5 Ways I Would Improve My Garden

I have quite a small garden, but to be honest I don’t really mind that. I have very un-green fingers so I need to wait until I’m a proper adult and get into gardening before I have anything bigger.


At the moment our garden is a bit of a mess – the fence has recently fallen down and it desperately needs mowing, so we are working on sorting those things out, and then making the whole thing nicer. I am determined for Ava and I to have a lovely garden we can play in this summer. The summer holidays are fast approaching, and hopefully if the weather is nice I will be able to do a bit of work outside whilst A is happy playing.

Here are 5 things I would do to improve my garden:

  • Replace all of the fences and paint them all as well as the wall – We replaced part of the fence a couple of years ago, but another bit is broken, and obviously we need to sort the bit that has fallen down. And I would like them to be all one colour, possibly blue – I always think that looks nice with the green of plants.
  • Replant all of the borders with lots of lovely evergreens, as well as plant lots of lovely bulbs all over the place so we have pretty Daffodils and other flowers springing up every year.
  • Get a small (ish) Wendy house for Ava – whilst our garden is small, it isn’t tiny, so there would be room for a nice size Wendy house in one corner – I would get some acrylic windows for it like the ones from Simply Plastics so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them smashing around Ava.
  • Replace the paving stones with decking – I think decking looks so much nicer and natural, and that way I wouldn’t have to worry about weeding in between all of the paving stones all the time!
  • I would love to get some new garden furniture – we’ve had ours a few years now, and bits of it have broken, so I’d love to get some new wooden furniture to sit and enjoy the sun in.

Do you have a garden? What would you do to improve it if you could?

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