The 5 Things Body Confidence Challenge

The very lovely Eilidh at Mummy and Monkeys challenged me to her 5 things body confidence challenge, and as I so often see all the bad things about my face and body and am so often lacking in confidence, I thought it would be a nice thing to do.
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After Eilidh realised that she always focused on the things she doesn’t like about her body, rather than all the good bits, and that her attitude needed to change so that her children don’t see her doing that, she decided to set herself a challenge to look in the mirror and choose 5 things she likes about her face and body. And then to focus on the things she likes about herself when she looks in the mirror, rather than those she doesn’t.I think it’s a lovely idea – obviously it’s what’s inside that counts (blah blah blah), but we are always so critical of ourselves on the outside and we of course do want to look good, so I think it’s important to notice the bits we are happy with more, and be grateful for them.

Here are five things I like about my face and body:

  1. My eyes – I do have a little love/hate relationship with my eyes – I have big eyelids, so eyeshadow is quite obvious on me and can be too much, but I have always got a lot of compliments on them so that’s nice. They are big and brown and my eyelashes are long.
  2. My waist – it has stayed quite small and when I workout it tightens up quickly and I start to get abs very fast.
  3. My arms – my arms have always kept a decent shape. I worked on bread and cakes at Tesco at 16 and I used to have to lift big crates of bread up very high constantly, so I had little muscles! Since working out and doing some strength training they have had a really nice shape and are quite slim. Unfortunately I do have slight bingo wings that don’t feel like buggering off, but I’m generally happy with them.
  4. My boobs! They used to be SO much better (and bigger) before I got pregnant, and they were the only part of my body that I was pretty much completely happy with. But they’re still alright I think and thanks to some padded bra action they look decent in clothes.
  5. I’m kind of running out here – uhmmm – my bum?! Oh bugger I don’t really like it to be honest, but I’ve had lots of compliments on it over the years – but they haven’t all seen it naked, have they? Well, not all of them anyway. Crap I really can’t think of anything else – that’s not good is it. I know! My back – its quite slender (can a back be considered slender?) and smooth (clutching at straws), and at the moment it’s quite tanned.

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I’m a bit disappointed that I found it so hard to find five things I like – I could have easily said five things I don’t like! And I ended up trying to justify why I like the bits I do and explain what I don’t like too. I guess that’s something I need to work on – learning to love the parts of my body I’m not so keen on. I am grateful to my body though – it allowed me to carry my daughter and looked after her until she was ready to come out, so it’s pretty amazing really.

If you need a bit of a confidence boost and some encouragement to notice the beautiful things about you, then please join in with the challenge! As Eilidh pointed out – this isn’t just for women; body confidence in men is also so important.

If you do join in then please let me know!

I would like these lovely people to take part in the challenge if they would like to:

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What do you love about your body? I’d love to hear in the comments. Let’s all focus on the good bits!


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