As a blogger, there are a few things that I use constantly that I really couldn’t be without, and that make my blogging life a lot easier. I use most of them every day, and some of them are always with me if I go anywhere. My Top Blogging Essentials   A Tripod I often have to take photos of myself when there is no-one else at home, as well as family photos. It is so much easier having my… View Post

I have been on Twitter for years. YEARS. And I’ve loved it for a very long time. I love the quick conversation and the ability it gives you to meet lots of lovely new people very easily and gatecrash their conversations until they notice you and you try to become their BFF. There are so many people that I wouldn’t know as well as I do now, or at all if it wasn’t for Twitter. 52,000 people in fact. Just… View Post

Even though bloggers seem to be everywhere these days, it still seems likes it is one of those things that people find hard to understand or take seriously, which I can kind of understand. Sometimes it does seem weird that we share so much of our lives online with potentially the world (ha ha, if only!). Revealing lots of stuff about our personal lives, photos of ourselves and our family, and sometimes even our darkest, deepest issues, is a bit… View Post

A few months ago I joined a Whatsapp group for bloggers. Little did I know at the time the difference it would make to my life and to my blogging. The group slowly dwindled down, until there were just seven of us. It’s now been that way for around three months, and the seven of us have become really good, genuine, supportive friends. It’s really bloody lovely. It sounds pretty pathetic (and probably is), but for a while I had… View Post

It’s no coincidence that some of my favourite posts from this year were also my most popular with my readers. They are the ones in which I was more open and honest, in which I wrote from the heart, that seemed to resonate with people and provoke a response. It’s lovely writing an honest, more personal post and watching people respond to it and comment, and share their own personal experience on the subject. My most popular posts also seem… View Post

The blogging world can be a fickle one. It can look so perfect and put together that it can seem very overwhelming to an outsider looking in at those photos of the perfect house with the perfect seasonal table decorations, and the perfect smiling children. The reality is though, that for the majority of people, life isn’t really like that. Of course it’s ok (well I think it is) to show a more edited version of your life on social… View Post