When you’re a blogger, especially one who makes some money from it, it can be very easy to get caught up in all the talk of stats, Domain Authority (DA), your place in the blogging charts, and all the rest of it. Particularly if you are a part of the blogging groups on Facebook, you can start to feel really shit about your blog and how well it is doing compared to everybody else, and those ‘big bloggers’. It has… View Post

I’ve been starting to fall in love with Instagram a little bit again. I find that I go through stages with it; sometimes I devour all the pictures, and sometimes I want the wordiness of Twitter, or the reality of Snapchat. I think I fell out of love with it slightly because so many other peoples feeds are so beautifully curated, and I was feeling pressure for mine to be too, but there wasn’t enough perfectly pretty things in my… View Post

A couple of weeks ago I took a little trip to Birmingham on the train to attend a really fun Spanish evening with Monarch Airlines which they were hosting to introduce their new flight paths from Birmingham airport to Madrid and Lisbon. A lovely small group of us were treated to a wonderful Spanish experience, with Tapas, a Flamenco lesson, Sangria making, and even a little Spanish lesson, all at the very lovely Amantia Restaurant. I absolutely love Spain and… View Post

Rarrrr, I’m so annoyed about this. Irrationally so, I am aware. I’ve loved, loved, loved snapchat for a while now. It’s a lot of fun and I can take shitloads of selfies with a pretty filter and not feel like a total twat. I wrote a post about it recently, explaining how to use it and talking about why I love Snapchat despite being over 30. Ava, as well as most kids who have come into contact with it, loves it.… View Post

I’m not feeling great today. I’m feeling very overwhelmed with everything I need to do, especially with A being off for the summer, and despite the fact I felt ok about not really doing any blogging stuff last week, and I’m also feeling pretty down. Last week I spent a couple of days having a huge clearout of Ava’s room and I got absolutely loads done, and it is almost finished and looking lovely. This week everything I need to… View Post

Recently in one of the Facebook blogging groups I’m a part of, there was a discussion about Snapchat and whether the majority of us were a bit old to be on it at around thirty. I can see why people might think that. It’s certainly not a grown up social network. But it can be a lot of fun, and I love it. It’s kind of like the less perfect Instagram, when Instagram was more instant and less photoshopped. Most people… View Post