Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – February 2015

Last month my very first ‘me and mine’ photo had been taken on the very first day of the month. This month it was the very last one. The end of February has suddenly sprung up on me and I had thought I had the weekend to take our photos. I think that always happens with February as it’s so short. You think you’ve got a few days left before you start thinking about March and then suddenly it’s here, and it’s like ‘woah where did the rest of the month go’.

February hasn’t been much better than January really. The beginning was better but I’ve been struggling towards the end, with tiredness and feeling a bit down. I hate feeling this way and it’s made me even more desperate for the sunshine and warmer months. As I have mentioned before I am hoping this March is like the weird one we had last year and we have some lovely weather. And either way I have some nice things to look forward to. It is the boy’s birthday soon and we are going for a lovely meal and then a night out with friends so I am looking forward to that. I am certainly ready for a night out.

For the last few months I have been working a lot harder on my blog; trying to get more involved in the community and posting a lot more frequently, and it was nice in February for that to be recognised by being listed in the top 500 of parent blogs on Tots 100 for the first time. It was a nice feeling knowing that my hard work was making a difference to the success of my blog and hopefully that will keep on rising and I can keep improving.

It’s also been a good month fitness-wise for me. I have kept up with exercising almost every day and working harder in my workouts and I am starting to see more of a difference in my body. I haven’t lost much weight but I think that might be because I have got more muscle than I had before. I am definitely seeing more of them pop out, particularly on my stomach which is great. I had started to get a little bit demotivated after not seeing results as quickly as I did a couple of years ago when I started exercising more, but that has begun to change now and I can see quite a bit difference in some areas of my body. It has been a natural progression I think, but I love that I now want to have a fit body rather than just a skinny one. I want to feel and look strong and see some shape in my muscles and I’m happy that that has started to happen this month.

So, this photo was literally taken today; a bit rushed, a bit grumpily (as you can see from A’s face!), we certainly don’t look our best; completely the opposite from last month. But in a way I like that. This photo is more representative of our daily life, when we are busy, tired and have been lounging around the house for a bit and we look more like how we usually look when we are home (except I don’t usually have make-up on and I would most likely be wearing a big baggy jumper); hair in a bun, looking a bit tired and rumpled and not always with a big smile on our face. I hope to not always leave taking our family photos each month to the very last day, and I hope that I like our monthly photos more than I do this one, but at least it is representative of life. Imperfect but real.

Me and Mine February

You can find out more about Me and Mine: a family portrait project over on Lucy’s blog, Dear Beautiful.

dear beautiful


    • 3rd March 2015 / 12:09 am

      Thank you, I hope you have a great March too Emma x

  1. 3rd March 2015 / 10:51 pm

    It’s a lovely photo and shows the reality of family life – not perfect all the time. Hope that March will be a better month for you and a big well done on making it into the top 500 of Tots100.
    Louise recently posted..Paper Plate AquariumMy Profile

  2. 7th March 2015 / 12:34 pm

    I love that its a real life photo, now setting up and making it “perfect”. Its perfectly imperfect. #MummyMondays
    The Giggles Family recently posted..The PrefecMy Profile

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