BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal Review

A little while ago I reviewed the BABY Born Sister Doll, which Ava absolutely loves, alongside the original doll that we already owned. Now we have added even more to her growing collection with the BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal set. She has been asking for this for a while – she loves animals, and the fact that her dolls would be able to ride Sunny made it even more appealing to her.

BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal Review

She was therefore extremely lucky (read: spoilt) to be sent the horses just before Christmas. The BABY Born Pony Farm Interactive Sunny and Baby comes with two horses – the interactive mother and her soft toy foal. Despite the foal just being predominantly a soft toy, and the mother having most of the interactive parts – they both work together really well and are lots of fun.

If you press the left ear of the horse mummy she starts walking, and if you press her right ear she starts neighing and calling for her brown foal.

If you put the foal against the side of his mama and get her to walk, then they walk together – it’s really cute and Ava loves it. They also kiss and the big horse makes kissing sounds which is rather sweet.

The lovely thing is, that these are BABY Born’s horses – so she can ride on the mother horse, on the saddle that she comes with. Ava loves it that they all work alongside each other, and she really engages in roleplay with them, which is lovely to listen to when she doesn’t know I’m there.

As with all of the BABY Born range from Zapf creation, these are great quality and really nice toys for little ones, and the interactive parts work really well.

BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal ReviewBABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal Review

You can also get a riding outfit for your BABY Born doll, which Ava would love to have, as well as a Pony Farm Riding Stable which is nice for extended roleplaying. Although I do think that unless you have tons of room (and possibly money!) then the stables are not really needed and don’t add loads to the set. Ava would love it, but it’s not something we’re going to get.

The Sunny and Foal horses come with batteries included, as well as the saddle and tack. Ava adores them, and I think the enjoyment she gets from them will last a really long time, along with her dolls. She hasn’t stopped playing with them since they arrived, and they have been on a few car journeys with us.

As with all of the BABY Born products, Sunny and Foal are a bit of an investment. But as a main Christmas or birthday present for a child who already has one of the dolls they are great, and I think most children around Ava’s age will absolutely love them. Sunny and Foal are available on Amazon here.

(I will add some photos of A playing with her horses soon – this week with being poorly, my child looks like a scruffy little urchin and she has not wanted her photo taken.)

We were sent the BABY Born Sunny and Foal to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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