Those Lazy Days in PJ’s

When it comes to nightwear, I like all different sorts depending on what kind of mood I’m in and what time of year it is, although I do tend to get boiling hot at night regardless, so I can’t wear too much.

Those Lazy Days in PJ's

If I had the drawer space and the money, I would have drawers full of different pyjamas – I love buying different sets – some fun and flirty, some a little bit sexier (no dinosaurs), and some just bloody cosy. But I do like that I can be a bit more silly and fun with my pyjamas as most people won’t get to see them! Poor souls.

I also really love on evenings or lazy weekends at home to wear lovely loungewear or pyjamas, that are comfy and cosy, but that don’t quite look like I’ve thrown my pj’s on as soon as I got home, even though I have. I love all of the loungewear that exists now, especially if you can away with it as actual clothing on the school run…

Now it’s getting to the spring my long-sleeved and legged pyjamas are getting a bit warm (although even in winter I usually end up taking them off in the middle of the night!), and I could do with some nice short sets or nighties.

So I thought I would share a few that are in the shops now that I love, and would quite like for myself.

Those Lazy Days in PJ's

Asos is bloody brilliant for pyjamas and nightwear, as they have a huge range at varying price points, including their own brand stuff at really good prices. Their loungewear always catches my eye, and I really have to work hard not to spend loads of money on it. Working from home means that I live in comfy clothes, but I still want feel nice and at least slightly put together.

Avocados are still very popular right now (a sentence I never thought I’d write), and I love these fun pairs, here and here. I feel like I can be a bit silly with my pyjamas and let me childish side come out in that way, rather than wearing jumpers with Mickey Mouse and Barbie on every day…

I flipping love a jumpsuit, and I really love lounging ones. They have that effortless look that I really like, and even though I get a bit cross every time I have to go to the loo, I do love wearing them – they’re so comfy. I really want this one to lounge about the house in.

I tend to not spend a lot of money on my pyjamas, so I can switch them up quite a bit (and partly because of my lack of washing skills). But David Nieper pyjamas have some really pretty sets that look really comfortable if you like really good quality pyjamas that will last. These would be great over the summer months or on holiday.

For the warmer months I do love a little short set to sleep in – they’re comfy and look cute. I love this cool pair with the very on-trend cold-shoulder – I like that they have that bit of interest, but would still be comfy.

Do you like any of these? Do you like to be a bit playful with your nightwear, or do you just care about being comfy and warm??

This is a collaborative post.

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