Before I became a mother, I always had it in my head that I would have my second child around the time my first baby was two. I really wanted to have a smallish gap between my children so that they would be close, and a couple of years seemed like a good enough gap – we’d be through the baby stage, and my child would be walking and could perhaps help with the new baby a little bit. However,… View Post

With today’s kids having so much access to and such a love for technology, we have to work really hard to counteract that by making sure that they have plenty of time outdoors, and learn about the world not only from YouTube unwrapping videos and Shimmer and Shine, but also from exploring it themselves. It concerns me more and more as Ava gets older how little time she spends just playing outside compared to how much we used to, and… View Post

In the evening I love nothing more than sitting down to relax, with a glass of wine and something great to watch on the telly. After a day of blogging or entertaining Ava, it’s great to be able to switch off and watch some other people’s more interesting lives. So I was very excited when I was recently chosen to be a NOW TV ambassador, and receive all three of their packages – the Entertainment pass, the Sky Movies pass… View Post

Every year on Mother’s Day I am always reminded how lucky, and how incredibly grateful I am to have my daughter and to be a mum. For a really long time Mother’s Day was so hard for me and I’ll never forget what that felt like. I am so, so happy that I get to be a mother to my amazing little girl, who makes me laugh every day, and just keeps on astounding me constantly with new things that… View Post

In the winter it can be so hard to keep kids entertained, especially without spending too much money. But if you can make the effort to all wrap up warm, get outside and actually do something, rather than just staying indoors and grumbling about the weather, then you will feel much better and likely happier. Lots of people experience the winter blues, but getting outside can really make a difference. So here are ten ideas to get you and your… View Post

Today is the start of an exciting new year; new beginnings, new opportunities, and new adventures. I’m very happy to say that I have been chosen as a Merlin Annual Pass Ambassador for 2016! That means we will be having twelve months of family¬†fun at some of the 32 top UK attractions! As a family we don’t have days out that often; there is always so much to do with the house, and we struggle to make time for entire… View Post