I absolutely adore a good steak – it is one of my very favourite foods, and one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think I could ever be a veggie (along with Chorizo). Being served a perfectly cooked, great quality steak makes me a very happy girl, but I do find that doesn’t happen too often – steaks are so easily overcooked, or just not very good quality meat, and I’m actually not sure myself how to cook the perfect… View Post

Last month, A and I went to a lovely little event to learn all about the Tefal Cook4Me and make a meal with it ourselves. I arrived with my friend Maria from Suburban Mum and her little boy to the event location – a gorgeous house in London, on a beautifully sunny day, that started with us all standing around drinking Prosecco, whilst the kiddo’s played outside in the garden. We were split into two groups – one to make the starters for us all… View Post

A few weeks ago I attended a lovely cooking event in London with Haywards Pickles. The idea behind the event was to celebrate summer and to help educate everyone on how to make the humble salad into something nutritious, delicious and to make the thought of a salad more exciting! I do love a good salad, but I need it to be quite a hearty one, either with some meat or cheese such as halloumi. In the past I would NEVER… View Post

A few weeks ago Ava and I were invited to a kids cookery class in London with Quorn. The kids were going to be making pizzas and burger buns whilst us parents were in another room with a Quorn Home Economist. We took the train to London by ourselves for the first time (I know I’m lame but I’ve done London very little by myself before this – once in fact!), enjoyed some croissants and covering the train in crumbs,… View Post

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Bake Bold Masterclass with Britain’s best known baker Paul Hollywood, where he revealed his brand new artisan-inspired baking mixes. The son of a baker, Paul Hollywood has been baking since he was really young, and originally trained as a sculptor before his father persuaded him to join the family business. Almost half of the UK bakes at least once a week but some lack confidence. Hollywood wanted to encourage people to be more adventurous when… View Post

Last week I attended a really fun blogging event in London with Oxo and chef Dean Edwards (of ‘Masterchef’ and ‘ITV’s Lorraine’ fame). Along with a couple of my lovely blogging friends and some other bloggers we heard more about the Oxo brand, using leftovers to make meals, as well as making three different soups whilst the DJ played some tunes. In the UK 4.2 million tonnes of avoidable food and drink is wasted each year, which is costing households… View Post