Ava: 32 Months

Ava 32 Months

Loves: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream, her Daddy doing bench presses with her, putting her toys on top of our cat Molly (luckily Molly is currently enjoying this too), being outside/on the beach/in the garden and never coming in, this awful cartoon called ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ that is like, totally awesome dude and I just got so many likes on this photo and you should totally like just be yourself; and is now banned. Singing (I use that term loosely) to Frozen, watching Frozen, looking at pictures of Frozen, anything Frozen. Telling me there is a snake/spider somewhere (and I can’t help but check that there isn’t), drawing, her Granny and Grandma (her Father and I are COMPLETELY ignored if either of them are there).

Dislikes: Me asking her to do anything, going inside after playing outside, fruit (not that she’ll try any).

Favourite foods: Chocolate, ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, Daddy’s butternut squash risotto, mummy’s Thai red curry bolognaise from the I Quit Sugar for Life book (which I bloody love by the way), still pâté sandwiches, yorkshire puddings, carrots, gravy, humous, anything you can dip in, bread.

Favourite Toy: An elephant cuddly toy called Ellie. He is a character from The Jungle Book (which we watched together for the first time the other day) and he is actually mine (or he was) from when I was young. He came from Florida when I was on holiday there. She also still really loves the pull-along doggy we bought her for Christmas. He recently took a trip to the park and went in the sandpit where his lead got rather filthy and he made friends with two other little girls who cried when they couldn’t take him home.

Favourite book: Ava likes spending time reading by herself at the moment (i.e looking through and making up the words), and it’s so cute to see. She has rediscovered her love for the weird one that is Pig in Love, and now knows most of the words herself (I’m determined to get it on camera). She is also obsessed with this hardback book of ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ that comes with little figurines of the characters and a pull-out playmat.

Challenges this month: Trying to get her to answer me when I speak to her. She is loving ignoring me as much as possible at the moment, which I HATE. I think she gets it from her Dad; but she can bloody well un-get it. We left potty training for a bit after she kept peeing everywhere but the potty, and then left it a bit longer because we were going away so it’s now time to try it again. She’s actually in town with her Daddy as I write this buying some more big girl knickers (time to myself; WAHOOOOOOOO!!!). She’s generally quite good at the moment; she has a lot of mardies and would watch tv all day if she could but generally she’s very lovely, sweet and loving.

Best bits: Our little family trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon at the end of July; she loved playing in the hotel room, being outside lots and having big grassy areas to run around on, eating ice-creams, staying up late and having mummy and daddy all to herself with no housework or other mundanities to distract us.


  1. 10th September 2014 / 5:46 pm

    Well, I have to say as the aforementioned Granny, that I can’t help being special :-)

    Enjoyed your update; love the photo. She’s like a lovely little whirlwind right now – took us a few days to get over your visit.

    L & K


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