Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!






We’ve just had a wonderful long weekend by the seaside. It was filled with sand, sunshine, sausages, some family time, sea and…. sandwiches. We were there for four days and had beautiful weather throughout. This is very unusual for England, and especially the usually freezing cold and windy English seaside, so we were very lucky.

Ava got to paddle in the sea (in wellies – the sea is ALWAYS cold!), and build sandcastles for the first time. We had our first barbecue of the year and I wore flip-flops for the first time this year! They will now remain on my feet for the next 4 months.

We were there with my mum and step-dad who are travelling around the country in a motorhome and are staying in Whitby at the moment. Ava absolutely adores her Granny (as well as her Grandma) for some strange reason (love you mum!) so was very happy all weekend and ignored me whenever her Granny was there. I can’t say it didn’t hurt when she reached for her from my arms for the first time ever.  Sob.




Ava also experienced some more first’s whilst we were away – the first time she fell on her bum in the sea (nobody likes a wet bottom); met her first horse and learned to gallop like one, noises and all; she learnt that Grandad looks silly in a hat and Granny WILL read Each Peach Pear Plum to you ten times in a row if you are cute. She will also encourage you to gallop like a horse in your highchair when you should be eating your dinner.

It was a really lovely few days away, and a great start to the summer.

{Re: ‘nobody likes a wet bottom’ – when I was travelling years ago in New Zealand, there was an advert on the tv for nappies and it said this phrase (obviously in a Kiwi accent) and it made me laugh and I’ve kinda said it ever since. You’d be amazed how often it is relevant. Nobody likes a wit bottum.}


  1. Emma
    11th May 2013 / 11:09 am

    Cute x

  2. Blog of a Mom
    27th May 2013 / 10:17 pm

    Aww sounds a lovely weekend. We went to Filey near Whitby weekend before last and its so nice to get a break away even though the weather was pants when we were there!

    I’m glad I’ve found your blog, really like it. Think you are local to me too im not far from Nottingham which is different as most bloggers I read are all down south! L x

    • 3rd June 2013 / 3:53 pm

      Hi! We used to go to Filey for the day sometimes when I was young when we were having a few days in Bridlington. It is lovely to get a break sometimes, especially from the mundanities of housework and things!

      I’m really glad you like my blog, thanks so much :) I love it that you are not too far away from me, as you say most are down south, or even further, in America! Thanks for commenting, I have saved your blog too now :)

  3. 12th June 2013 / 1:30 am

    I love these pictures. Your daughter is the cutest thing! It’s been a decade or so since I was in the UK but it looks lovely, and I can’t wait to take my girls there! Really enjoying your blog – had a good chuckle at your “about” page. You sound like me!
    Julie recently posted..How to Get Baby to Sleep in 17 Simple StepsMy Profile

    • 24th June 2013 / 3:43 pm

      Thank you Julie. I can’t wait to take Ava to America either, I want to go again so much, I love it there, in fact I really think I could live there!

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