For anyone who loves to exercise – be it jogging each morning before work, heading to the gym at lunchtime, or swimming each evening before heading home, an injury can be a total and complete nightmare, especially if you’re in training for an event. Getting injured means lost time working out, having to sit out of your favorite exercise classes or sports matches, and feeling totally and completely defeated. You feel disheartened and upset and can even end up losing… View Post

No matter your situation, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the little things. That snack before bed and that cup of coffee in the morning. Stuff like texting back your date, you know? Life really does rush by. But we should always find the time to build relationships because we might not truly understand their worth and value they can bring. It’s about bringing love into our world. If you want to jump headfirst into your next relationship and add… View Post

New year’s resolutions? Pfft. By this time of year, most of us have forgotten what we resolved to do when we had all those great intentions at 11:59pm on December 31st, let alone continued to carry out our resolutions. If you wanted to get fit, it doesn’t take much more than three intense gym sessions to lead you right back to the sofa where you belong instead. Other resolutions like cooking from scratch every night also seem to fall away… View Post

Nowadays I do most of my shopping online, whether that’s for presents, tech, books, food shopping or something else. I love being able to pop online and order something and have it arrive the next day. I have Amazon Prime and I absolutely love it – I think it’s a brilliant service and usually pretty reliable and efficient. The trouble with everything being online nowadays though, is that when you do have a problem with your order it can be… View Post

My husband has been wanting a coffee machine to add to our kitchen for years, and even though I really wanted one too (because they’re cool and pretty), we couldn’t really justify spending money on one, especially because I didn’t really drink coffee at the time. Also, we didn’t really have room on the side in the kitchen for another device. Buuut, then we got some Amazon vouchers, and I wanted to start drinking coffee again (no sleep!) and one thing… View Post

We all love weddings, right? There really is nothing better than enjoying a good old knees up at a wedding and watching some of your closest friends or relatives getting married! However, all of us have been to so many different weddings, all of which seem to be exactly the same, that they can start to feel a bit boring after a while. That’s why I’m tipping my hat to some couples who dared to be different for their big… View Post