I absolutely loved my friend Zara’s post on why she is totally rocking motherhood. She’s an awesome mum; very confident, open, and a lot of fun – they are three very lucky girls. Oh and the food she makes! (check out her Instagram to see) I have asked her before if she would consider adopting me but she didn’t seem too up for it to be honest. The sod! She tagged me to write my own ten reasons why I’m totally… View Post

Being a parent is bloody hard isn’t it. I feel like as a parent we are always expecting it to get better, and easier… We will get more sleep. They will start listening to what we say. But we are raising little people. People who don’t yet understand the world. Who don’t know what is or isn’t acceptable to do or say in public. To whom those things that are little to us can be really big things to them,… View Post

Those moments. You know the ones. The one where she runs up to you when she sees you and gives you the biggest hug and squeezes you so tightly. The one where she is fast asleep and snoring softly, and your gentle fingers reach out to touch her face, almost instinctively. The one where she’s hurt herself and as the salty tears fall down her soft skin, the only one that she wants is you. When she opens her sleepy… View Post

I’ve talked about it before. About feeling like a shit mum. People say I’m not of course. But I know I let her watch stupid and annoying YouTube videos on the iPad too much. I know I forget to brush her teeth sometimes. I know I sometimes pay more attention to my phone than to her. And I hate myself for it. I compare myself to all the other mums (and dads) doing it better. All I ever wanted was… View Post

I loved you from the very start, Even when you did a shart, Our life together has just begun, You have a REALLY stinky bum.   As mother with child, each day I grew, And I’d always need the bloody loo, I’d daydream of the things we’d share, Like late-night screaming and you pulling my hair.   Like temper tantrums and constant whinges, And trapping your finger in the hinges. I thought of things you’d want to know, Like how… View Post

Today I have a post from the lovely Charlie for my ‘5 Things I’ve Learnt So Far as a Mother‘ series. 1) Mum guilt is REAL – Seriously, this needs to be mentioned at antenatal classes. In fact – there should be whole chapters on it in parenting books and posters up on delivery room walls. What the actual heck? I had NO idea that as soon as I became pregnant I’d start feeling insanely guilty about literally everything. What… View Post