I Would Like to Move Abroad, Please.


January. Bleurgh. No matter how hard I try every year, I seem to get the good old bluuues. I crave sunshine massively and dream of wearing denim shorts and bare feet.

Summer always seem so far away at this point. Every year when this happens I think about how much I would love to live somewhere with a warmer climate. I do love winter for about five minutes every year. I love wrapping up all warm and cosy, sitting in front of the fire (which we don’t have), and I love it when it snows. And I think I would miss it if I lived somewhere warm, and would sometimes long for a break from the heat. But the positives would far outway the negatives. I really think I’d be a lot happier, which is sad. I do love England, a bit at least. But I just do better in the sunshine. I feel way better, look way better, which makes me feel even better… and I am just more relaxed and enjoy life more.

The thing is though, I would hate to leave my family and friends behind. I would hate to only see them rarely, and for Ava to. I really do wish I could pick them all up and take them somewhere with me. And then there’s the babies in my life. Two of my friends have recently had a beautiful girl, who will hopefully be a big part of our lives, another of my closest friends/my cousin is due really soon, and another two friends are due in a few months. And then there’s my gorgeous little nephew. What I’ve been waiting for since Ava was born is finally happening and it’s lovely. I want them to all be in my life, and I want to be in theirs.

And so we go through another year of miserable winter and miserable me. I hate it. It’s not like I’m constantly miserable, but I just always feel a bit meh. I can think positively, and enjoy wrapping up warm in scarves and gloves, and feel the leaves crunching underfoot, those cold, crisp, lovely sunny days. But I still just feel so meh. I think my hormones are massively affected by the dark days and so there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do about it. I hate hormones.

Chocolate and wine help cheer me up a bit at night.

So I’m eating chocolate and drinking wine at night rather a lot at the moment, which I’m ok with actually. There comes a point where you just decide to f*ck it and do what makes you feel better, doesn’t there? There does for me anyway; I think ‘I won’t drink wine tonight’ and then it comes to the evening time, and I feel absolutely knackered and pretty pants, and I really want some wine, so I let myself have some. And then I feel a bit better. Does this sound really bad? I don’t have loads, probably only a glass most nights, but it just helps me to relax a bit, which I really struggle to do.

Do you like wine? Do you drink it a lot? Wanna come and live abroad with me?


  1. 28th January 2016 / 8:26 am

    Heyyy….its said the grass is always greener on the other side :P

    I have never experienced snow and the real winters..I live in the warm and sunny Middle East. I love the winters here as they are bright and sunny during the days!! But come summer..we all try to escape from this place…temperatures cross 45 degree Celsius!!!

    and my home country is India..and I come from Kerala..there it is warm and humid throughout the year except for the monsoon rain of the July and August…
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  2. 28th January 2016 / 11:21 am

    I read this nodding along with everything you’ve written. I’m actually taking the plunge myself, and moving to Barcelona in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! I will miss everyone and it’s gonna be difficult, but I know that I have to at least try. Plus, y’know, there’s always Sangria.

    Love the picture of Porto by the way, I went twice in two weeks in Oct/Nov last year!

    Rhiân xo

  3. Catarina
    29th January 2016 / 3:55 am

    I don’t know if you used that image because of Oporto, but if you did, I’m sure it would welcome you with open arms :) but be aware that in January, with some exceptions, it’s really not so bright and sunny xD Yes it is beautiful, but I’m sure you can find beautiful landscapes where you live (just maybe not the wine :p)

    so stop whining and start living ^^

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