A Year in Birds and Lilies Land | 2013

A Year in Birds and Lilies Land - 2013

In January 2013 I mused on the things I wanted to change about myself in ‘Goals for 2013‘; these included to stop comparing myself to others (still do!) and do more exercise (which I did! Yay!).

February saw some ponderings of the painful variety in ‘Motherly Musings – Immunisations‘; where I talked about why we had decided to immunise our daughter.

I shared my ‘35 Before 35‘ in March, on which I better get cracking; as well as ‘5 Things I’ve Learnt as a Mother‘.

April was a good one for me, with ‘How I’m Getting Back to My Happy Weight in 4 Minutes of Exercise a Day‘ (I’m still doing this), plus ‘And then…. {There’s always something new to figure out with these kids}‘ – which is still totally true.

In May I shared how excited I was for the summer months with Ava and what we would get up to, and my disbelief at having a 16 month old (she’s now TWO, disbelieving self of the past!) in ‘16 Months‘.

June saw me opening up big time with ‘My Infertility Story‘, for which I have got so much amazing and lovely feedback on, which I am so grateful for.

I tried to get myself to slow down in ‘We’ve Got Time‘ in August, and also shared loads of pretty pictures from ‘Our Summer Holiday to Cornwall‘ (makes me long for summer).

I went for a bit of a moan in October talking about the ‘Whirlwind‘ that is life: including washing, sickness bugs, the terrible two’s coming early and tiredness. It was a good one! There’s a couple of pretty wedding pictures in there too.

‘Breastfeeding, Sleep and Our Family – How Our Daughter Started Sleeping Better in a Week‘ in November was a good one for me to write because it meant we were starting to get more sleep!

December consisted of Ava posing in beautiful clothes in ‘Susie and Toto Baby Boutique Review‘, as well as ‘Ava’s Christmas List‘ and in ‘Ava: 23 Months‘ I revealed my daughter’s dislike for daddy at times and the challenges we were facing with an almost two year old. To finish off the year we wished you a Merry Christmas in ‘Mistletoe and Wine. And Cheese‘.

It’s been a great year and thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and this blog; and shared, liked and written comments. I really appreciate you xxx

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