Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – March 2015

Once again the end of the month has snook up on me and I’m totally unprepared for this months ‘Me and Mine’. As I write this we are leaving Birmingham, where we have just enjoyed a quick couple of days away. I was offered the chance to review a Travelodge and as the boy is off this week we jumped at the chance to go now. It has meant that it has all been a bit rushed but sometimes that’s good. There wasn’t much time to plan it all out and write lots of lists (I still managed a couple though!) which was nice as I always seem to get a bit overwhelmed before we go away, trying to remember everything.

March has gone quite fast again but I am quite happy to get to April and the hope of better weather; I have been enjoying the little bits of sunshine we have been getting though. Although it being April tomorrow does mean that we are another month closer to our wedding in July which is a bit scary as we haven’t really got any further with the planning.

March saw us celebrate the boys birthday, go for a night out with friends and to Ava’s last ever TinyTalk Toddler Signing Class, which made us a bit sad as we have been going every week for a long time. We also managed to squeeze in this quick trip to Birmingham which has been a nice break from everyday home life.

In April Ava is starting nursery which I am so excited about! It should make such a difference to all of us. I think she will love it, as she loves being around other kids and it will mean I can finally catch up with housework, clearing the house out, wedding planning and blogging. To actually have those hours to myself where I can get all these things done just sounds incredible to me right now. It will also hopefully mean that I can be better organised with everything and get better at planning and making dinners, which I am not great at now to be honest.

So after the Easter holidays our new routine will be starting and I can’t wait. My mum is back in Nottingham for a couple of months, the sun IS going to start shining lots more (in between all the April showers I’m sure) and I am going to GET. STUFF. DONE. April, I’m ready for ya.

Our photos this month were all taken on the second to last day of the month whilst we were in Birmingham, without me actually remembering I needed to write my ‘Me and Mine’ post for the next day. They are all quite imperfect but I like that we just took them while we were out and about, enjoying the day.

Me and Mine - March{Enjoying a glass of Prosecco before we went for dinner}

Me and Mine March 2015{There isn’t something wrong with my eye – there must have been something on the mirror!}

Me and Mine March{Watching a short film at the Sea Life Centre}

Hope you have had a lovely month!

dear beautiful


    • 3rd April 2015 / 4:12 pm

      Haha, thanks! We were having a lovely time thanks; it was great to get a couple of days away :) x

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