From having a child at school for the first time last year, I have learnt that schools also like to make us parents work pretty hard too. From newsletters to read, clubs to book onto, pe kits to remember, homework to encourage completion of and help with, and forms to fill out – there is always something we have to be doing for school. None of those things quite put the fear in me like mention of ‘World Book Day’.… View Post

At the beginning of January my little munchkin turned 5 years old, which is just completely insane. Sometimes I really can’t believe I am the mother of a five year old, and yet when I see her in her little school uniform or listen to her speak, she seems so grown up. I’m so incredibly proud of her, and she amazes me every day with how wonderful she is. At the moment she is a right pain in the arse… View Post

I’m not sure what it is about little collectable toys, but Ava absolutely love them. She has so many different types that she carries around with her and roleplays with them and she’s loved them for years. I like them because most of them are relatively cheap so they make a nice little treat for me to buy Ava, or an extra stocking filler type present. She really loves getting the ‘blind bag’ toys and guessing which one she might get… View Post

We’re big fans of Trunki in this house. We have had Ava’s Trixie Trunki suitcase since she was really little, and always used it for nights away, and I have also bought a couple for friends as new baby gifts. They make a lovely present, as they are fun for kids whilst being useful for the parents too. Now Trunki have added further to their collection of products, with the brand new Trunki EAT range – foodie travel accessories, including drinks… View Post

A couple of days ago my little girl turned five. I said the same thing last year, but five years old seems so much older than four. This was the year she started school, has come on leaps and bounds with her writing and can now read a little bit. It’s been fascinating to watch the process that they go through to start to read and write, and to see how quickly she has picked it all up and developed… View Post

A little while ago I reviewed the BABY Born Sister Doll, which Ava absolutely loves, alongside the original doll that we already owned. Now we have added even more to her growing collection with the BABY Born Interactive Sunny and Foal set. She has been asking for this for a while – she loves animals, and the fact that her dolls would be able to ride Sunny made it even more appealing to her. She was therefore extremely lucky (read:… View Post