Friday Faves and Fails

It’s Friday! Yay! This week has been a bit crazy with Ava off nursery and my head kind of feels like it’s going to explode! I need a breeeeeeeeak!! But the sun is shining for now and we’re off out for lunch soon with friends!

Ava in Little and Fierce Hat

I thought I would share a few of my favourites from this week as well as a few fails – things I haven’t been loving or stupid things that I have done – of which there are usually a lot.

I always plan to post some monthly favourites, but I very rarely get that far with it, so I thought I would maybe do a quicker version sometimes on a Friday! Luckily there are more faves than fails this week (there probably aren’t – I just try to block my failings out after they’ve happened!).


1. Fake tan – the only thing making me look alive and vaguely ok right now.
2. My ASUS Zenbook – after writing this review of it yesterday, I realised quite how much I love it. It’s bloody brilliant.

3. ASOS deliveries. I managed to go a while without one. But I missed my delivery driver far too much…
4. My nails being done by someone else. Not the actual doing of the nails mind, I don’t like that, but having had them done is amazing. They last ages (as opposed to thirty seconds, after I smudge them), my nails grow and look pretty and they just feel so nice.
5. My hairdresser texting me back telling me he could fit me in next week! Hurrah!
6. Highlighter on my face. I can’t bear to not use it anymore.
7. Ava’s giggle.
8. Bunnies. Always.

9. Making dates with friends.
10. Navigating my way around London successfully via tubes and my two feet, myself (plus an amazing app)! And making both trains on time, WITH Ava.
11. Making plans to start using my gym membership again – yoga once or twice a week and gym and a swim sometimes too.
12. This cookbook – Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond – we have had a few meals from it and they have been so yummy and full of amazing flavours. And it’s a beautiful book.

Persiana Cookbook


1. Buying a pretty new bracelet in London and then it breaking two days later.
2. Falling asleep after giving Ava the iPad one morning and waking up over an hour later.
3. Having a gym membership and not using it. I never thought I could be one of those people who had a gym membership and doesn’t use it – why the f**k don’t you cancel it?!
4. Most probably being the one responsible for something getting knocked down the stairs, and Ava yelling out “shit”! 😳
5. Being late, everywhere, always. I try, really I do.
6. Not checking the fridge before doing an online shop. You. will. fit. in. curly. kale.

I hope you’ve had a great week!

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