My Garden Makeover Checklist

So, I have written about my garden a couple of times recently, and the makeover it is currently undergoing. We have recently planted a new lawn that is growing very nicely, and looks so lovely and green – but there are still loads of things that need doing before it is looking lovely.

Garden Makeover Checklist

I thought I would write about what I still need and want to do to make my garden beautiful, and hopefully the summer won’t be completely over before it is finished!

Garden Makeover Checklist

  • Re-edge the borders and fill them up with beautiful plants and flowers, and when it is the right time of year plant lots of bulbs so that in Spring lots of pretty Daffodils and other bright flowers spring up!
  • Replace all of the fences and paint them all as well as the wall – I would like them to be all one colour, possibly blue – I always think that looks nice with the green of plants. The wall is cream at the moment and needs repainting.
  • Plant up some pretty pots to have on the patio.
  • There is a big old tree trunk just behind our back fence that has knocked over a wall and pushes against the fence, as well as a small-ish tree that unfortunately is just causing problems. I would like to get a chainsaw (partly because for some reason I really want to use one), like one of these from SGS Engineering so that I could have loads of fun safely chop down the bits that need to go.
  • Have the tile roof of the outhouse redone as it’s started to fall apart, as well as get proper shelving put up all around the walls of the outhouse so that things can be stored properly.
  • Replace the paving stones with decking – I think decking looks so much nicer and more natural.
  • I would love to get some new garden furniture – we’ve had ours a few years now, and bits of it have broken, so I’d love to get some new wooden furniture to sit and enjoy the sun on.
  • Put a couple of hanging baskets up on the wall facing my kitchen window so that I have something a bit prettier to look at whilst I’m washing up.
  • Plant a gorgeous herb garden in a great big wicker basket, so that I always have fresh herbs to cook with.
  • Replace our barbeque with a less rusty and gross one.
  • Replace the back gate and make it more secure.

And I think that’s it! There’s clearly lots to do, but I’m actually looking forward to doing some of it, and I’ll be so happy to finally have a nice garden.

Do you have a garden? Are you happy with it? What would you do to improve it if you could?

This is a collaborative post.

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