An April Stroll

April already. I don’t flaming believe it. Ava is 2 and 3 months already. I am 29 and lots of months already. It feels like life is flying by recently, even more so than usual and it’s been a big blur of sickness (yes, even more) and tiredness. Or maybe that’s just how I’m feeling today. Tired and meh. I’m been feeling totally overwhelmed recently with how much there is to do and how much I want to do, and there’s so much to do that I don’t know where to start so I’m not doing any of it.

We want to move house as soon as possible; we would like to move to a nicer area so that Ava can go to a good school and so that we can walk out our front door and be happy to have a stroll around and walk to the village park or pub or both. At the moment the area we live in is not that great, and it is certainly not a pretty village. With this house we compromised on the area to be able to buy our first house, and it’s a nice house and it’s a good size; but with the next house we will most likely have to compromise on the house to be able to buy in an area we want to live in. But before all that jazz we have a lot of work to get done to make this house ready to sell. And it’s very overwhelming. We had almost everything done on this house when we bought it, but because it is an old house, the damp has crept back in and the walls have begun to crumble; and everything leaks, breaks and causes us problems. As well as all of that, we have so much stuff to sort through, get rid of and organise.

I’m also currently setting up a new website that I am starting, that I am rather excited about but am not getting much time to keep going with it now that Ava rarely naps these days, and then in the evenings after she is asleep I am just so tired that I can’t bring myself to crack open the laptop.

I decided at the beginning of the year that I was finally going to learn (teaching myself) to play the piano this year. I got my first keyboard, tried to play the first week without Ava banging her own tune on the keys, and then since then it has sat gathering dust in the nursery/spare room. I really really want to play (and I will), but I need to get a stool and a keyboard stand and go off on my own once a week or so to the nursery to do it. However, the nursery/spare room/dumping ground is full of stuff that needs sorting out and that I haven’t had the time to sort out yet. I feel like everything I want to do in my life is holding on for when we move; and that cannot come soon enough. Although I’m not even sure it will be this year *waaahhhhh*.

Street Dancing classes have also not appeared in my life yet either, despite trying (really). I just can’t seem to find a class that is local to me. There’s lots of adult tap, ballet and ballroom-type dance around but surprisingly very few street dance classes. Maybe it’s because us adults are too uncool to be street. Although I still think I’m down with the kids. Did that sentence just prove I’m actually not?

So April, bring it all on; all the spring cleaning, sorting, organising, learning, creating, moving and hopefully SUNSHINE and happiness.


  1. 2nd April 2014 / 8:41 pm

    Wow. You’re so busy!! With the house I think you need to prioritise – If you have a clear out and sort out everything it will then be easier to fix everything that needs fixing :) Also, rather than feeling overwhelmed, write a list and then work through it one thing at a time, it’ll seem more manageable then. I look forward to reading about your progress x
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  2. 3rd April 2014 / 3:29 pm

    Ava is just the cutest little thing. And I’d love to do street dance too, but worried I’d look like my mum when she tries to dance (which I probably would). Good luck with getting the house ready to sell. Nat x

  3. 29th April 2014 / 11:29 am

    I hate it when I have a period like this but have come to realise my feelings of apathy are normally my mind and body telling me I need a break from being task oriented and need a bit more fun and idleness. Once I have a break I seem able to sit down with renewed energy, prioritise what needs doing and then do it with the minimum of fuss; I then wonder why I found it so difficult before.
    I’m like you in that I set myself unrealistic targets. I decide I’m going to learn something new but really want to be an expert overnight and don’t really consider how I’m going to fit the activity into an already busy life. You’re young with oodles of time ahead so don’t be too hard on yourself! Enjoy this lovely stage in Ava’s life and try not to worry.
    ps I have an old house too; I have a real love/hate relationship with it. Love the space and the character, hate all the problems.
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