In August I wrote a post about the Sound of Happy campaign that I was taking part in with C&G baby club – in which I shared how the sound of my daughter giggling is my favourite sound in the world and makes me very happy. I love to hear my little one laughing, as I’m sure all parents do! C&G baby club are now on a mission to make babies happy too! Their research has shown that babies laugh… View Post

Since my last post about my daughter’s bedroom and how I wanted to make it nicer for her, I have changed quite a bit, and it is looking much nicer. There is still quite a bit I need to do though, and things I need to get so that it is perfect and well-organised (which it really isn’t yet!). And I need some of those little finishing touches to bring it all together. I have bought some pretty floral and pink storage… View Post

When you’re buying a new car seat for your child, it’s vital that you know the curent legislation so that you can keep your child as safe as possible. There are lots of different things to consider, and guidelines to follow based on your child’s age and size, so it can be pretty confusing. You might have heard a lot of talk recently about there being a booster seat ban – in particular backless booster seats. However, they haven’t been… View Post

When you think of Mauritius you probably think of beautiful white sand and clear crystal waters – the perfect place to go for a romantic and relaxing holiday as a couple. That’s exactly how I think of it – but of course when you have kids you need to look for a holiday destination that is good for all of you, and Mauritius has lots for families to enjoy. Mauritius is a French speaking island in the Indian Ocean, off… View Post

For the past couple of years I have supported the brilliant campaign by Pampers and UNICEF to eliminate Maternal and Newborn Tetanus. It’s a an amazing cause, and they are now halfway to reaching global elimination of this terrible disease. All babies are amazing and bring their own special form of magical happiness to everyone around them, and they always know how to somehow put a smile on your face or make you laugh. But babies can even help save… View Post

At the beginning of the year I wasn’t watching an awful lot of TV – I was spending almost every evening working on my blog at the dining room table and talking to friends on Whatsapp. I’m not sure what changed, but now I am in desparate need of that down time every evening, and I love to just sit back with a glass of wine, and watch something to help me relax and switch off from my reality for… View Post