Furniture and Cake!

A Mad(ish) Tea Party© Rosie Alyea

This weekend was quite a busy one, as they all seem to be at the moment. On Saturday we hired a man with a van and went over to my uncle’s flat to pick up lots of furniture he has given us as he is moving onto a barge! The best thing of all is our new bed! The bed we had was pretty old and not too comfy and creeeaky, but there have always been more important things to spend our money on. It is SO nice to have a really comfy bed to climb into every night, and I’m actually wanting to go to bed earlier every night now! It’s the little things…haha! (Although I guess sleep is not really a little thing is it?). I only wish Ava didn’t also like the bed quite as much as us and hence want to join us every night. Getting poorly a couple of weeks ago has completely messed up her sleeping again and when she wakes in the night she is struggling to get back to sleep so just wants to feed all night long. I am tired!

Sunday we went to our friends’ house for afternoon tea after lots of them ran the Robin Hood half marathon. They all did really well – very proud of them! There was lots of homemade cake (not by me!), Prosecco and lovely food consumed and Ava spent lots of time chasing their cat around and calling my friend Dean ‘Grandad’. Hahahaha, he now has a new nickname, whether he likes it or not!

A lovely weekend. I can’t wait for next weekend though as it’s the first weekend in ages that we have completely free and I can’t wait! I’ve got so behind on housework and stuff since being on holiday and then getting ill twice that I’m just desperate for some free time.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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  1. 2nd October 2013 / 10:33 am

    Haha, poor Dean! I bet that hurt; he’s not even 30 yet and his nickname is Grandad :-)
    So glad the bed is good, pity Ava loves it too!
    Enjoy your weekend, and don’t do too much cleaning!

    Love you
    Mum xx

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