3 Different Ways To Sell Your Home

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Are you planning to sell your house?


How are you going to do it?

The traditional way, of course!

Putting your property up for sale via a realtor is still the only plausible way, for a large number of people. In reality, many other options exist. There are multiple ways to increase the number of potential buyers and to sell your home much fast and at better rates, than via the traditional method.

What Are The Other Options?

Following are some ways to sell your house other than simply putting it up for sale at the estate agent’s office and than waiting for months to hear from them:



Putting your house on auction is one of the most effective and fastest ways of property selling. Since auctions are for a limited time period, they tell the buyers that you are serious about selling your house that too as quickly as possible. Thus, buyers know that if they are genuinely interested in the property, they should reach a decision quickly or they will lose the property.

Another benefit of running an auction is that buyers do not get a chance to compare the prices with other similar properties (unless they had done the survey before coming to the auction), increasing your chances of getting a price higher than your expectations.

However, you need to be aware of and follow the auction etiquette to make it a success.


  • Have the Open House, the Modern Way


What was once considered an effective way of getting multiple potential buyers, have now lost its old charm and appeal, but only if you do it the old way.

Do it the modern way, and you will be surprised to find out that it still works.

Wondering about the time, energy and preparations an open house needs?

Well, you should not because that has become a story of the past as well. Modern ways of running open house is much easier, takes lesser time and provides better and quicker results.

Understand the fact that large numbers of people do not have time to visit each and every property available for sale in their preferred area. They do it online!

If you want to reach out to a large number of potential customers, you should market your house online. The best way to do this is to take wide lens pictures of each areas of your house and create a virtual home tour. Advertise the link of the virtual open house through various platforms and you will be surprised by the response!  


  • House Swapping Is Possible


This may sound impossible, but this is happening (although rarely up till now). House swapping mostly works in cases when one of the owners wants to move to a bigger house and the other wants to cut back on their accommodation.

The person moving to the bigger house either pays the extra amount or it gets adjusted if the bigger house needs some repair work.


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