Being a parent is bloody hard isn’t it. I feel like as a parent we are always expecting it to get better, and easier… We will get more sleep. They will start listening to what we say. But we are raising little people. People who don’t yet understand the world. Who don’t know what is or isn’t acceptable to do or say in public. To whom those things that are little to us can be really big things to them,… View Post

Last January I wrote about how lots of people were now rejecting the notion of New Year’s resolutions, and I understood why, but that I do like the idea of a clean state, and setting intentions or goals as we start a new year. I still feel that way really. I wrote last year.. “I love that feeling. That, ‘right, Christmas is over, lets put all this shit away, and sort our lives out’. It feels like really good motivation… View Post

Hello lovely people! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and you’re all ready to start afresh. Going back to the school runs this week has been reasonably hard, especially as A got really upset again on her first day back and since then too. She even made herself sick she got so worked up. It was awful. Breaks my little heart it does. We’re working on it though, and I’m making sure I spend loads… View Post

A couple of days ago my little girl turned five. I said the same thing last year, but five years old seems so much older than four. This was the year she started school, has come on leaps and bounds with her writing and can now read a little bit. It’s been fascinating to watch the process that they go through to start to read and write, and to see how quickly she has picked it all up and developed… View Post

“Say goodbye to grumpy and hello to awesome!¬†Create a year to remember with a Merlin Annual Pass.” Last year we had a really fun year exploring loads of attractions around the country with our Merlin Annual Passes as blogger ambassadors. We went on the London Eye for the first time, took a few trips to Alton Towers, as well as Sea Life Centres, Shrek’s Adventure!, and Warwick Castle. This year I am very happy to say that we have been… View Post

I always find January a bit dark and depressing, as I’m sure a lot of people do. All of the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over and done with, and I can feel a bit down with the miserable weather and dull days. I always find that it helps to have something exciting to look forward to – to help this tough time of year go faster and to remain optimistic that it will all get better as… View Post