Keeping Sharp as a Parent

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As an avid blogger, I tend to find that coming up with things to write about and writing lists keeps me quite mentally astute, but the old-fashioned ‘mummy-brain’ stigma has long dwelled over all pregnant and young mothers for some time now. While having children is definitely a favourite of mine, conversing with a four-year old doesn’t exactly keep your IQ at its’ best like a quiz game would do and even the more mentally-invigorating scouring for kids bank accounts doesn’t exactly have the same educational prowess that spread betting on the markets would have … but as mums we get by.

So rather than just list a million reasons why I have not become one of the masses, I thought I’d cover a few tips and tricks to help other mums out there feel sane again.

1)      Puzzles and Games are a great way to stay sharp. It’s long been noted that this helps prevent memory loss in elderly people and can do wonders for keeping you at the top of your game

2)      Make Lists! Okay, I may be a bit biased here but lists are a great way to test yourself and give you a great fallback when you do forget. Try writing a list and memorising it and then see how far you can get without looking. Shopping is great for this as the little one proves a constant distraction which means you have to be extra vigilant.

3)      Write a blog or create a video channel. While both of these can be time-consuming, they are a great way to not only express yourself but to keep you thinking. Whether it’s writing the content, proof-reading it or even finding images to compliment it, every little helps you in the long-run.

4)      Socialise with other adults. So the life of a mum can be quite introvert and centre around the kid/kids, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed some adult-only time (Not that way!). Go out for a meal and see your girlfriends and enjoy using words with more than 2 syllables in, even if its’ just for a night.

5)      Exercise physically. While you may think this is just to get back in shape, it is proven to release Endorphins in the brain that not only reduce stress and depression, but also help your brain focus better.

I hope these help you keep your wits about you and let me know any other tips and tricks that you guys have for keeping yourself on the ball.


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