How to Brighten Up Dark Rooms

Dark rooms can really dull any interior design work, especially if your design focuses on light and airy colours. However, there are a few ways to save the day and brighten up dull rooms in your home. For example, if the room you are wishing to brighten is situated next to a room with large open windows, you can knock through a space in between the rooms in order to create an open plan design that bleeds the light between your two chosen rooms. Before doing this, please contact a professional who can do any building work according to standards and regulations. The last thing you need is a hole in your wall and no idea how to fix/render it yourself…

Another way to brighten a dull room is by choosing lighter colour schemes to your current choice. Pinterest is host to a number of interior design boards, where you can find the latest trends in the UK for interior design. Right now, white walls and wooden floors, when paired with bright accessories, are dominating living rooms across the country. So why not start your own board and find ways to lighten up darker spaces with the help of thousands of interior designers?

If your room is windowless, and you have no way of getting light into the room directly, there are other ways to illuminate darker corners in order to brighten up your room. For example, if your room is quite large, why not consider a floor lamp to stand tall and illuminate the darkest parts of the room? Adding floor lamps to corners can illuminate spaces usually shrouded in shadow when ordinary table lamps are used. Alternatively, you could purchase a curved lamp to sit over your reading chair. Not only would this light up your room, but it would also create a focal point for anyone who enters the room.

For rooms with small windows – why not consider installing wooden blinds? In a lighter shade, wooden blinds can completely transform a living space. As they can be fully raised, smaller rooms will benefit from floods of light without dreary vertical blinds taking up space on the window ledge.

Alternatively, you could install Roller Blinds in a lighter shade. Regular roller blinds are great for flooding rooms with light, even when fully closed. This is thanks to their lighter colours, as well as the aspect of the material, which will let in as much light as possible without compromising privacy. Plus, they look especially modern when paired with a colour scheme of your choosing. Companies like Ambition Blinds stock a range of colours in both Wooden and Roller blinds, and their full range can be found on their website.

This is a guest post from Gina Kay Daniel.

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    Hello Louise, nice post for brighten up room from dark. This is an informative post for everyone. You have focused on all important points which is very necessary for home decoration. I love your post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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