At the moment we are travelling around Spain and Portugal with our daughter for a month for our honeymoon. I thought I would share our travel itinerary in case anybody else is planning a similar trip. We got the ferry over from Plymouth, England to Santander, Spain. We decided that we would stay in Santander at the end of our trip rather than the beginning as then all the driving is done and we can relax for a couple of… View Post

Logrono is a really pretty little city in La Rioja in Northern Spain. We spent three nights there in a hotel right in the centre. We stayed at the Sercotel Portales, which was a good three star hotel and the location was perfect. It definitely wasn’t as snazzy as the other hotels we have stayed at in Spain, but it was really clean and because we asked for a second bed for Ava we had very good sized long room.… View Post

We spent a few lazy days in lovely Logrono, which in La Rioja, the home of Rioja. It has such beautiful buildings and lovely little streets to get lost in. It was red hot the whole time we were there; over 30°c and very muggy. We found this pretty yellow wall, and I love yellow so we stopped and took a few photos whilst Ava was in a good mood for once, before going back to our hotel. We had… View Post

As I am writing this we are on our way to Logrono from San Sebastián, via a shop that sells croissants, and also via Pamplona for a couple of hours. We are in Spain and Portugal for a month altogether for our family honeymoon. We got the ferry into Santander and we are driving in our own car between the places. We decided that would be better than getting a plane over to Spain and then getting internal flights, as even… View Post

Last night was very exciting. It’s a bank holiday this weekend so on Sunday night we stayed up a lot later than we usually would. Most evenings we are both so tired that we tend to just sit and watch television; often with him watching something I don’t like on TV and me watching Netflix on my laptop or sat blogging. We’re together but we’re not really. We like watching things together but we don’t have much that we both… View Post

A few of weeks ago we took a little trip to Birmingham for a short break. We had a lovely couple of days as a family, visiting the sea life centre and enjoying some lovely meals and just time together. We were invited to stay at one of the many Travelodges there and we chose to stay at the Birmingham Central location based on the fact it was nice and central. We knew that it could potentially be a bit… View Post