A Trip to See ‘Lion’ at the Showcase Nottingham Cinema de Lux

Last week I got to take my step-brother who was over from New Zealand to the Showcase Nottingham Cinema de Lux. He used to live in Nottingham so he had been to the Showcase here before, but he hadn’t been since it’d had it’s brilliant makeover a couple of years ago.

We went to see the film 'Lion' at the Showcase Nottingham Cinema de Lux - find out what we thought of the oversized reclining seats as well as the film!

Showcase Nottingham Cinema de Lux

I had told him how amazing the reclining seats were, but I don’t think he really believed me – but then he didn’t stop going on about how good they are afterwards! The seats are so wide and comfortable, and you have loads of leg room, and it makes such a difference to the cinema experience. One thing I really appreciate, is that you have like a little wall behind every row of seats, so once you are sat down and reclining you can’t generally see anybody in front of you – so no fidgeting buggers distracting you from the film! I love it so much, and unless I need to be in town, I always choose this cinema over the other big one in Nottingham. It’s a much nicer experience.

We had a couple of the Bento boxes brought over to us – with popcorn, nachos and dips, crisps and Celebrations in it – which was pretty cool, and I felt rather spoilt reclining in my great big chair with lots of snacks!

We went to see the film 'Lion' at the Showcase Nottingham Cinema de Lux - find out what we thought of the oversized reclining seats as well as the film!

The Film

We watched ‘Lion’ at the cinema, with Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, David Wenham and Rooney Mara, and not forgetting the amazing (and ridiculously cute) Sunny Pawar who plays the young Saroo. The film is about a five-year-old Indian boy who gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. Saroo survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

It was a really lovely film, with brilliant acting – especially from Sunny Pawar – he’s an amazing little actor. I’d completely forgotten that I’d read that Lion was based on a true story until it said it at the end and then showed the real Saroo with his family. We both agreed that actually made the film so much better and more meaningful – even after we’d watched it, it made us have stronger feelings about it. It was so poignant and sad to think that people really went through this story we had just watched, and it really made you think. I also really loved reading the little details of the true story at the end of the film – about the actual spelling and pronounciation of Saroo’s name and place he was originally from – it was fascinating.

I felt like the film could have been slightly shorter; it felt very slightly slow at the beginning for me, but that could have been partly because I had pre-conceived ideas of where the majority of the film would be based (I thought it was going to mostly be in Australia, and it wasn’t really), so I was waiting for it to get to that bit. But I really enjoyed it – it’s an amazing story, and I think the talented actors really do it justice. It’s a really beautiful film and very moving. It’s one of those films that I really want to watch again and take even more from it.

You can watch the trailer here if you’d like to. It’s showing at Showcase Cinemas until 9th March.

We had a really lovely evening at Showcase Nottingham – thanks so much to them for the tickets!

I was given tickets and snacks, but all words and opinions are mine.

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