As I am writing this we are on our way to Logrono from San Sebastián, via a shop that sells croissants, and also via Pamplona for a couple of hours. We are in Spain and Portugal for a month altogether for our family honeymoon. We got the ferry into Santander and we are driving in our own car between the places. We decided that would be better than getting a plane over to Spain and then getting internal flights, as even… View Post

Last night was very exciting. It’s a bank holiday this weekend so on Sunday night we stayed up a lot later than we usually would. Most evenings we are both so tired that we tend to just sit and watch television; often with him watching something I don’t like on TV and me watching Netflix on my laptop or sat blogging. We’re together but we’re not really. We like watching things together but we don’t have much that we both… View Post

A few of weeks ago we took a little trip to Birmingham for a short break. We had a lovely couple of days as a family, visiting the sea life centre and enjoying some lovely meals and just time together. We were invited to stay at one of the many Travelodges there and we chose to stay at the Birmingham Central location based on the fact it was nice and central. We knew that it could potentially be a bit… View Post

If you have seen my previous post about our honeymoon, then you will know that we are going away with our daughter for a month after our wedding for our ‘honeymoon’. Although we would love to go away for a week or two somewhere beautifully romantic together (well I would anyway!), realistically we wouldn’t want to leave Ava for that long and I’m not sure anybody would want to look after her for that long either! But a girl can… View Post

So, we are getting married in July and obviously we did things the wrong way round and had a child first. We could go away by ourselves for a romantic week somewhere hot, sandy and beautiful for our honeymoon. But we are not going to do that for a few reasons. For a start the husband-to-be is not a big fan of lying on the beach reading a book and doing very little else (silly boy) so we would never… View Post

Over New Years we went to Whitby with the family for a few days. We have actually done that for the last few years and it’s perfect for us at the moment as it means we can put Ava to bed (she’s a bit young to stay up that late yet) and still get to celebrate with people, rather than being stuck at home on our lonesomes. It’s also Ava’s birthday on the second so we also celebrated that whilst… View Post