How to Cook the Perfect Steak

I absolutely adore a good steak – it is one of my very favourite foods, and one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think I could ever be a veggie (along with Chorizo). Being served a perfectly cooked, great quality steak makes me a very happy girl, but I do find that doesn’t happen too often – steaks are so easily overcooked, or just not very good quality meat, and I’m actually not sure myself how to cook the perfect steak.

I don’t make steaks myself at home that often, but when I do I just tend to stick it in a hot pan with some oil, and hope for the best! Seeing as I like my steaks pretty rare, it would really help to know the best way to cook a steak properly.

Helpfully, the people from Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver’s barbecue steakhouse in London – have created a ‘Guide to cooking the perfect steak’. This beautiful guide features expert advice from Steve Pooley, Chef Director at Jamie Oliver. It recommends the best kind of steak to buy, what to look for, ingredients and cooking methods and serving suggestions that will help you to cook steak like a pro.

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Have a look at the guide below to see the best type of steak to buy, and how to season and cook it perfectly…

how to cook the perfect steak guide

I’m looking forward to making the perfect steak at home!

Do you like steak and do you ever cook it at home? Have you ever been to Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa? I’d really love to go!

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