A Year of Birds and Lilies | 2014

A Year of Birds and Lilies 2014

In January I shared why I thought I needed to lighten up in 2014 in HAPPY NEW YEAR! / In 2014 I Shall: Lighten Up! and it is actually a good reminder for me again this year, as I am letting all of the little things overwhelm me at the moment.

February saw me talk about what a great age Ava was at in, This Lovely Age.

In March I shared Ava’s 26 month update and how inventive she is at naming her toys (Woofy, Woofy and Doggy are three of them. One of those is a sheep).

I talked about imaginative play and reviewed a dolls house (that she still plays with every day!) in April.

I reviewed some Save the Date cards in May for my wedding, and talked about how Ava’s language was developing in My Little Talker, and Language.

I shared my first fitness update in June, where I talked about wanting to start yoga and running (one down, one to go!). I also wrote about finding my wedding venue which was rather exciting! :)

I visited the Showcase Cinema’s new XPlus screen in July and shared my thoughts on it, and wrote a post about the funny things Ava comes out with in, The Things She Says which still makes me laugh.

In August I talked about the scariness that is, Turning 30, and how I felt about it all.

September included the start of my fitness challenge, our photo-heavy visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon for my birthday and A’s 32 month update, where I shared Ava’s love of chocolate (nothings changed there then – I caught her stealing some of my Christmas chocolates that I had left out the other day; she had eaten SIX big one’s – the little terror!!!).

The Barbie Bag was played with a lot in October and I must have been on a bit of a health kick, sharing my first yoga class experience and my first ‘The Healthy List’.

In November I started learning to play the piano at home with Piano in a Flash and updated you in my Leave Your Legacy health and fitness challenge (verdict: could do better!).

And finally, in December I confessed whether we were doing Elf on the Shelf, showed off about our trip to Bluestone Wales and reviewed a rather nifty pan set from Tefal.

This year has gone stupidly, crazily fast and I really can’t believe we are now in 2015 and I have a three year old daughter (she turned three just after new year). I’m pretty sure I only just turned thirty, but already it is now the month of my half birthday, which is just stupid!

I am really looking forward to this year; I’m getting married (I’M GETTING MARRRRRIED!!!!), we will be going on some kind of family trip for our honeymoon (if we can agree on somewhere!), and if we are very lucky we may see a twinkle in daddy’s eye at some point later in the year (does anybody else use that term, or just my family?!). I think it is going to be a brilliant year. You might not see me again for six months though as I tackle my mammoth to-do list. So long!

 Hope you all have an incredible 2015!

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