It’s the Little Things

Towards the end of 2016, everyone kept talking about what a terrible year it had been. I know it does seem like it was a particularly bad year; lots of well-loved celebs passed away, that Trump thing actually became President of America, and we’ve had plenty of problems in this country, and that shit has carried on into this year too.

But life is always tough, and we’re always going to have some difficult things to face in this scary world. So I feel like it’s so important to appreciate the little things in our lives and try not to let the massive and scary things overwhelm us and rule our lives.

So because of that, I wanted to write about a few little things in my life that are actually the big things, the really important things, the things that really matter. We can’t change who the American President is, and we can’t unfortunately stop terrorist attacks by ourselves, but we can focus on the wonderful bits of our lives, the little things that make us happy, cheer us up, or feel optimistic and excited for the future, rather than worrying about what might happen, and letting it affect our lives far too much.

It’s the Little Things

  • A steaming hot cup of tea.
  • My daughter coming up to me and spontaneously hugging me and telling me she loves me soooooo much.
  • Walking on grass barefoot in the summer.
  • Getting exciting mail through the door.
  • Feeling the warm sun on your face.
  • Buying someone a present they really love.
  • Hearing my child giggle.
  • Starting a fresh notebook or diary.
  • Capturing a gorgeous photo of a child.
  • Those summer mornings where you step outside and the sun hasn’t broken through yet and the air is still crisp and the air so fresh.
  • Climbing into bed with clean sheets.

  • Cuddling with mummy (this one’s from Ava!).
  • Having your child in bed by 7pm and sitting down with a glass of wine and remembering it’s Friday.
  • Enjoying a massive piece of cake and not feeling at all guilty.
  • Having fresh, pretty flowers in the house.
  • Cooking a meal that everyone really enjoys.
  • An actual lay in – those rare, natural ones where everyone just seems to sleep a bit longer – Zara at Mojo Blogs.
  • Taking your bra off and changing into comfy joggers or leggings after a long day – Stacey at Stacey in the Sticks.
  • Getting into the shower in the summer after a day out, where you feel slightly grubby, windswept, caught the sun on your nose and shoulders just a tiny bit and you get into the shower. It’s just like ‘ahhhhhh’ – Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids.
  • When you finally get to hang your washing out on the line – Maria at Suburban Mum.
  • A sunny day with ample money and no demand on your time. A day to yourself to do whatever you want – Trudy from Rendezvous en New York.

It’s so important for us to think about and appreciate the little things in life, because they’re the things that make it so special and so enjoyable. Don’t you think?

What are your favourite little things in life? Do you have to remind yourself to appreciate them sometimes?

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