The Garden Makeover Edit

We have a small but I suppose perfectly formed garden. Over the years we (or my mother) have done it up and made it look really nice; making nice borders and getting rid of weeds. But over time, with neither of us being keen gardeners, it has been neglected a bit (a lot). Recently one side of the fencing fell down, and so the grass can’t be mowed properly until it is fixed. It is a big mess and it seems such a shame to have a garden and not be able to use it, especially with a child in the house.

So we are going to be doing the garden up a bit at a time and this time I am determined to keep it looking nice, and the lawn be mowed regularly. It would make such a difference to have a lovely garden and be able to let Ava run in and out freely to play.

So I thought I would put together a little garden mood board for some inspiration for a garden makeover.

The Garden Makeover Edit


The Garden Makeover Edit


Pretty much everything in our garden needs doing, from the borders, to the fencing and the patio. So we’re pretty much starting from the beginning and planning it all out, and I’m actually really looking forward to starting it all!

I would love to have beautiful borders all of the way round, filled with evergreens and bright flowers. A lemon tree would be so pretty in one corner and it would come in so useful for my morning lemon water too! I think these plant stands look really cool just propped up against a wall with lots of pots and plants on them, and you could move it around if you fancied a change. I would also love some hanging baskets on the walls around our patio, spilling over with flowers.

A pretty and comfy Rattan furniture set, like this one from Fishpools would be wonderful to sit outside on in the evening having a glass of wine or five in our gorgeous new garden. I’d also really like some lounging chairs like these to sunbathe and relax on.

Ava would adore a little wooden play house in one corner of the garden – she loves to play make-believe, and I can just imagine her taking loads of her toys in there and playing house with them!

The patio would have to be madeover with decking instead of the yucky pinky-coloured paving stones we have now, and the patio would be filled with loads of big chunky pots and baskets with lovely plants in. I’d have a big wicker basket filled with tons of different herbs that we could go out and pick when we’re cooking – I saw a beautiful one of these years ago in someone’s garden and I’ve dreamed of having one ever since.

A lovely wooden chest like this one would be so useful to keep some outdoor bits, like balls, and gardening tools in and handy.

I think a cool firepit would be so nice to have on the cooler evenings, and provide a lovely atmosphere – although I do worry about the environment when it comes to those.

I can’t wait to get started on our new garden, and have a lovely outside space for Ava and I to spend some of our days this summer (if it ever stops raining!) before she starts school!

Are you a keen gardener? Do you have a lovely garden that I would be jealous of, or does yours need work like mine?

This is a collaborative post.

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