5 Summer Plumbing Problems.. and How to Fix Them

With Summer just around the corner, we’re ready to dust off the BBQ, dig out the garden furniture and cross our fingers that this year will be the scorcher we’ve been longing for.

5 Summer Plumbing Problems.. and How to Fix Them

The last thing we want to be worrying about is any plumbing issues that might crop up out of nowhere – after all, summer is a time for R&R. Here are some helpful hints to help your water, and summer, flow smoothly this year.  


It’s been a long, stormy Winter for many towns in the UK, and our gardens have really suffered for it. So before you organise a garden party, it’s best to check that your lawn is in tip-top shape, with no waterlogged areas – after all, you don’t want to be cooking your burgers stood in a muddy puddle! Installing a submersible pump in your garden can help to extract any excess water and keep your garden looking luscious and green.

Bathroom problems

Between the school holidays and all those BBQs you might be planning to host, there’s likely to be a lot more people in your house – which means a lot more people using your bathroom. A clogged toilet is a horrendous job to have to fix, so to avoid any unpleasant afternoons make sure to have a word with your children about what is and isn’t ‘flushing appropriate’ – and keep a bin nearby to dispose of any un-flushable items.

Limp showers

If you and your kids have spent a long day at the beach, you’ll need a powerful shower to clean all that mess off you. Problem is: if you shower is more of a pathetic dribble than a powerful blast then you’re going to be picking the sand between your toes out for weeks! Invest in a modern shower pump, like the Stuart turner pumps range, that offer a more ecological solution that doesn’t compromise on power!

Broken sprinklers

If we’re lucky, the weather will be so warm that we’ll have to dig out the old sprinkler to keep on top of watering the plants and grass. However, a malfunctioning sprinkler can mean a lot of waste not to mention a hefty water bill – so be sure to check any hoses, sprinklers or wter features for leaks before you turn them on.

Leaky appliances

Whether it be your washing machine or fridge, sometimes you can notice little puddles forming in your kitchen and can’t make sense of where they came from. This will usually be due to a leak in the rubber hose behind the appliance. These can be easily replaced and we would recommend investing in a stainless-steel hose so you don’t encounter the problem again.

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  1. 26th April 2017 / 2:56 am

    Thanks for your helpful information.
    I usually have a problem about my sprinkler after a long time no using it.
    Do you tell me more about how to check it before re-using it in this season?

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