Having a baby costs a lot of money. There are tons of things we think we need especially the first time round, when in reality the main things a baby needs are somewhere to sleep (or not if you are going to co-sleep), milk, and lots love. But of course there are always things that will make our lives easier and there are some baby things that you are likely to use for years to come, even once your baby… View Post

Next Monday 30th May, the exclusive VIP Merlin Annual Pass will be going on sale! The pass allows people to access 100 attractions across the globe, and there are only 1,000 available! Get the Annual Pass with a difference Have you ever wanted to be treated like a true V.I.P and experience things other people can’t? Now you have the chance to live that luxury lifestyle with the V.I.P Merlin Annual Pass. But you’ll need to move quickly as this… View Post

We have been big fans of the Trunki brand for some time; we’ve had our Trunki suitcase for most of Ava’s lifetime and have loved it and used it all the time. A couple of months ago we were sent a Trunki PaddlePak for Ava and we are now a big fan of that too. The Trunki PaddlePak Review Ava has the ‘Sheldon the Turtle’ Medium Paddlepak and it is the perfect size for her at age four and a… View Post

Although Ava’s birthday is in January, I have actually considered throwing her a little party in the summer time. Obviously at the beginning of January there isn’t really a lot we can do outside, and a lot of people are away as it’s straight after New Year. So I think having a party in the summer would be a lovely idea. Party Bags and Supplies are an online specialist party suppliers of children’s and adults party supplies for all occasions. They… View Post

Did you know that approximately 3.9 million cats in the UK are not up to date with their vaccinations and around 2.7 million cats have never been vaccinated? Merial are on a mission to change this! They have launched a national campaign to reach one million cat owners to educate them on the importance of vaccination. The campaign is called ‘Viral Cats’. Caring cat owners want their cats to be happy and healthy throughout their lives. One easy and important… View Post

Today I am doing ‘The Mummy Tag’ so you can find out a bit (or a shitload, sorry!) more about me! I was tagged by the lovely Ayse at Arepops.   1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum or a Working Mum? I am a bit of both, I guess. I’m a stay at home mum, but I am also making some money from my blog now, so I class it as ‘work’ and I spend a lot of… View Post