Recently I have been looking into becoming a freelance writer. I am a stay at home mum and blogger and I love it. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mum but now that Ava goes to nursery for a few days a week I now have some time to earn some money whilst still hopefully remaining at home. Working from home as a parent is hard. You have limited time in which you can get everything done, and often… View Post

I love reading blogs. At the moment I don’t read my favourites with much regularity but when I can I still pick these out of my inbox to enjoy and take inspiration from. I have many more favourites, but for now; here are 5 blogs I love and why I love them so…. Life at the Little Wood I love Emma’s blog; it’s always such a lovely read. She has a beautiful family and shares such lovely pictures of their… View Post

For the last few months the idea of me starting a new linky has been floating around in my head, usually swiftly followed by thinking that I haven’t got time right now to set one up and read and comment on the blogs of the people who link up (if anyone does!). But Ava is at nursery for fifteen hours a week now and whilst I still have a million and one things to do, I do have more time… View Post

In January I shared why I thought I needed to lighten up in 2014 in HAPPY NEW YEAR! / In 2014 I Shall: Lighten Up! and it is actually a good reminder for me again this year, as I am letting all of the little things overwhelm me at the moment. February saw me talk about what a great age Ava was at in, This Lovely Age. In March I shared Ava’s 26 month update and how inventive she is… View Post

In January 2013 I mused on the things I wanted to change about myself in ‘Goals for 2013‘; these included to stop comparing myself to others (still do!) and do more exercise (which I did! Yay!). February saw some ponderings of the painful variety in ‘Motherly Musings – Immunisations‘; where I talked about why we had decided to immunise our daughter. I shared my ‘35 Before 35‘ in March, on which I better get cracking; as well as ‘5 Things… View Post

I’m having a bit of a passionate love affair with Instagram at the moment. I love how you can get an insight into people’s lives more than you can with words, in a status update (I’m not a stalker honest). I love how you can edit your photos to make them pretty and share them with others, look at lots of cute babies, follow some celebrities and great photographers. I’ve been on Instagram a while now and I’m glad it’s… View Post