5 Blogs I Love and Why I Love Them

I love reading blogs. At the moment I don’t read my favourites with much regularity but when I can I still pick these out of my inbox to enjoy and take inspiration from. I have many more favourites, but for now; here are 5 blogs I love and why I love them so….

5 Blogs You Should Be Reading and Why

Life at the Little Wood

I love Emma’s blog; it’s always such a lovely read. She has a beautiful family and shares such lovely pictures of their life at their amazing home. Emma also has wonderful style and I love seeing her outfits on her blog and her Instagram.

Until a few months ago I thought Emma had been blogging for a long time but she hasn’t at all. I know she has thought a couple of times about stopping blogging, and I panic when she talks about it – that’s how much I would miss her blog if she did.

Mummy Daddy Me

Katie writes a really lovely family blog, with totally gorgeous pictures and words. It’s a very popular blog and with good reason. I look at her photos and feel both admiration and jealousy!

Katie has two beautiful girls and I love seeing what she has dressed them in, as well as her own style; which I love. My style is quite similar to Katie’s I think but she just does it better! I have really enjoyed Katie’s fitness posts over the last year or so as she took up running and totally transformed her body – they’re very inspirational. After getting into health and fitness myself in the last couple of years I love reading other people’s posts about it, and seeing what other people are doing.

The Daybook

Sydney’s blog is one of the mummy (or mommy!) blogs that I have read for the longest, and in fact, I started reading The Daybook before Sydney even became a mother. I used to really love her style posts (and still love the snippets of her style that she shares), and when I first found her I gorged for hours and hours on her old posts. Sydney now has two children Everett and Isla (love that name!) and writes about them and their life in such a natural, beautiful way. They seem like such a lovely, down-to-earth family. Great photos too.

A Model Recommends

She’s a model, she’s beautiful and she’s also down to earth and very lovely and I’d like to be friends with her (actually the same goes for all of these bloggers). Ruth writes a beauty and skincare blog and has a lot of knowledge and experience from her many years as a model. She’s over thirty but she looks ten years younger. I love her posts and the way she writes. She is due her first baby any day now after a long struggle and I’m so happy for her!

(I have just checked and she gave birth to a baby girl !!! Such lovely news. I am so flaming broody.)

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna writes a very popular beauty blog with good doses of lifestyle in the mix, which I love. I love her health and fitness posts as well as her style. Despite the fact that she posts every single day, she is really good at coming up with interesting and original idea’s for posts – she really knows what she’s doing this girl, and she does it so well.

I probably watch her YouTube videos more than I read her blog because I have to put less effort in, and just sit there – I love both though and when I dip in to her blog there’s always lots I want to read. She’s very real and down-to-earth and her blog is really well-written and I enjoy it a lot.


Do you have any ‘must-read’ blogs that I should check out? I love coming across a blog and straight away thinking ‘this is my sort of thing!’ and just wanting to sit and read it for hours! Share your favourites with me!


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  1. Life at the Little Wood
    24th June 2015 / 10:41 pm

    Aww Louise, thankyou so much for including me in this amazing company! I adore all these blogs too. I think we have really similar taste! :) You are just lovely. I really appreciate the kind mention xxx

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:42 pm

      You’re so welcome – it’s all true! Love your blog Emma xx

  2. 26th June 2015 / 11:45 am

    There are so many blogs that I love but some of my favourites are Playing By the Book / The Reading Residence / ReaditDaddy / In the Playroom

    Catherine recently posted..Crunch! by Carolina RabeiMy Profile

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:41 pm

      Oh I like The Reading Residence but I don’t think I’ve heard of the others, but will check them out – thanks x

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:38 pm

      Oh I used to read A Cup of Jo Merlinda, but I haven’t for ages – not enough time! I’ll have to check it out again x

  3. Adran
    30th June 2015 / 10:33 pm

    Great post – I hadn’t heard of almost all of these. So much to read so little time! I really like Hurrah For Gin, Diary of the Dad, Slouching Towards Thatcham, Mumma Scribbles. There are so many more brilliant bloggers out there. Including you!
    Adran recently posted..Why We Should Celebrate Our Imperfect LivesMy Profile

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:30 pm

      Ah thanks Adran! Oh yes I really like some of those too; love Hurrah For Gin! There’s one I haven’t heard of so I’ll have to have a look, thanks x

  4. 1st July 2015 / 10:44 pm

    Ooooh! I will have to go check these out! One of my very faves is Momastery….also adore ScaryMommy, HDYDI, and other twin-parenting related blogs.

    Working now out of the home, and having teens, my blog time is limited, but glad I have found yours!

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:27 pm

      Thanks Cheryl. Oh I have come across a couple of these blogs before but I need to check them out properly. Thanks for the recommendations! x

  5. Elena / Spanish Mummy
    3rd July 2015 / 5:27 pm

    What a coincidence, I love three of those blogs:
    Vivianna Does Make Up – Been following her for a while and love her you tube videos, she is really natural and comes across as super nice.
    A model Recommends – Same thing also been following her pregnancy and actually got excited when she announced she had a girl, felt like if it was a friend of mine
    Mummy, Daddy Me – Love her pictures
    I don’t know the other 2 blogs mentioned so I’ll go and check them out

    • 11th July 2015 / 7:10 pm

      Thanks for commenting Elena. Anna does seem so lovely; all these ladies do actually x

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