So, I haven’t written a health and fitness update for absolutely ages now, probably partly because I’ve been pretty crap with it all in the last six months to be honest. A couple of years ago I was so happy to have got it into exercise for the first time in my life and to have kept up with exercising almost every day. I’ve always eaten pretty well, but I was eating better and incorporating smoothies and other health foods… View Post

Recently, whilst I was at my friend’s house, I got my first taste of Tinder and what it’s like to judge someone purely based on their looks in one photo. No, I’m not after a new husband – but my friend is on the dating site and let me do a bit of left and right swiping for her. It was strangely exhilarating and fun particularly after a couple of bottles of wine, to browse a load of men and… View Post

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit up-and-down. It started off really nicely spending time with my New Zealand family for the last day they were here, but then on Tuesday morning we had to say goodbye to them and there were a lot of tears from all of us! We had such a fun and busy few weeks together, and the two girls bonded so closely and it’s been really hard trying to get back to normal this… View Post

Last week was half term here, and we were both in desperate need of it. Usually during the holidays most people around us have to work so it is just me and Ava. Whilst that is nice sometimes, we can both get a bit sick of each other – me being a typical nagging mummy, and her having lots of mardies and constantly asking for things! This time though, half term coincided with our relatives coming over from New Zealand,… View Post

Hurrah! It is Friday and Ava has already broken up as she has an Inset Day today. I’ve said this before, but I could never quite understand how parents were happy about it being half term. That sounds horrible – I love spending time with my daughter – but to me it meant not having time to get anything done, or having a clue about when I would be able to work, and not getting a break from my lovely… View Post

Ahhh, it’s finally February. We’re getting closer and closer to Spring aren’t we? Ok, only slightly closer but still, I’m trying to be positive here. I’ve done some nice bits in January and celebrated a couple of birthday’s, but I’m really longing for Spring and brighter days and hence brighter moods. There have been a few things that I’ve really been loving recently, so I thought I would talk a bit about them – there’s quite a variety of stuff… View Post