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Good Night Mo is a brand new app from StoryToys, who make high quality, interactive books and games, and this is their first app based on a completely new character and story.

Good Night Mo is a beautiful 3D interactive book, designed to help parents settle children between the ages of 15 months and three years whilst reinforcing the nightly bedtime routine.

As soon as I opened the app I could tell that it was well made, with beautiful graphics and colours. The narrator of the story (who can also be switched off so you can read it yourself), reads it in a very calm and soothing way to encourage your child’s sleepiness (and mine!) . You can turn the page yourself which is a sweet feature, or press a button which is easier for little one’s but not quite as much fun. On each page there is lots for children to interact with as they follow along with Mo’s bedtime routine to soothing music, sounds and colours. I feel calmer and a bit sleepy as soon as I open the app!

Very quickly Ava was joining in saying goodnight to the different characters such as the cat and dog, and she loved features such as being able to turn the shower and taps on and off (she gets quite excited by the shower at the moment!). The app helps with learning new words, and there is lots to discuss on each page. I also think it could potentially help with toilet training and encouraging them to want to brush their teeth as they watch and help Mo do these things, which is a bonus. I think the app is perfect for the age Ava is now (21 months), as she is starting to say a lot of the words included in the story, and she is getting more aware of her bedtime routine and wants to do more things for herself now. This story helps to reinforce those things, such as the importance of teeth cleaning before bed with a cute character to engage them and encourage these activities.

The only slightly negative thing is that the narration is cut off if you touch the screen, and obviously it is not easy (and slightly defeats the object) to stop a young child from wanting to interact with what they are seeing, and so the story is regularly interrupted. You can press a button to start that page again, but I do think it would be better for the reading of that page to carry on until the one or two sentences are finished, even if the screen is touched.

Today Ava has started opening the app herself and playing with it without my encouragement and making noises along with Mo – it’s very cute!

Overall I think it is a really nice, high quality app that can help encourage children to wind down before bed as well as reminding them of the important things they must do before they go to sleep.

Have a look at the lovely trailer:

Good Night Mo is available here now and will be coming soon to Android. It is priced at £1.99. Let me know what you and your children think about it!

We were sent this app to review, but all views and opinions are my own (or Ava’s).

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