I always find January a bit dark and depressing, as I’m sure a lot of people do. All of the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over and done with, and I can feel a bit down with the miserable weather and dull days. I always find that it helps to have something exciting to look forward to – to help this tough time of year go faster and to remain optimistic that it will all get better as… View Post

*Sponsored post in association with American Express®. I’ve always had a passion for travel; I love planning a trip and researching accommodation and things I’d like to see there. At 23 I travelled around the world for 5 months, fell in love with New York, Vietnam and New Zealand, and my love for seeing the world escalated. I love exploring a new place, and experiencing the culture and language. After a trip I really love looking at photos of the… View Post

I often think how much I would love to move to the countryside – to a beautiful place in the middle of nowehere, where we have loads of land and get to enjoy the peace and beautiful surroundings, as well as have loads of space for my children to play and enjoy the great outdoors. But I know, realistically that there are so many things I would really miss and struggle to be without. Even just going away to the… View Post

Every year around Christmastime there is always one particular toy that every child seems to want and every parent is desperately trying to get hold of. I have no idea how one particular thing becomes popular with kids each year, and I’m always clueless until I see people posting about them on Facebook. The lovely ‘If I Were a Toy’ TV ad has captured the imagination and excitement of adults and children alike with the latest and greatest toys from… View Post

In August I wrote a post about the Sound of Happy campaign that I was taking part in with C&G baby club – in which I shared how the sound of my daughter giggling is my favourite sound in the world and makes me very happy. I love to hear my little one laughing, as I’m sure all parents do! C&G baby club are now on a mission to make babies happy too! Their research has shown that babies laugh… View Post

Since my last post about my daughter’s bedroom and how I wanted to make it nicer for her, I have changed quite a bit, and it is looking much nicer. There is still quite a bit I need to do though, and things I need to get so that it is perfect and well-organised (which it really isn’t yet!). And I need some of those little finishing touches to bring it all together. I have bought some pretty floral and pink storage… View Post