For lots of people, January means a fresh start or perhaps trying that little bit harder to eat more healthily and fit a bit more exercise into their lives. Eating healthily can often come across as being very expensive though, and I think that probably put lots of people off, or gives them an excuse not to bother even trying! Working out how to be healthy on a budget is not always that easy, and it can take a bit of… View Post

We all love weddings, right? There really is nothing better than enjoying a good old knees up at a wedding and watching some of your closest friends or relatives getting married! However, all of us have been to so many different weddings, all of which seem to be exactly the same, that they can start to feel a bit boring after a while. That’s why I’m tipping my hat to some couples who dared to be different for their big… View Post

Ahhh January, how I hate you, you bastard. Actually January started off ok for me, but then this week has been a shitty one; I’ve been ill in bed and then just felt lower and lower as the week’s gone by. So seriously, thank F**K it’s Friday. I need the weekend, and sleep and time chilling with my girl. I just need good people around me right now, and luckily – I have lots of ’em! This too shall pass,… View Post

At the end of November we took a little trip to Ludlow in Shropshire, to visit the lovely Fishmore Hall Hotel and try out their brand new Spa. Fishmore Hall is a privately-owned boutique country house hotel overlooking the town of Ludlow, with lovely views over the Shropshire countryside. We spent a very relaxed afternoon and a night there and really enjoyed it, and came away feeling very revived and ready for the Christmas madness. The hotel is a restored… View Post

As a mum, I know all too well how expensive parenthood can be. When you’re a parent, you’ve got the added responsibility of caring for your child as well as for yourself, which means that you have to ensure that there is always money in the bank. Obviously, at times this can be a struggle because raising a child doesn’t come cheap. From when you first get pregnant to when your child leaves home at age 18, life will become… View Post

We’re big fans of Trunki in this house. We have had Ava’s Trixie Trunki suitcase since she was really little, and always used it for nights away, and I have also bought a couple for friends as new baby gifts. They make a lovely present, as they are fun for kids whilst being useful for the parents too. Now Trunki have added further to their collection of products, with the brand new Trunki EAT range – foodie travel accessories, including drinks… View Post