Here Comes The Bride: Helpful Tips To Make Your Wedding Amazing

So they proposed (or you did) and now you’re in harmony thinking about your big day. Then the sudden panic sets in on all of the decisions you’ve got to make and the planning that’s going to take up literally all of your time leading up to your wedding day. I’ve got you covered. I’ve put in order what you need to plan and when.

My first tip for you is to get yourself a wedding planner. I don’t mean a person to do it for you, I mean a journal that you can keep all of your information in, trust me, you’ll need to refer to it. Plus, it’s a great keepsake for all of your years to come.

Venue and Wedding Date.

This should be first and foremost on your list of things to do. This is because, without a place and a date, there won’t be a wedding. Visit multiple locations before you settle on one. Collect quotes from each one of them, and you may even be able to negotiate prices. Make sure to choose a reception venue if you’re having it at a different location. Pick up some menus to send to your guests if you’re having a sit-down meal.

Once you have chosen a date and location, send out your save the date cards!


Dresses, Suits, Rings and Everything Else You Need.

You may not already have a ring, and that’s fine as many couples prefer to choose the engagement and wedding rings together in this day and age. If you don’t have one, pick a day where you can both choose what you’re going for. You can either shop on the high street for your rings or visit a website like Sites like these will tailor make your ring to your size and post it to you. A useful way of doing it if your schedule is hectic!

Your dresses and suits may take some time to choose. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have outfits picked within your colour scheme. It can be tricky deciding on a colour for your bridesmaid dresses, so to make it easier, check out this guide from Coast with some of their favourite shades and why they’ll work for your wedding party.

Think about your venue. How many guests will it take? Think about your wedding reception and if you can invite some more people. Sit down together with your partner and write a guest list, seat plans and decide on table decorations. There is so much to think about and plan, why not take a look at and make sure you’ve thought of everything.


The Honeymoon

Sometimes couples opt not to plan their honeymoon until after the wedding. Afterall, it is a costly day. Planning a honeymoon can not only add expenses but even more stress on your big day.

Set your budget and the amount of time you’re going away for. If you’ve already got children, think about if they’re coming with you or whether you need to ask a family member to have them while you’re away.

Pick your destination. Somewhere that both of you will enjoy and look forward to that fantastic time as newlyweds!


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