The Golden Winter Glow: Deciem Hylamide Booster Glow Serum

In the winter I tend to turn a bit grey, and I don’t always notice it until I put a bit of fake tan on, particularly on my face, and then I’m like HOLY SHIT, I am still alive. The teeniest bit of colour on my face from some fake (or real) tan makes a huuuge difference to how my skin looks. It just looks more… alive, more even, just… better. My make-up just sits better on my face too.

So I use an everyday tanner like the Johnson’s Holiday Skin or the Dove one when I remember/have time/can be arsed and I feel SO much better when I do. Recently though I discovered Hylamide Booster Glow Serum, which is a first-of-its-kind, and has peptide technology that targets meanocyte function for glowing skin.

hylamide glow booster

Basically it adds some colour to your face, but in a different way to fake tan. It doesn’t use DHA, but instead uses a keto-sugar that reacts within the skin to produce a natural golden tone, as well as a superior (show off) form of the amino acid L-Gluthathione to visibly even skin pigmentation. It then uses a peptide complex technology to create skin tone confusion (I’m confused).

It is really subtle, but at the same time really makes a difference. It’s also really easy to use, you just apply it like a normal serum, and you don’t have to worry about getting an even application and it staining your hands like with a fake tan. And it gives me a nice glow and hint of colour.

It is from Hylamide, which is a new-ish brand – I’ve been using their Sub-Q Anti-Age Serum for a few months now, but not as religiously as I should have been (I’m starting that now), and I’ve just got their Sub-Q Eyes too which I’m looking forward to using.

The Glow Serum, is one of Hylamide’s Booster products – concentrated serums that target specific or seasonal issues. It costs £20 from Boots, but I have never bought any of the Hylamide products without them being on either 3-4-2 or with a good discount offer.

It just makes me look better and with little effort, which is what I need in the miserable winter months.

Do you use anything in particular to give your skin a glow or a bit of colour in the winter months? Or do you have that enviable pale skin that always looks lovely?

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