could be waiting for us in a freezer in hospital. And of course, one of them could get me pregnant and the other may not, but again that would be up to my body and the embryo.

I just don’t like the thought that these embryos of ours may never get used, and what if one or both of them are supposed to be our children? I know that probably all sounds silly after having IVF, which is obviously very controlled and not at all natural, but this is how I feel. I think it is because it is embryos we have frozen, rather than eggs or sperm, so it has already eliminated the part where the egg and sperm have to find each other in my body; they have already come together to start making a baby.

This is all probably a bit rambly, and chances are we will have to have IVF again anyway so none of this will be relevant, but I just wanted to write down how I have been feeling.

Whether it is natural or not; IVF is an incredible, incredible thing that I am eternally grateful for. My daughter wouldn’t be here without it and I find that too overwhelming to think about too much.

(As I was writing this post a letter came through the door from our Fertility Clinic telling us that they have moved location, and therefore so have our special embryos – how weird is that?!)


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The Doc Drinks Gin & Other Stories // The Things She Says #2

My little girl continues to come out with such funny little things; and since I wrote the last ‘The Things She Says’ I have been better at remembering to write them down, usually after I have burst out laughing at whatever she has said. I love having them to look back on, and it’s also really interesting seeing how much her speech as changed, since the last post I wrote was nine months ago. Our conversations are much more structured now and we can (and do) chat about all sorts of things, which is lovely.

The Things She Says

I think her speech has come on loads in the last couple of months and I absolutely love listening to her chatting to her toys and doing the voices for each one. She is so inventive and the things she comes out with continue to astound me, and most of the time I am left wondering where on earth she got these things from.

Here is some things she has said over the past few months….

To her toy: “Hop in babe”

A: “Mummy I want to tell you something”
Me: “Ok”
A: “Do you like my trumps?”

To our cat Molly: “Looking good there girl!”

Apparently I’m a very bad mummy; she has been eating “jellybeans on toast” and “pâté on a beagle”. Poor dog.

To me: “I don’t love you anymore” (the first time – WAAAH!)

To her Daddy whilst she was looking at his bare back: “You have a cutie mark next to your fur” (a mole next to his back hair! The identifying marks on ‘My Little Pony’s’ are called ‘cutie marks’ if you didn’t know)

Speaking into the microphone on her till: “My mummy is dead” :(

Me: “You’re so cute”
A: “Yes I am, but you’re cute more than me”

“The doc drinks gin”

Jessie speaking to Bullseye: “Let’s go to Marks and Spencers boy!”

To our cat Daisy: “Daisy were you stuck? Tell me, or you’ll get throwed in the bin” (I have never threatened anyone with going in the bin, I promise!)

Trying to get to sleep: “I still can’t get my sleeps out”

A: “You don’t need to get my boogey I can do it.”
Me: “Ok” (I explained about not picking her nose in public)
A: “Here it is”
Me: “I don’t want it”
(A throws bogey)
Me: “Ava!”
A: “I was just throwing it that way to get rid of it”
Me: “Oook” *stifles giggles*

In the Co-op: “Where’s the Manchego, where’s the Manchego?”

Have your little one’s said anything funny recently? Let me know!


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