Mother-Daughter Style #GeorgeMiniMe

I love choosing clothes for my daughter, and putting an outfit together for her – and she’s really into accessories like bags and hats right now and it’s so cute. She’ll put her favourite accessories on and stand in front of the mirror and strike lots of poses – I have no idea where she gets it from!

Mother-Daughter Style

Many times we have gone out somewhere together, for someone to point out that we are wearing very similar outfits; it’s always been unintentional, but it happens rather a lot, and at the age she is now, I think it can be quite cute. Plus she loves being just like me. So when I was asked by George at Asda to create a Mummy and Daughter look for a birthday party I thought it would be fun to do!

There is so much choice in the girls department of George – so many stylish but still fun pieces, at a really reasonable price. I really wanted for us to be matching without being overly so and looking completely stupid, and for the outfits to be ones we would both actually wear.

I’ll admit it did take me a loooong time to choose our outfits and I think I had around thirty tabs open at one point, but I finally narrowed it down and found similar outfits for us both – and yes, part of mine is from the kid’s department!

I’m kind of obsessed with dungarees at the moment, and I’ve ALWAYS loved them on Ava and kids in general. Maybe it stems from me being dressed in my boy cousins hand me down dungarees when I was little, way before dungarees were at all cool, but I’m so glad they are still in style this year. They’re so easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, and look pretty cool.

Mother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter Style

These lovely black dungarees we are both wearing are from the kids department – mine are age 13-14 which I thought I had very little chance of fitting in to! Hers were £12 and mine £16, which I think are great prices for something of good quality.

I styled two slightly different outfits for each of us with the dungarees, with two different tops – both of which would work for a casual party. I know girls often wear pretty dresses to parties, but they’re usually running about loads or jumping on bouncy castles, so I think dressed up dungarees are perfect.

Mother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter Style

I put us both in a black and white top and blouse from George, and metallic sandals, and then both of us in a collared top with no sleeves for the other look, with our converse. We styled the outfits up with matching gold shell bags so that we could feel like mermaids (Ava’s words!).

Mother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter Style

I really love this cute little bunny hat from George, and Ava does too (although she insists it’s a cat). She’s barely taken it off since she got it, and I just think she looks so cute in it. A bargain at £4.

Mother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter Style

I’m so in love with this flowery blouse – it fits beautifully and looks a lot more expensive that it is (£14). It has lovely rose-gold buttons that look so pretty with the black and white, and hangs slightly longer at the back which is always good. I’m a big blouse wearer for slightly dressier day occasions in the winter and I think I’ll get loads of wear out of this one.

Mother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter StyleMother-Daughter Style

George do a great range of both womens and girls clothes, at amazing prices, and it was so fun browsing for similar outfits for us both, and styling them up.

Thanks so much to George at Asda for working with me on this post.


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