How to Choose The Perfect Family Cruise

With some amazing last-minute cruise deals and easy-to-reach destinations all over the globe, booking a cruise for your next family holiday might just be the perfect choice. A cruise allows you to explore multiple destinations, as well as having the on-board luxuries and comfort you won’t find with any other form of travel.


While cruises were once thought to be purely for the older generation, times have changed. There are a variety of cruises available for the young and the old, families, couples, friends and more. Big companies such as NCL cruises are now catering for families on board. A whole host of activities for both adults and children are at your fingertips, creating exciting off-shore excursions to amazing destinations.

But with so many options for last-minute cruise deals now at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know what the ideal cruise for your family is. From choosing your destinations to seeing what on-board action there is to experience, here’s a guide to finding a cruise that all members of the family will enjoy.

Check Family-Friendly Facilities

When travelling with children, there are always things to consider, such as the temperature and how to keep them occupied. When it comes to a cruise, look at the on-board facilities to make sure they’ll be appropriate for you and your family, including these key factors:

  • Room Size and Location: Check what rooms there are for families. Many cruise liners now have family-friendly suites with plenty of space. When you book a room, try and make it near the kids area of the ship, or near the swimming pool. It means less chance of them getting lost — or moaning!
  • Activities: A swimming pool, ten-pin bowling and evening entertainment are frequent features on many modern cruise liners. As well as these traditional activities, enquire about play areas and special children’s entertainment. Cruises which run during the summer holidays are more likely to have special activities. Double check if the cruise has a kids menu as well, particularly if you have a fussy eater in the family!
  • Day Excursions: One of the many benefits of a cruise is the ability to relax on board and explore new destinations all over the world. Some cruises even allow you to plan your time as you wish when you’re off the ship. Others organise tours, some of which are for children. Check out what you and the family can do off the ship.

Picking Your Destination

Last-minute cruise deals can take you to so many countries, so how do you decide where to go? The length of the trip is one factor, as it obviously takes longer to cruise to Australia than it does around Europe. Different locations will have a mixture of adventure and relaxation waiting for you to enjoy, so decide what you and your family want from the holiday. Here are some top destinations which various cruise liners travel to:

  • Azamara Cruise to Croatia: Croatia is becoming increasingly popular for holidays — and once you pay a visit, you’ll see why it’s no surprise. The combination of old towns, stunning beaches and beautiful scenery make it an ideal destination for families. Cities such as Dubrovnik have become famous from featuring in Game of Thrones and fans flock to the city to see famous filming spots. Azamara cruises offers an eight-night cruise around Croatia, giving you the chance to check out all the amazing locations the country has to offer.
  • Christmas Cruises in Europe: Cities in Europe, such as Berlin and Prague, are stunning at Christmas, as lights and carols adorn the streets. A cruise which sets sail during the most wonderful time of the year will be a magical experience for the children. Viking River Cruise offers deals all over Europe, so you can pick whichever cities take your fancy in December.
  • Magical Disney Cruise: If you really want to treat the children, you can book an unforgettable Disney cruise. There are a variety of destinations (including a private island!) to choose from and the children will have the best time on the ship, meeting their favourite characters and watching live shows. As well as all the activities for the children, there is still an opportunity for the adults to get some spa treatments and indulge in some fine dining.
  • Explore Alaska with NCL Cruises: Here’s an unusual destination and certainly not one for the sun-seekers. However, exploring this region of the world on a cruise means you get the best of both worlds: a warm and comfortable ship, but spectacular views of a frozen world. NCL cruises offers a truly unique trip to Alaska. The children can marvel at seeing a landscape which they’ve never seen before — and perhaps you haven’t either!

There are some stunning last-minute cruise deals and a whole host of amazing family destinations to visit. So what are you waiting for? Book the holiday for you and your family now!

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