Improving Myself in 2017, and the Idea of New Year’s Resolutions

Last January I wrote about how lots of people were now rejecting the notion of New Year’s resolutions, and I understood why, but that I do like the idea of a clean state, and setting intentions or goals as we start a new year. I still feel that way really.

Improving Myself in 2017, and the Idea of New Years Resolutions

I wrote last year..

“I love that feeling. That, ‘right, Christmas is over, lets put all this shit away, and sort our lives out’. It feels like really good motivation to me, and even if it’s impossible to maintain getting everything so right, it’s a good chance to just figure out what you weren’t happy with before and make some changes”.

I feel like that’s exactly it – a new year, a fresh start, the chance to motivate yourself to make a few small (or big) changes and live the best and happiest life you can. I always seem to feel slightly melancholy at this time of year – it’s a big marker of the passing of time, and a time when you think of the year gone by and the things that have happened – but also feel quite optimistic and postive. The idea and hope that I will have a better year in 2017, that I will make the changes to my life that I want to make and have wanted to for a while, and things will just be better and I will be happier.

So, I don’t see these as resolutions, but there are a few improvements I’d like to make, to myself and to my life, and January has made me think about them more and be more inspired to work on them.

The improvements I’d like to make in 2017

1. Be more organised. I think this might be something I say I want to work on every year, but I really see the key to me living an overall happier life is in being more organised. If I can always write everything down in my diary – every blog deadline, every important school date – then I will be less stressed about forgetting something, be less rushed with meeting deadlines, and just generally be happier! Easy as pie, huh?

2. Try not to overthink things quite as much. Not an easy one at all, because I can’t control my brain that easily. But I really need to work on letting things go and not just going over things again and again, when it doesn’t get me anywhere.

3. Be generally more positive. Again not that easy, but I feel like I’ve been a bit of a miserable sod this past year, and I want to snap myself out of it and just be fricking happy and live life.

4. Feel alright about myself again. I’ve stopped exercising and eating well and I feel like crap and I will do something about it once we’re back into the boring school routine again. I want to feel good about my body again, especially before I hopefully get pregnant at some point.

Do you have any resolutions or improvements you want to make this year? Or do you not bother with them at all?

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