Not-so-silent Sunday

A new Kiddicare store opened in Nottingham this week – I’m so excited! Previously there was only a store in Peterborough as it was mainly online. Kiddicare is a baby store that sells loads of different ranges at pretty good prices. Along with opening the Nottingham store and 10 other superstores around the UK, they have updated their branding and I think it looks much better and more modern.

We went to the new store at Castle Marina today and it’s really good. They have a cafe, breastfeeding area, a play room, a baby VIP section and they are going to be putting on classes such as baby massage. They also have a load of different pushchairs to try in store. I wish it had blummin’ been open whilst I was pregnant. We always planned on going to the Peterborough one to try out pushchairs on the different surfaces they have, but never quite made it.

The staff were all lovely too, and went out of their way to help you. Hopefully that won’t change once they have been open longer. The only negative was that they didn’t have the footmuff we wanted for our pushchair before we go to Whitby in a few days! Anyway, we spent so long there (with a little play in the playroom for Ava (and me) in the middle of it to break it up) that they had to chuck us out at closing time.

I’m excited to go again when we get a new pushchair… I mean, what? Nothing honeyyy.


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