With Summer just around the corner, we’re ready to dust off the BBQ, dig out the garden furniture and cross our fingers that this year will be the scorcher we’ve been longing for. The last thing we want to be worrying about is any plumbing issues that might crop up out of nowhere – after all, summer is a time for R&R. Here are some helpful hints to help your water, and summer, flow smoothly this year.   Flooding It’s… View Post

Are you in the market for a pushchair or pram? They are among the first purchases that you will make as new parents, though you shouldn’t rush when buying this equipment as you want to make sure that it is safe enough to carry your child. Therefore, double buggy stockist Babythingz has answered the main questions that you should consider to ensure you make the best investment for you and your bundle of joy: Which safety labels should be present… View Post

Are you planning to sell your house? Yes! How are you going to do it? The traditional way, of course! Putting your property up for sale via a realtor is still the only plausible way, for a large number of people. In reality, many other options exist. There are multiple ways to increase the number of potential buyers and to sell your home much fast and at better rates, than via the traditional method. What Are The Other Options? Following… View Post

We, as parents, often marvel at the look of concentration on our baby’s face when they are looking at colourful pictures, loud toys, or electronic gadgets. It is surprising how, without having the slightest clue as to what is happening around them, they are trying to understand it. Any moving object becomes the object of their concentration. This age of exploring new things is also the age of motor skills development. Motor skills are an infant’s ability to make use… View Post

Movement – what does the word mean to you? Is it simply a functional thing your body does, or is it something more? For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, movement enables them to perform impressive feats and stay healthy. Whether it’s running, climbing, crawling or jumping, the movements the body is capable of should be something to be explored and enjoyed. This is especially true for children. As children grow, encouraging movement at an early age helps strengthen their bodies and… View Post

Everyone remembers traditional holidays as a child; trips to the seaside, ice creams on the beach and fighting others at the hotel for a space by the pool. Whether your holidays were to Cornwall or Corfu, these will probably still be prominent memories for you, but nowadays we like our kids to have more variety when it comes to holidays. We like to be able to teach them about other cultures, to take them on city breaks, to let them… View Post