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I am a terrible sleeper, and I have been for years. Recently though it has been particularly bad, and I feel like a huge part of that is because I am dreaming so much. It might not have anything to do with that at all, in fact it’s probably the other way around – but I wake up in the mornings feeling like I have been really busy all night long, and feel even more exhausted than when I went to bed.

dreams explained

A lot of my dreams are based on things that are actually happening in my life, and quite often I’ve no idea whether the dream was real or not. And they are so vivid. It’s happened so many times recently where I’ve had to ask someone if we spoke about something, or if we had arranged something for it just to have been a dream! It’s so weird! The only place I really dream is in bed – as that is pretty much the only place I can fall asleep (apart from the odd long car journey).

I finds dreams completely fascinating, so I was really interested to hear about the #DreamsExplained campaign – Adjustamatic, who make brilliant adjustable beds, have teamed up with world-leading dream expert Ian Wallace to help us understand what’s going on within our minds when we dream. Ian will be analysing the top dreams on-camera and the first part of the YouTube series they have created is looking at the wild world of children’s dreams…

At the moment Ava doesn’t really tell me about her dreams, but she is definitely having them as they are waking her up quite a bit at the moment. It would be so interesting to know what she is dreaming about, and how far her imagination stretches at nighttime! I’d love to know! She went through a stage a couple of years ago where she was having nightmares or night terrors and it was horrible seeing her so upset but still asleep so I couldn’t really help her.

dreams explained

I find the whole concept of dreaming so crazy. I can dream about someone who I haven’t seen or even thought about for ten years – how the hell does that happen?! I also find it really strange how I can wake up completely remembering a dream, but no matter how hard I try I have absolutely no idea what it was even about a few minutes later. It’s like my brain refuses to even try to put it into my long-term memory or something. It’s so bizarre, and a little frustrating when I have a really lovely dream and I can’t keep it in my head! I’ve found this happening more and more recently too – where I can’t remember the dream at all after waking up – maybe my head is already too full (of crap) to hold any more information.

I do love those dreams that when you wake you feel all warm and happy inside, and you just want to fall back to sleep so you can keep ‘living’ your dream. It’s a lovely feeling.

And then there’s those dreams that make you wake up really annoyed or upset with someone and you’re not really sure why! Like I said – fascinating!

A few weeks ago I had a dream that felt like it went on for hours (although after finding more out about dreaming it was probably actually much shorter). I was in labour in the hospital as were two people in my family, and I knew for certain that they were both going to have their babies first. I was completely calm about having my baby because I had gone through it before, and I knew it was going to be perfectly fine. I felt really happy because I was having another baby, but I woke up before that happened, and was sad that I didn’t get to meet all of the new babies and I wasn’t actually pregnant at all.

I think dreams probably often incorporate a lot of our thoughts and feelings from real life. I know that I am most likely dreaming a lot more right now because I am very anxious in real life, and there are lots of things bothering me – it would be so interesting to find out how my current feelings are manifesting themselves in my dreams. I do wish I could switch my mind off a bit at night though, as I feel like my head is so full and about to explode all day long as it is, without feeling like it has so much going on at night too! It’s exhausting.

Do you dream a lot? Do you tend to remember your dreams?

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