Get Yourself Going: How To Encourage Yourself To Get Fit

New year’s resolutions? Pfft. By this time of year, most of us have forgotten what we resolved to do when we had all those great intentions at 11:59pm on December 31st, let alone continued to carry out our resolutions. If you wanted to get fit, it doesn’t take much more than three intense gym sessions to lead you right back to the sofa where you belong instead. Other resolutions like cooking from scratch every night also seem to fall away after the fourth night in a row you’ve spent attempting and failing to use your new spiralizer. Luckily, there are ways that you can get fit without changing your entire life – first of all, you just need to change your outlook. Here are some tips to help…

Eat Food That Will Give You Energy


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If you want to get fit, then chances are you’re trying to eat more healthily as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this means that you should eat less. Obviously you should cut down on portion size and you should eat everything in moderation but you still need to make sure that you eat three healthy balanced meals a day containing all the food groups. Go for a lot of protein – like oily fish – and don’t cut down on carbs entirely. Eating a plate of pasta is absolutely not a sin! Eat plenty of greens and good fats – peanut butter and apple slices is a great mid morning snack if you’re hungry at work.

Make Sure You Look The Part


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If you’re not sure how to become the sort of person who exercises, then why not try to dress like them first? Knowing that you look good will make you feel good too. Women’s gym wear is often designed to look and feel good these days – you don’t have to go for neon sports bras and leggings if you don’t feel like it. Check out celebrities wearing athleisure and model yourselves on them. Leggings cut just below the knee suit everyone and you can always throw a soft marl sweater on top to cover up.

Find The Exercise That Suits You


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If the exercise you’re doing isn’t something that you remotely enjoy then it’s going to be very hard to drag yourself to the gym. If you find that the gym as a whole doesn’t work for you, then why not try out something different? Hiking enables you to see the world as well as develop fitness and endurance skills and you could always drag one of your friends along to a fitness or dance class if you enjoy exercise with a little rhythm.

Be Kind To Yourself



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Most of all, make sure that you don’t beat yourself up too much. It takes time to become good at exercise, it takes time to change your lifestyle, it takes time to lose weight and start to feel stronger. Making the decision to get fit and healthy is the first step in a lot of decisions you need to make – to get up early to go to the gym, to go for a walk even though it’s cold out, to do some sit ups before bed even if you’re tired. But if you believe you can do it, then guess what? You absolutely will.

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