Family Healthcare: Get The Best Service You Can


Naturally, we want our families to have the best healthcare available. Seeing a loved one unwell can be really difficult, so it’s a good idea to have a good support system in place for when it happens so that they can receive the relevant treatment quickly and effectively. There are many things we can do to ensure we have access to the best family healthcare, here are just a few of them.

Choose your location carefully

When you are considering moving house, it’s obviously important to consider the local area and its amenities. Take into consideration the proximity of your house to things like dental surgeries, hospitals, high-rated GP clinics, and even children’s accident and emergency facilities. Although these areas may command slightly higher prices, you’ll think it’s completely worth it if something goes wrong. Make sure as soon as you move that you register with local GPs, dentists, and opticians – you won’t want to be waiting around for applications to be processed when you need to see a doctor in an emergency.

Consider going private

If you’ve got the money, going through a private health care provider is a great way to ensure that you and your family are treated efficiently if the time comes. While you could sign up for a membership with a private provider, or health insurance through your employer, there are also hospitals that offer treatment without a contract. If you’re finding that the service you’re receiving is particularly slow, consider contacting a company such as Highgate Private Hospital to get a quote for the cost of receiving the same treatment through them.

Use NHS online

The NHS have great free services that you can use without having to speak to your GP or wait for a consultation. If you or a member of your family are unwell, using the symptom checker will help you to decide if you can self-medicate with paracetamol, or if it’s sensible for you to book an appointment at the surgery. It saves you time, and also ensures you all receive the right treatment. If you’re unsure at any point, it’s best to give your surgery a ring, just to check.

Regular check-ups

Make sure all of you have regularly check ups with the dentist and the optician to catch any problems early. It’ll save you money and potentially discomfort in the long run if you keep on top of your health, rather than allow any problems to escalate. If you’ve had any health problems in the past, ensure you keep up to date with your check ups – it sounds simple, but so many people don’t bother. If you have any concern that illnesses you or your partner have faced might be hereditary, encourage your GP to send your children for tests, and keep chasing them up. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Keep vaccinations up to date

It’s easy to forget that we still need vaccinations for various diseases, even into adulthood. Childhood vaccinations tend to be communicated to the parents by letter, so they’re more difficult to forget, but I bet you can’t remember if you completed your own full set of tetanus boosters. Next time you see your GP, ask them when you’re due a booster jab. Since they’re free, it seems silly not to.

Family healthcare is all about ensuring you’re prepared when something goes wrong so that treatment can be administered quickly and effectively.


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