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Welcome to this weeks Little Loves!

Mrs Mug



I have read very little this week, I’ve hardly even read any blog posts. Ava was poorly for days and missed nursery, and I’ve had no time to do anything, plus her Dad was away for two nights so I was doing it all by myself. I did however read that the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2015 is an actual emoji – the crying with laughter one – what the actual f**k?! How can an emoji be a word of the year. It’s not a word. It’s not. I think I’m quite cross about it. Plus that emoji for some reason annoys the hell out of me. I still use it occasionally though, sometimes it’s needed.

Ooh, I have really wanted to read some magazines this week, and stupidly bought a few, and then I never let myself just sit down and relax with them. I’m working on my blog every night at the moment and I’m quite happy doing that, and it’s paying off, but I really do need to make myself take some time to get away from the laptop and relax.

I couldn’t resist buying Glamour magazine, with Tanya Burr on the front – I always find it really interesting when bloggers and vloggers are featured in magazines, but I think the cover of Glamour is a pretty big thing! I know a lot of non-bloggers think it’s all a bit weird and ‘why are they even famous?’, but they’ve worked hard at something and made a success of it, and become well-known because of it – what’s wrong with that? Blogging and vlogging certainly isn’t as easy as it looks, so it’s not like they haven’t worked hard for it.

Glamour magazine Tanya Burr

Anyyyyway… I was also very happy to win a facebook competition to win a years subscription to the parenting and lifestyle blogging magazine ‘Oh Lilla‘! I never win anything (says everyone every time they win something)! I’ve only had chance to have a little flick through my first issue so far – but it looks really lovely and I’m very pleased to have won!

Oh Lilla Magazine

Oh Lilla Blogging Magazine


Very, very little. I watched the news for the first time in a long time after what happened in Paris.


Ava has been poorly over the weekend and for some of this week with a horrible sickness bug, and so we have not really gone anywhere or done anything. So, I have mostly been wearing leggings and a baggy jumper, or some days even just my pyjamas. I don’t think I need to be dressed up to clean up sick do I?

Last week I did have my hair cut. I think it probably looks better slightly longer, but every time I get my hair cut I always want it to be a bit different so I always do stupid things like get it cut shorter than I want it. I’m really enjoying having shorter hair though. It feels a lot cooler, and I think it suits me better than when it’s long; long hair drags me down.

new hair short

I also did the typical ‘mummy blogger’ thing, and put my daughter in this… (it says blogger not logger, honest!)….

kids blogger t shirtBlogger tee


Everyone seems to be talking about Justin Bieber at the moment (or maybe I just have really bad friends ;); it’s like it’s becoming cooler to like him something. Or so uncool, it’s cool maybe? Not that there’s anything wrong with liking whatever the hell you want, obvs. And he is getting hotter; not that that’s relevant of course, except that it obviously is.

Anyway, I have actually listened to a couple of his songs recently, and they’re not terrible. I think they’re growing on me in fact. Is it too late to say sorry…..? It is? What do you mean?


Naff all! (I think that’s the first time I’m ever said that. Sometimes on this blog I think maybe I overshare with silly little bits of information that you just don’t need to know – I’m afraid that’s just me though, so….). I made dinner, I made A LOT of cups of tea to keep myself alive and plodding along, and I made a lot of lists that do not have enough crossings out on them. It’s been a fun week!

And lastly…

My little family has been invited to Cadbury World on Sunday (why is it so hard not to say Cadbury’s World?!) for a Christmassy day, and I’m pretty excited. Ava is going to love it so much – Santa and chocolate?! What else could be better? When I told her we were going and what we would be doing she said ‘Can we go tomorrow?’, and then every day since she keeps asking if it is Christmas yet – but she means the event!

I’m also dead excited because a couple of other bloggers that I have become friends with recently are going with their families too, so I get to meet them! They will actually be the first ever bloggers I meet! Which is crazy really, because I feel like I know some people so well and I feel like I have met them.

P.S Totally was listening (and jigging about)  to ‘Sorry’ whilst I was writing this. Not sorry.

I hope you have had a good week and have had lots of time to hold your families close.


  1. Emma W
    20th November 2015 / 8:33 am

    Nice mug ;-) I agree about the emoji, aside from the obvious fact that it’s not a word, I don’t really like it. Maybe because it’s massively overused, I mean really, how often do you actually cry with laughter?! Not that much.

    I think the beliebers are brainwashing you. Don’t let it happen Lou.

    I want to go to Cadbury World! Xx

  2. 20th November 2015 / 11:20 am

    That blogger top is adorable wish it went small enough for my little girl. Love it. Glad you are liking Oh Lilla Magazine it’s such a lovely group of ladies putting together such a great magazine to read. I have read it a few times over (toot horn I know sorry). lol I love being part of that team. What a lovely #littleloves round this week darling. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jenny recently posted..Blogfest, a Festive Star and being a foodie #littlelovesMy Profile

  3. 20th November 2015 / 2:55 pm

    I’m the same with haircuts. When I get my hair done I do stomping drastic- it’s usually because I know it’ll be another year or so before I get the chance to go back in, so go for a big chop!
    It looks great btw. xx
    Donna recently posted..Toddler Boy Gift GuideMy Profile

  4. 20th November 2015 / 9:09 pm

    I can’t get over the whole emoji thing, I fear for the English language! Hope Ava has fully recovered now, Toby’s had hand foot and mouth and it’s so hard being stuck in isn’t it? Your hair looks lovely too, really suits you xx
    Hannah Budding Smiles recently posted..My Week in Pictures // 20.11.15My Profile

  5. 22nd November 2015 / 9:01 pm

    Hope you two have a better week ahead of you, I know that being stuck in the house with a sick child is no fun at all, so here is to a lovely, bug-free week with loads of outdoor fun!xx
    oana79 recently posted..Children’s Grief Awareness Week UKMy Profile

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